National looks less like a political party and more like a front for Chinese business interests


The astounding events of today and the explosive allegations regarding donations by Chinese interests, which if proven true carry a 2 year sentence which is the threshold for the removal of an MP from Parliament follow a recent trend of the National Party being little more than a front for Chinese business interests and influence.

Beyond this we still have the issue of a Chinese spy inside the National Party Caucus…

Newsroom Investigation: National MP trained by Chinese spies

A National Party MP who studied at an elite Chinese spy school before moving to New Zealand has attracted the interest of our Security Intelligence Service.

The list MP Jian Yang did not mention in his work or political CVs a decade he spent in the People’s Liberation Army-Air Force Engineering College or the Luoyang language institute run by China’s equivalent of the United States National Security Agency. 

That agency, the Third Department, conducts spying activities for China.

Newsroom has been told that to have taught at the Air Force Engineering College, Yang would have almost certainly been an officer in Chinese military intelligence and a member of the Communist Party, as other students and staff have been.

Yang studied and then taught there before moving to Australia where he attended the Australian National University in Canberra. He migrated to this country to teach international relations in the politics department at the University of Auckland.  

…and a National Party which is wedded and compromised personally to wealthy Chinese interests.  Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges.

As China regresses into a censorship totalitarian state, we need to ask how much influence our largest Political Party is under from Beijing and in whose interest does National rule? New Zealand’s or the People’s Republic of China?

Economically, National put all our cows in one Chinese paddock with dairy intensification for the Chinese domestic market, but  at what cost to our political sovereignty has that been?

The Woke Left feel terribly anxious about any questions like this as they see it as nothing more than Xenophobia, but when we have this level of influence over a Party and when academics are having their homes broken into, such attempts to shut down the debate and questioning is naive at best and aiding China at worst.

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  1. Simon needs to be honest, as we all believe Jamie more now.

    Yes Simon is china’s man and is used as a ‘stool pigeon’ for mainland china Government to buy out our country so get rid of him and his partner Judith Collins who is another Chinese partner agent.

    • And now Bridges has Bennett on the offensive, stating it is Ross who has broken electoral laws. Has Bennett got a secret recording also? Bennett’s knee deep in this whole Chinese donation scandal and as saying goes “when you dine with the devil…”

      Bennett is just too thick to realise this could well be the end of her career also.

  2. There was that security analyst who piped up recently regarding whether NZ should remain in the 5 eyes network because of the amount of financial transactions coming from China.

  3. … [ The Woke Left feel terribly anxious about any questions like this as they see it as nothing more than Xenophobia, but when we have this level of influence over a Party and when academics are having their homes broken into, such attempts to shut down the debate and questioning is naive at best and aiding China at worst ] …

    BINGO !!!

    We’ve been fed this line for decades about us all being ‘ intolerant’ , ‘xenophobic’ , to embrace ‘ diversity’ etc etc… but ask yourselves, in whose interests does this all serve the most?

    The business elite of this country.

    From keeping wages low to being the recipients of lucrative offshore trade deals…this whole thing has been couched in an altruistic manner to serve their purposes and their purposes only. Just look at what they have wheedled round over the years, – not only putting pressure on dairy intensification , – but flouting regulations regarding the taking of OUR water. All for their lucrative contracts.

    Not ours.

    Just look at what that has produced, – massive pressure on our infrastructure ie our housing, our education systems, our health facilities, undermining of working conditions, rorting of our immigration and visa policies. And on and on and on it goes.

    This was never about peace love and natural foods and a love for all mankind , – this was a cynical social engineering and lobbying campaign to increase THEIR PROFITS.

    Nothing more and nothing less.

    And THAT’S ALL.

    The National party is shot through with duplicitous , traitorous individuals who would , – if they could, – sell this country out to foreigners lock stock and barrel, leaving us as Peters has said, – ‘tenants in our own land’ . And they have virtually succeeded.

    And to further add injury to insult, – the main country they have dealings with is one of the biggest human rights abusers on the planet aside from Saudi Arabia with their executions.

    Do we really want to be like that ???

    Is that what sort of values we want to be seen as aligning with ?


    Its time this country got its backbone again and stood up for itself like we did when we faced the Americans down and denied their warships access to our ports if they would not declare the presence of nuclear arms or not.

    • Maori probably less than 1 million in the world
      Pakeha less than 3 million in the world
      Chinese over 1.4 billion in the world
      Indian over 1.3 billion in the world

      But the woke lefties spend a lot of time worrying about diversity but to the majority races and cultures of people! Bonkers!

      The woke left are to Pakeha like the ACT supporter is to the Maori – it’s all ethnic gobbledegook and not based on any rational statistics.

  4. The Southern Pacific Chinese Province of Aoteaoroa needs well trained and well oiled administrators. Simon has been hired to do the training, so he is ready when the People’s Army will take over, and uses its puppets to ‘administer’ the show.

  5. The Chinese people in Milton do the very best fish and chips. Better than Fish Smith on Jervois Rd even. They have fresh Hoki as their main fish but you can buy fresh blue cod, groper and Bluff oysters when in season. And they’re big fat juicy whole oysters. Not quartered oysters like the ones I bought in Roxburgh once.
    But best of all? They’re sweethearts. They employ local kids to wrap and do the till, they have a great and evolved sense of humour and they don’t have faces like twisted sneakers and who think they do you a favour by taking your money for some ammonia smelling shark part.
    Not far away, in Lawrence, there’s a Chinese grave yard where the beastly Chinese gold miners were buried, well away from the noble White People grave yard of the little gold mining town.
    Lets be careful that this new and evolving ‘situation’ between a what appears to be crooks falling out within a crooked political party doesn’t create a racist back lash against innocent people.
    The National Party is a party of Machiavellian crooks. They’re morally and personally and individually bent and wanting. I have zero respect for any of them, both in the present and in the past and it’d be just like them to scape goat anyone, anywhere for any reason to avoid capture. And to make a dollar
    If Martians landed here waving money about with their tentacles there’d be a National Party politician out in front, greeting them and offering up NZ/AO for sale to them.

    • No one is criticising Chinese who have been here for generations and genuine small business people. Their place in NZ history is well known. The more recent occurrence of corrupt Chinese money and influence peddling has happened under several National governments, and this is what must be exposed and stopped.

      • yes Rosielee we have a Chinese mayor in Gisborne who is very popular and we had George Gee as our mayor here in Petone for many years and he was great and so was his family. I went to school with some of the Gees they are Chinese born NZers all lovely hard working kiwis. The type we want here not the ones that buy everything up and get an honour for it. The point I am trying to make is to say we are racist to Chinese is nonsense, as people are worried they don’t want them taking over our country we cant go to their country and buy houses or have nay political clout and we don’t want to either.

    • Countryboy, it is obvious that some seriously corrupt practises are going on, and constantly covering it up, because someplace else there is an honest person by that ethnicity… we need to keep the sovereignty of our country intact by not playing the ‘poor ethnic’ card every time and it’s happening A LOT a bribe allegation from a recent migrant comes up.

      Do we want NZ to turn into the Hong Kong of Asia in the Pacific…under Chinese government control without a democracy and human rights… with a puppet Kiwi government at the helm pocketing bribes and favours?

      Bad enough we have the US with their security fingers in the pie here and no doubt keeping the oil rigs going strong and our taxes paying for people to spy and be in relationships with NZ citizens, Stazi style!

      Then we have weird stuff going on. Len Brown and his affair with a Hong Kong National who was then involved in the far right. It just keeps getting murkier! Then the deliberate immigration policy to destroy superannuation

      Phil Goff and Auckland city envoy to China, with no other than the Construction guy that now has been accused of hiding donations to the National party!

      We need to be friends with other countries but keep NZ interests separate from blind commerce or stupidity.

      For a start NZ should end permanent residency or at least stop the right to vote and get free welfare here for people that can’t choose what citizen they are. Overseas nationals need to choose, which country are they loyal too, not get freebies from NZ while paying their taxes else where and not have additional advantages that Kiwis don’t have with cheaper interest rates, dowry payments for their youth to get on the property ladder etc while unlike OZ and Europe don’t have a welfare system in their own country so can use NZ’s instead.

      Government should not be like a short term shareholder approach in their own interests but look out for the descendants of descendants in their approach and that includes valuing our environment which they currently are screwing up, big time and not letting fake citizens and residents on paper abound who take, take, take and then give nothing back apart from the obligatory bribes to gain more money and power here.

      (Nothing to do with the Chinese, but stupid thicko’s of unknown ethnicity (probably Pakeha), Wellington has the dubious honour of being the only city in the world to remove sustainable public transport since the Paris climate accord was signed in 2015.

      Even China has banned plastic waste recycling, and we all know where all the diesel and gas emission cars and machinery are going to to be imported to, aka Japanese cars!

      They’ll have clean buses and trains in China, and will have offloaded their polluters to the Kiwis!

      Our county is turning into a joke with the clean, green being just a slogan here under Natz and Rogernomics and the Greens too woke lefties caring more about racism against Chinese water companies than actually the people, flora and fauna who live there who could do with that water and turn a blind eye to the polluting of millions of plastic bottles from the bottled NZ water.

  6. UnfirtunTely absolutely true Martin.
    Note that Yang the Chinese spy trained National MP nominated the current $100k Chinese donor for a queens birthday honor for being a rich real estate tycoon and services to the local Chinese community.
    Who’s country are we living in?
    NZ first needs to make some capital cleaning up donations and foreign influence in politics. Labour is almost as guilty as the Nats.
    If only people were patriotic enough to defend their country.

  7. So if you donate thousands to the national party you can get an order of merit and citizenship this makes mockery of our honours system a system we need to ditch asap

  8. Now we know the drive to bring so many Chinese into NZ in droves in East Auckland (Maurice William’s safe Natz seat). Drive around Howick, Botany, Meadowlands and Golflands today… Couldn’t say anything at the time for fear of being screamed ‘racist’ at, now we know it was ALL about race…. with National

  9. And now we see the disgusting caliber of this National party whereby they tear themselves apart and twist things to make it sound like they are some sort of political angels calling Jamie Lee Ross everything they can think of,… the real reason is , – because they have many inhouse secrets- along with groups like the NZ Initiative that they don’t want the light of day shined on.

    They truly are a despicable anti New Zealand political party.

    Want some more proof of that and what the National party stands for these days? And many other globalists just like them in other party’s ?

    Well here it is :

    New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

    A truly odious, treacherous , deceitful body of people they really are.

    • I will be expecting bands of kids forming outside upset at not been able to watch the YouTube and not really knowing what to do. Has any one checked on MARC yet?

    • no way will you be putting our Maori people in concentration camp we will fight and die we have done it before and we will not accept this no way

  10. From the comment section on a stuff article today:

    Hello, National Party HQ, how can I help you?
    Caller: Hi, I heard about the package deal you were offering. Just to confirm, what can I get for $100,000?
    Yes, well that is our Simon Bridges special Combo. This includes a Membership to the New Zealand Order of Merit, two candidates of your choosing to run for electorate seats and dinner with Simon. BYO, of course. And, we even accept payment in installments! Just make sure none are over $15,000 each……”

    • For $8k to Slater you can attack your Natz rivals, dirty politics style to get a safe seat and then be in charge of NZ security… aka how Mark Mitchell reportedly got into politics.

      Money well spent it seems, no wonder the migrants want in on the action, we had corruption before the migrants, but now on steroids with anything goes, as unethical Kiwi political figures join up with the money dealing migrants giving donations for citizenship and deals, that we are having major corruption and sell offs, that Kiwis used to think just happened in countries like Russian and China but now seem to infecting Western democracies and bringing them down.

      Neoliberalism and the rise of the Greedy will be the end of the Western world, and democracy as we know it.

      Remember this, (from wiki)

      “Taito Phillip Hans Field (born 26 September 1952) is a Samoan New Zealand politician. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) for South Auckland electorates from 1993 to 2008. Field was a minister outside Cabinet in a Labour-led government from 2003 to 2005. Following charges of bribery and perverting the course of justice, he was defeated in the New Zealand general election, 2008. He was found guilty on some of the charges in August 2009[1] and was sentenced to six years jail in October 2009.[2]”

      How far NZ has fallen into corruption in only a decade! Because it used to be considered a criminal offence to make money off immigration scams or even get a bit of free tiling, but now John Key’s government for example openly gives citizenship away for a 1 million dollar cheque to his own “earthquake fund” to a migrant whose not even planning to live here!

  11. Martyn;

    “As China regresses into a censorship totalitarian state, we need to ask how much influence our largest Political Party is under from Beijing and in whose interest does National rule? New Zealand’s or the People’s Republic of China?

    Yes; our Allies are worried:

    An example / insight in how some of this infiltration works.

    From Your

     /  October 17, 2018
    “Explain the primary role of the United Front Work in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
    The United Front Work Department of the CCP is an integral part of the Party structure, down to sometimes the lowest levels and coordinated at the very top by a United Front Leading Small Group initiated by Xi Jinping. The Department works to reach out, represent, and guide key individuals and groups within both the PRC [People’s Republic of China] and greater China, including Chinese diasporas. The goals include to have all such groups accept CCP rule, endorse its legitimacy, and help achieve key Party aims. Because United Front Work has officially been extended to those who emigrated after 1979 as well as those Chinese studying abroad, some 50 million or more, United Front Work is now of direct relevance and sometimes concern to an increasing number of foreign governments, notably Australia, Zealand, Canada and the United States. United Front Work abroad is not limited to only these countries though.”

    And if we do nothing……? This is heading our way.!!

    I would suggest the same tentacles are within Labour as well.
    We need to ‘keep an eye out’.

    No cheers.

  12. In regards to the split donation wrangle I am having these thoughts and questions: In the lead up to last years’ general election National actively courted the Chinese for donations and auctions in attempt to raise funds. Have split donations been something National has embarked on numerous times over the past 9 years they were in government? John Banks requested from Kim Dotcom a split donation so he didn’t have to declare it. We all know that Banks isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to politicians and so where did he get that idea i.e request split donations; from?
    Was he(Banks) ‘advised’ by someone in the NZ National Party to ALWAYS request split donations from whomever/where-ever?
    And so what split donations occurred during the Key and later English government that have probably not been made public knowledge?
    How many Chinese “Instant Kiwis” gained immediate Kiwi citizenship thanks to split donations to the NZ National Party and the government at the time i.e the Key and later English government?
    And so the split donations matter isn’t something that just happened. It has been going on for quite sometime. The ONLY reason we now hear of it is because Jamie Lee Ross did a brave thing and told that this particular method was unacceptable.
    And all because Bridges wanted to conducted an expensive smear campaign on this current government. Surely there are plenty of multi-millionaire NZers who are members and supporters of the NZ National Party. But if National really cared more about NZers and less about a smear campaign on the current government it could have done the admirable thing and donated that $100,000 to say Lifeline.
    And so the actions to date by National shows what a truly shallow and self-minded political party it is.
    Lets hope more heads role in the NZ National Party because they have turned out to be hypocrites.

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