BY-ELECTION SCANDAL: That cold, terrifying and soulless nails-on-blackboard sound you hear right now is Judith Collins sharpening her talons


I love how Judith managed to make her leader look weak while eviscerating a former ally – National is like Game of Thrones but with far more violence and incest.

That cold, terrifying and soulless nails-on-blackboard sound you hear right now is Judith Collins sharpening her talons.

With Jami-Lee causing a by-election in Botany the stage is set for a new right wing Party to emerge that can give National its much needed partner.

The allegations of illegality if true could unseat Simon Bridges as leader.

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Jami-Lee has not so much burnt his Bridges as he has napalmed him. I haven’t seen a meltdown this bad since Chernobyl, the National Party is showing a penchant for self-mutilation that would make your average Sado-Masochistic sex dungeon look vanilla.

For those keeping score at home:
Good mate of Judith Collins, Jami-Lee Ross, throws a grenade at Simon Bridges which could force him to leave Parliament while Jami-Lee causes a by-election in Botany which could provide National with its much needed partner for 2020.



  1. So that is how they work. Ross probably never leaked anything but has been royally fitted up and disposed of.

    Whatever the real reasons are for the problems between Ross and Bridges, and they must be bloody good, they have been determined to be a threat to the leadership team. And so they hit the nuclear button!

    Somewhere and probably as a direct cause of that threat, a “leak” has surfaced about Bridges travel expenses a couple of days out from them being officially released, an absolute nothing. Then this nothing was illogically turned from a degrading molehill into Mt Vesuvius. The idea was to identify Ross as the rat and railroad him out of the party one way or the other and if he blinked a lot sooner, the whole leak thing would have just gone away.

    But he didn’t blink and he didn’t go away.

    As a result, Ross was now in the gun. Next came the National Partys version of #MeToo, a blackmail that he shuts up and resigns or he alone will be accused and as per the basic MeToo script, his life is in tatters with some accusations. In this case, one that may well be fictitious.

    The point being, once that kind of mud is thrown at someone as high profile as the senior whip of the National Party, some will stick for life and Ross knew it. The allegations, whatever they want them to be, will be a shit stain on Ross and Ross only, National will look brave and ethical thinking of the bigger picture and the “victims”, game over Jami Lee Ross, thanks for playing.

    Then again Bridges may not be that smart or more aptly, corrupt and devious, but its that rather sinister threat of “four women had approached deputy leader Paula Bennett, claiming Mr Ross had harassed them” from Bennett, that kind of took it from a management cluster to something far darker. It is not like Bennett and National hasn’t learned a thing or two about dirty politics, is it?

    What this has done is announce to the world Nationals legendary “team” ethos and culture, the one of the whole team all rowing strongly in the same direction, is held together by threats and intimidation. What a horrible manipulative bunch of dishonest creatures they are!

    And the question remains, beyond the usual, what is going so badly wrong inside National?

    • So when was the first lie?
      When Bridges stated to Jamie Lee that if he backed Bridges leadership challenge, then Jamie Lee would get said positions. Bridges did not fulfill that promise and so therefore it has come to this.
      For Bridges to demand loyalty shows how very naive he really is. As for the secret donor, I remember Key saying “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”. So what is it your afraid of Simon.

      On the plus side, a Labour coalition for many years to come.

    • Nice summary, Xray. Good point about Bridges not keeping his promise over the allocation of porfolios. Ross says he missed out on the two shadow portfolios he craved because Soymin had to satisfy Big Gerry and Little Todd. God only knows why Barclay was being considered for anything after his secret recording of a staffer. What does that say about the Tories?

  2. I am let wondering who it was who leaked the expense details.

    Apparently Simon Bridges and National no longer care to keep digging on that any further.

    A bit like the Germans in that, trying to avoid a two front war …

    • Apparently the cops knew – and the individual was mentally unwell – according to Brave Sir Simon of Tauranga (via Westieland). The whole thing could have been made up.

    • The police know the leaker, they can’t and won’t say who it is but seeing JLR is going to the police anyway why couldn’t they put him on record that he isn’t the leaker, now if he’s innocent that puts jami in a great spot and bridges out, if jami doesn’t ask the police this he guilty, and of story, leave the country

  3. Fascinating.
    The grim faces, the slick hair, nervous sips of bottled NZ spring water.
    Who will the Chinese choose to lead National next?

    • And look at Bennett and Collins , they are behaving very strange, they ether know important stuff and or aren’t happy at all, this is going to get dirty, ether way Simon is gone, if not soon to Nationals further down turn he goes later, I hope they pick Collins because I time that’ll be another down turn for the party, mean why’ll time years go by

        • I’m just stirring, if Amy didn’t get in I’d be very surprised, or the party are idiots, she’s the best they have by far, I was shocked Simon made it, must have been a buddy buddy thing, of course Bennett would be gone and maybe that’s why she’s seems in deep thought, or guilty about something, fun fun

  4. File it between “No Zealand is NOT a vassal state of the corrupt ethno-nationalist Han Chinese dictatorship” and “Gravity Exists”

  5. Well put Martyn but I would also add Amy Adams into the mix of challengers for the leadership. Her silence at the moment is quite deafening although not as loud as Collins sharpening her poisonous talons.

    There is one matter of concern though. The PwC report could not conclusively say that Jamie-Lee Ross did leak Bridges’ expenses information but that all evidence points to him including some phone calls Ross was meant to have made to various people including two phone calls with Trevor Mallard.

    Mallard is quoted in today’s NZ Herald – “Mr Ross only communicated with me following a call that I made to him in the mistaken understanding that he was to be my contact on the leak inquiry while Paula Bennett was on leave. In fact the contact was the Leader of the Opposition’s chief of staff. Mr Ross was not able to take my initial call and undertook to call me back. I accidentally cut him off and he called back a second time.”

    Then and more importantly, Mallard said that he was not approached by either PwC or by the QC Mr Billington who reviewed the report.

    I am not saying that Jamie-Lee Ross is not the leaker but I would have thought that if the finger was going to be pointed at him on such a serious issue, which it has been, then PwC and Mr Billington would have spoken to Mallard to confirm the contents of the discussions he had with Ross.

    This raises the questions – how many people did PwC actually interview and on what basis, other than the reference to Ross making some phone calls, do they make the claim that all the evidence points at Ross – especially as he still adamantly denies being the leaker?

    Can anyone assist on this point?

    • You only pay for the result you want. It’s especially true when dealing with bean counters. The whole thing’s a sham.

  6. Hope you’re having fun Bomber. this is hilarious! Just lovin it!.
    More please. Total destruction with the last of the rich old white people having a go at the rich Chinese people who really call the shots where these greedy drongo Natz are concerned. Like a mass army of Baldricks all with their cunning plans blowing up in their faces one by one.

  7. If Chinese bribe money is being accepted by the National party, then it’s Zai jian National.
    Even their most fervent supporters would be forced to think twice.

    What a reprehensible bunch of corrupt sell-outs and traitors to the people of New Zealand.

    • Chinese Government activists- get the hell out of our country and our Government, you corrupt global expansionists.

  8. National supporters couldn’t care less about Chinese involvement with their party and the smell of corruption. They couldn’t care less if the Chinese took over their party and country as long as their money keeps rolling in and the poor are kept in their place.. They are mercenaries who don’t give a stuff.

  9. Storm in a teacup stuff. Next week, no one will care. Meanwhile, Ardern covers up for Meka and the Labour sex camp scandals. Keep your own patch clean, the left are such hypocrites! You are all scared Judith will win for the Nats in 2020, but she won’t need to, as the CoL govt by then will be deeply unpopular by 2020, if Ardern lasts that long. National will win by default, no matter who leads.

    • now now lara no need to be so upset we are all enjoying the show I mean circus and we are waiting for the main act (court) As for your views on
      judeath she hasn’t got a shit chance of winning any election. Our young people will not vote for her and neither will many women. In the meantime we are seeing more and more shit coming out showing how corrupt, manipulating and devious the national government really were.
      Dreams are free lara your gnats party are gone burgers.

    • Lara, Jacinda Ardern did not cover up for Meka or the Labour camp sex scandal (not Labour sex camp scandals as you so ungrammatically put it). In the Meka case it was fully investigated with the outcome being that it was more likely than not that she (Meka) assaulted the staffer and now Meka has gone.

      The Labour camp sex scandal has resulted in sexual assault charges being laid against a young man who was attending the camp.

      So before you make these wild and typically incorrect assertions get your facts straight or is it that you don’t read the papers but rather succumb to the nonsense trotted out by the anti Labour mischievous makers.

      By the way, your comment that “you are all scared Judith will win for the Nats in 2020…” is also arrant and unintelligent nonsense. No-one is scared of Judith. Why would they be? Why fear a bully? What you should be fearful of is a National Government that continues where it left off – bullying its own, giving out seats for money and intoxicating those who want to be intoxicated with the groundless belief that all is well under National. Ask yourself the question – under the previous National Governments, especially under John Key, how did you benefit from the so-called strong economy? You will probably give a false answer so I will answer it for you – you didn’t.

  10. Looks like JLR is going full on nuclear against Slimey Wedges ?

    Hold onto your seats folk and get the popcorn out.

  11. National’s corrupt electoral practices
    The National Party mess has just gone thermonuclear, with Jami-Lee Ross making public allegations that party leader simon Bridges repeatedly engaged in corrupt electoral practices. In his unscheduled press standup, he specifically accused Bridges of knowingly falsifying the identity of the “Cathedral Club” donor on his electorate donation return, in violation of s207G of the Electoral Act, and of instructing him to split a $100,000 donation from a “Chinese businessman” in order to avoid disclosure, in violation of s207LA. He says he has recordings and photographs, and will be going to the police tomorrow to make a statement.

    (He also says he’s been accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment by National Party staffers, which he portrays as a political stitch-up. We can treat that with the contempt it deserves)

    This is an allegation of serious criminal behaviour. Both of these are corrupt electoral practices, and if convicted, both Bridges and Ross (because he’s a self-admitted party to at least one of the offences) would be automatically removed from Parliament. Of course, that assumes the police will bother to investigate. And as we’ve seen, they are only interested in prosecuting electoral offences by small parties outside Parliament, not by those who might one day set their budget. So, I fully expect that nothing will legally come of this, no matter how compelling Ross’ evidence. But if what Ross says is true, it should taint Bridges permanently, and renders him utterly unfit to be in Parliament, let alone a party leader.

    Source – No Right Turn

  12. I should to stop writing negative stories about Bridges. We all, on the Left, should to stop.

    Bridges is the only Nat Leader who will lead his party to defeat in 2020. If he is forced out, the Nat caucus may actually elect someone competent.

    We should all start playing nice with Simon. We need him.

    (Note part-sarc)

    • Yes Frank.
      Bridges ‘overarching’ incompetence that ‘spanned’ his leadership has opened a ‘golden gate’ of opportunity for the Govt. He must be the ‘firth or forth’ National leader of recent times to indulge in ‘suspension’ of ethics. He has no ‘pier’ in that regard.

      Awful bridge puns I know, but these are giddy times!

      On a more serious note, National is in big trouble irrespective of who takes over the helm.
      Taking Chinese bribe money is very serious, and Kiwis are already upset about the Chinese water bottling plants that mysteriously appeared with the previous governments blessing.
      You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what’s been going on. A proportion of their least dimwitted suppoters will realise they’ve been sold out.

  13. Capitalists at Play

    Quite apart from the curious aim of Auckland and Tauranga to hand over (for a price) their land, water and cities to the respectful people of China, our Wealthy Leaders are adopting corruption as their method of Life.

    It is the sort of thing that Capitalists adore. Corruption, coupled with Destruction of the Common Man and the Poor.

    Giving housing, work and good wages to the Common Man and the poor would never be done by a Capitalist.

    Avoid Capitalists with all your might and mein.

  14. What emerges from this train wreck will be terrifying… my only wish is to see charges laid but we all know there are two laws in this country, one for the wealthy..

  15. And now with all the spontaneity of corpse at a morgue we have no less than 4 simultaneous accusations of sexual molestation.
    Now what does the Bullshit meter read?

  16. JLR cannot be trusted to be telling the truth given he is still denying leaking. But I don’t think he’s is suffering a nervous breakdown – I believe it’s Judith Collins in his ear. She is using him like a puppet, her, lusk and other starring characters from Dirty Politics – so she comes out smelling of roses for the next leadership challenge. Jami-lee Ross still has no idea he’s been played.

    If Collins becomes leader things will be much worse for labour – she throws mud/lies knowing or proving they’re not true takes a long time, damage already done

  17. This is almost like when English lost to Clarke we ended up with a bit of a Brash era… Bank’s chopping up donations…and so on…
    We ended up with a Key government.
    That was all pretty innocent compared to the shenanigans of today.
    On a world stage we’ve seen a drunken sexual predetors assention while presenting as the real victim. after his sponsors publicly lampooning the actual victims…oh and just to be clear another drunken sexual predetor… DJ Trump in da hse…
    A journalist murdered and dismembered for wanting to get married…and the spin is that the suspect is unfairly accused and presumed guilty, just like the alleged sexual predetor who’s never had to answer to the allegory… Oh boy..! What’s next?
    Oh yeah back to the here and now, sexual conquest and manipulation on a political level of women and is it just females or are there male victims too?
    Bridges going Bank’s on us and shredding $100k to make it fit…fit for consumption that is.
    And for God’s sake the suggestion that Chinese people are buying NZ honours… what’s next?

  18. OMG…WTF… We really need a good dose of Epsons salts.. for weeks we’ve had to put up with a sexually violent and drunken youths assention being defended by high office holders publicly lampooning his victims…
    Only to be followed by the brutal murder and dismemberment of a man who’s only crime was that he was in love and wanted the paperwork for his wedding to go forward…. Oh, I hear one sigh, it’s on the other side of the world…
    Alas, no, not so…
    We’ve got our own brand of heartless and brutally cold creatures that have sidled up to us and apparently have been tugging away at our forlocks for a while now…
    Asian business men buying honours..?
    Bridges going Bank’s and shredding $100k..?
    And the whistle blower, Ross reportedly and to some extent admittedly forming sexual relationship’s with women, I presume, solely on the basis of applying political pressure or influence once they’re in a vulnerable state of mind. It’s called “Gaslighting”. And we’re supposed to accept that he is in any way a victim..?
    What the hell sort of people did Key and English ally themselves with and what happened to all the rational thinking and decent people in the party.
    Is there no lay party? Is there no grassroots oversight of the parliamentary executive..?
    Well if not then they might as well be the communist party and us in a greater Chinese people’s republic.

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