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For the love of Christ! Yes Jacinda’s leadership is different, no she isn’t ‘weak’ – hysterical right wing pundits are triggered snowflakes requiring emotional support peacocks

By   /  September 11, 2018  /  26 Comments

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Jacinda’s critics view politics through the old Baby Boomer frame of winners and losers and as such their commentary is jaded and a judgement of insecurity rather than political  insight. 

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This is weakness is it?

The usual right wing trolls and media pundits are decrying Jacinda as weak because she respectfully gave Clare the room to announce her own decision to step down.

Jacinda is supposedly weak because she didn’t just sack Meka over an allegation that was blown up in the mainstream media as an orgy of violence.

What we are hearing isn’t insightful political comment, it is the projections of old bitter pundits who have no sense at all of what Jacinda’s leadership means.

Jacinda is Gen Y, for her, inclusion and respect are the touchstone values. She is waiting on due process with Meka and she gave Clare the dignity to make the announcement of her standing down.

That isn’t weakness, that is character.

You think she was weak when she took over the Leadership of Labour when it was bombing at 23%?

The reason Jacinda is pushing so hard for all these inquiries and inquests is because inclusion is where she gains her authority to make decisions, it’s a strength, not a failing.

Jacinda’s critics view politics through the old Baby Boomer frame of winners and losers and as such their commentary is jaded and a judgement of insecurity rather than political  insight.

We are witnessing what power looks like when it is wielded by a generation that sees working together as the ultimate success, not the individual glory of winning and losing.

These tired old pundits are yesterdays values judging todays power while giving nothing to tomorrow.

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  1. SARAH says:

    Thank you for saying what a lot of us understand.

    • Xray says:

      Jacinda is good for her word. Her style as leader will be far different to those who have gone before. And that is a good thing, a very good thing.

      Trouble is the old school cannot get their heads around it! As for the National Party……

  2. Ada says:

    How many times has Winston Peters shown her up?
    How many times have some of her Ministers let her down?

    • Aaron says:

      Member of the National Party Social Media Team are we?

      • Sam Sam says:

        You’d think that a political party would need a certain amount of intelligence to advance but this isn’t the case. Politics is littered with the stupid and incompetent pretending to be superior intellects. It’s a mystery how people like John Key can become one of the most powerful humans in New Zealand let alone develop the level of civilisation required to comically bungle across the globe. Consider this a case study on how not to get mouth humped. The National Party is like constantly one work place accident away from a full blown 50k strong protest. Once the inevitable crises occurs The National Party track record doesn’t seem to have much of a plan in place. During the Christchurch Earthquakes we saw people stuck in the 50s trying to look busy with 21st century kit and Gerry Brownly’s final thought on the matter is to blame Labour. Even if we assume container city can remain comfortably for the next 20 years it doesn’t lessen The National Parties failures to spread the economic pain through out the entire economy. Ok so the National Party can’t decide whether civilisation and progress is going to work out as evident by there paternal desire to mouth hump beneficiaries. So why show primitive humans how to earn money at all.

        It’s better to just sit back and wait for the National Party to inevitably Bosch their one job.

        Roger Douglas. Who in there right mind thought it genius to gift The National Party the power of austerity. These guys are like the Star Wars Storm Troopers of the lesser cycle. Except in this case the talk 10 times more and get half as much done as today. Having great talkers up front is cool I guess, but what’s not cool is having your best media people mouth humped by junior journos. So any way, successive Labour leaders have had to walk back 30 years of Labour Policy and apologise to the work force for absolutely mouth humping them. But where is that cowardly Roger Douglas, trying to suck up to the National Party I guess. And when his ACT party try’s to one shot Dancing with the Stars the leader David Seymour try’s a few twerky jalopies. But I guess centralising control to the point of extreme vulnerability is a totally established political thing.

        One final thought. Politicians are engineered to be extremely inadequate. New Zealand is a hodgepodge of cultural and technological components. There seems to be different casts of hump day. Labour force, business confidence, communications experts ect. These casts mostly seem to have google engineered as their brains. So why then is New Zealand culture and technology so inadequately prepared to deal bio hazards such as mycoplasma bovis. New Zealand is the worlds dairy industry leader and it seems like we’ve only just heard of this bacteria that specifically targets calcium in cows. WTF???…, We should have the best coffee, cafes, ice creams in the world. But no, we dry it all into milk powder because Asians don’t have great access to refrigerators. So y’all should be relieved that Jacinda has even a basic grasp of the problem.

      • Ada says:


        Just asking some reasonable questions and bringing some reality to the discussion.

      • Mjolnir says:

        They’re certainly busy enough on Twitter, Facebook, etc. What’s that about the Devil finding ‘work’ for idle hands??

        The Nats still haven’t come to grips with losing power!

    • Fred says:

      How many failings did we witness over the nine years of National Ida ? And we didn’t witness the media’s rabidness then , so what’s changed

    • bert says:

      To answer you questions Ada none and twice.
      How many times did United Future and David Seymour show John Key up?

  3. Zack Brando says:

    Well, the government is funding a lot of these uninformed opinionators – talk about building a rod for your own back.

    Some people are a lost cause. Many Kiwis have willfully accepted decades of brainwashing, such mental programming is very difficult to undo and therefore resources are better spent presenting thoughtful arguments to open minded Kiwis.

    I will NOT vote for Labour though, I’m still blocked on their Facebook for pointing out (3 years+ ago) there was a housing crisis, people would be living on the streets, Labour had no meaningful policies, drug/addiction policy was killing Kiwis, cannabis needed to be legalized, NZ was becoming a prison state etc, etc.

    LABOUR only started talking about these issues a year out (at most) from the election. Their heads were in the sand for 8 years – don’t deny it – they were blocking people on Facebook for saying it~!!!

    I’ll just keep voting for TOP, ALCP and shaking my head at people who use meaningless terms like ‘left’ and ‘right’ – rather than examining if policies are of benefit to Kiwis. Labour are still pretty unless IMO, Chur!

  4. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    I like Jacindas style, but Curran should have been fired, she’s making more headlines today for maybe having more screwed up personal emails to a job applicant. Giving the chop would have given some finality to the stories.
    Treating the foolish minister with more respect than she deserves is easily painted as weak leadership.

    • Sam Sam says:

      It’s unfortunate that Labours best performing electorate MP, Clair Curren was allowed to become its worst performing cabinet MP. WTF Where they thinking is all I have to say. Labours got to get there heads back in the game.

  5. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    .. and unfortunately it’s what the public make of the inevitable negative MSM stories that matters at the ballot box, not the truth of right wing nut jobs ravings, or the size of Jacindas halo.

  6. Ngungukai says:

    RWNJ’s on social media and MSM trying to trip her up at any opportunity. She just needs to tip toe through the tulips and avoid the snake bites ?

  7. saveNZ says:

    The MSM managers hate Jacinda because people like her and they don’t like National anymore. The preferred prime minister polls show the story. She is a golden goose at present.

    Sadly I think the neolibs in Labour will use her popularity to put through Nat Lite policy rather than a turn away from what people in the western world are saying and it ain’t we want more globalism and free trade and open borders. There is nothing wrong with trade, but trade that makes people worse off in their own countries, pollutes, steals wealth away from people that live there is how it is working out for about 40%…

    There are much more efficient and effective ways to end world poverty like stopping wars, stemming climate change, not polluting shared resources like oceans and air and polar regions, bringing food, collaborating with each country to make the most use of combined knowledge and technology, trying to bring medicine, education and safety around the world….

    the neoliberal ideas of bombing the crap out of people for oil security, force millions of people to become refugees for safety… making people leave their homes and families and culture to migrate all over the world for money and opportunities and have everyone competing against everyone for lower wages in niche areas of the world… people increasingly are tired of the stress those ideas are bringing…

  8. Tamati Tautuhi says:

    She appears to be quite rational and stable for a woman ?

    Even Winston appears to be quite stable and less erratic these days ?

    I believe this Coalition Government is acting in a mature functional manner, despite a few minor indiscretions by some MP’s ?

  9. mary_a says:

    And doesn’t Natz, its rabid supporters and msm just hate Jacinda’s new style of leadership? It’s eating the right from the inside out, obvious by their petulant, snipey responses to the PM’s refreshing management of her MPs and government. A sure indication Jacinda is on the right track.

  10. Marc says:

    Let’s wait until the election, provided Jacinda will hold the fortress until then.

  11. bert says:

    Most probably could never understood how Key held his position for so long given the atrocities he caused. I guess being a salesman helped.

  12. Gary says:

    Spot on Martyn, Jacinda will be remembered for bringing a humane and compassionate style of leadership

  13. Ngungukai says:

    The RWNJ’s on the Blog Sites, Social Media and MSM are squirming and heamoraging from the inside out as they are not able to get any significant hits on Jacinda ?

    Farrar and Whale Oil must be working overtime trying to dig up some dirt to make a hit ?

    At present they are getting hysterical over minor indiscretions ?

  14. Mjolnir says:

    I happened to be listening to a commercial radio station today at a friend’s place, this morning. The female host was questioning universal care provided by Plunket and suggesting that, for cost, it should be rationed to poor families. She added that more affluent families could rely in the internet for baby information.

    The internet.


    The internet, where bogus alternative “health” abounds.

    Where anti vaccs nutters spew their demented conspiracy theories.

    Where misinformation is unquestioned and ignorance cheered and celebrated.

    That was the “helpful suggestion” from the low-information radio host of the commercial radio station I was listening to. No wonder Jacinda Ardern is getting a hard time from the ignorant likes of Hosking, Garner, etc. Their currency is bigotry. Their ideology is bankrupt. Their lowest bar attracts ignorant listeners and sells advertising. That’s what the Masses are listening to if they’re not tuned in to Radio NZ or reading a book.

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