The famous last words of Michelle Boag


As for this…

…File it under:
“The Titanic is unsinkable”
“The Hindenburg will usher in a new age of flight”
“Trump will be a modest patient Leader who will champion fourth wave Feminism”

If you want something done right, gag Michelle Boag first.


  1. Michelle Boag has a mouth as wide as the cook strait and should leave by the channel for Antarctica ASAP.

  2. the problem I have with her is she thinks she knows everything and she always thinks she is right I have never seen her admit to being wrong when quiet often she is. really she is just a mouth piece for the tories

  3. By now it should be abundantly obvious that allowing Ms Boag to speak “in defence” of someone is counter-productive. Her utterances are past ridiculous and into the delusional (to paraphrase Maggie Baggie).

    • Michelle Boag still think water came from the showers the Jews were marched into.

      If, after a drunken night, I woke with Boag asleep on top of my arm, I’d chew it off to escape.

  4. The only time Boag manages to make things worse is when she opens her mouth. Bridges should’ve told her, “No Michelle, don’t try to defend me. Go defend Jamie Lee Ross instead. I’m sure he’d, um, appreciate your, um, help.”

  5. We can say all sorts of unpleasant things about Boag but never forget she seems to be at the centre of those who decide who gets what in National. Very very dangerous, beware and belittle at your peril. Love to see her shut down.

  6. I can’t stand the woman, I when I heard her yesterday saying that Bridges will come out of this saga stronger & galvanise more support I said to myself….this woman must be truly delusional !!

  7. I understand they’ve trained dolphins to do some amazing things, but getting an old trout to speak something sensible is a bridge too far apparently.

  8. The old trout might be right yet! Unless JLR has real evidence indicating criminal behavior then Bridges may yet crawl out from this wreckage in one piece.

  9. And did you hear Brigette Morten (consultant to National and the Australian Liberals) on RNZ Nine-to-Noon this morning declaring emphatically that Simon Bridges’ leadership is secure and will be stronger because of this!!!?
    Hell, I laughed so hard I had to pull the car over least I had an accident.
    You can talk about the woke left, but how about the comatose right?

    • Maybe they know something, you know like this is more about getting rid of JLR than anything to do with Bridges. Perhaps they saw it coming and are hunkering down, and glad to be rid of ‘that turbulent priest’ after all… I think Bridges will survive tho I hope I’m wrong

  10. Who ever opened her coffin and let her out to wreck havoc should be detained indefinitely for causing a serious risk to the public.

    Boag epitomises everything that is bad and ugly in the National party and our country can do without her and the rest of these hideous people.

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