On the same day NZ Herald profiles China threatening academic, they run Chinese propaganda

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Oh the irony. Nothing sums up the current failure of NZ media better than this.

Oh the irony. Nothing sums up the current failure of NZ media better than this.

On the same day the NZ Herald profiles possible illegal Chinese break in and intimidation of an academic who highlighted Chinese influence in our politics…

NZSIS sweep for bugs in case of burgled professor
Electronic surveillance specialists from the Security Intelligence Service have carried out a search for listening devices at the University of Canterbury office of the professor revealed to be a possible target of Chinese espionage.

News of the sweep, confirmed by several university staff, comes as academic colleagues of Anne-Marie Brady came out in support of the China specialist who has suffered a string of break-ins she claims are in direct response to her work exposing China’s influence campaign in New Zealand.

The Herald understands a similar search for bugs by the Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) has also been conducted at Brady’s Christchurch home, the site of another suspicious burglary being investigated by authorities.

…they are also running propaganda for China…

Kiwis largely positive on China
New Zealanders are largely positive about China-New Zealand relations, according to a new survey gauging impressions of China.

Perceptions of China Monitor: Survey 2018, was commissioned by the New Zealand China Council and questioned online 1001 New Zealanders aged 18 years and over earlier this year.


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  1. online surveys are pretty damn useless, with minimal statistical validity

  2. mosa says:

    Yeah well spotted Bomber.
    Just goes to show that the Herald is just a toilet paper.
    Only useful to wipe shit and then tell you it is edible after all.

  3. Leigh says:

    Info comes from a former CIA agent, they have a history back to the fifties of misinformation, smearing and over throwing governments. They are busy trying to topple Syria and present endless bullshit about chemicals as they arrange their jihadist terriorists to kill the local population. After the dreaded Russians the Chinese are next bogey men. America is the dangerous warmonger

    • Jase says:

      Associated Mendacious Egotists Ruining International Collective Advancement.

    • francesca says:

      Yeah, I must say I’m still way more perturbed by the malign influence of the US and Israel in our sovereign affairs
      That she is a Global Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson Centre think tank doesn’t inspire me with confidence in her impartiality

  4. James Brown says:

    China pose more of a threat to NZ than the United States ever have or ever will . . while the realpolitik of the United States is also tempered by some degree of respect for human rights etc there is no such tempering of PRC realpolitik.

    • J S Bark J S Bark says:

      “…realpolitik of the United States is also tempered by some degree of respect for human rights…”

      Yuh think?

      Let’s see now…

      Granada, Panama, Venezuela, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Yemen, Australia, Antarctica, the Moon, outer space…

      Prolly easier to list the countries they haven’t fucked up (I’m still working on that one)…

    • John W says:

      JB, – Words like Human rights and USA don’t belong in the same sentence.

  5. simonm says:

    Nothing to worry about! *coughs* Xinhua to me so:


    And it’s odd that Jacobi, with his “relentlessly positive outlook” of the NZ/China relationship, manages to scrupulously ignore what’s going on in Xinjiang Province every time he opens his big mouth to say how lucky we are that the Chinese Communist Party has taken such an interest in little ol’ New Zealand:



  6. Leigh Matthews says:

    With reports saying that after Israel shot down the Russian plane, the Russians moving slot of heavy equipment in and including nukes, they expect Israel to try a limited nuke strike. All organised by US, very trustworthy bunch, pushing for WW3.

  7. D'Esterre says:

    Simonm: “….manages to scrupulously ignore what’s going on in Xinjiang Province….”

    I doubt that we outside China have a proper handle on what’s happening in Xinjiang province. China faces a significant issue with Uighurs returning from fighting in Syria. See this: http://moderntokyotimes.com/returning-uighur-fighters-and-chinas-national-security-dilemma/

    We in this country are fortunate not to have a problem of this sort. There’s a deep history in China of the use of re-education camps and the like, to bring people into line with prevailing ideology. This – or something similar – happened during the cultural revolution. One of my Mandarin teachers from many years ago had been sent to the countryside for re-education at that time. She told us that many of them had no contact with books and the like while they were labouring in the fields. And they returned to the cities functionally illiterate. An interesting feature of the Chinese language: I doubt it would happen to those using an alphabet-based language such as English.

    Even were it the case that the current allegations are well-founded, about Chinese government treatment of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, what do you think that NZ should – or indeed could – do about it?

  8. D'Esterre says:

    Leigh Matthews: “….they expect Israel to try a limited nuke strike.”

    I think that unlikely. Israel has never officially admitted to having a nuclear arsenal; I doubt it’d wish to show its hand in that fashion, even were it not the case that Syria is a next door country, and the risk of nuclear contamination to human health is condiderable.

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