Zionism’s attempt at new world order


What should have been big news here, had the culprit been any state other than Israel, whose brutal acts of piracy in international waters, along with the tasering and throwing into prison of a New Zealand national, besides his being robbed of private property, hardly attracted any NZ news media interest. Our Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters, stayed very quiet over the affair and has, so far, failed to respond to a number of urgent letters. The international aspect is important and New Zealand should be making its voice heard in solidarity with Norway and Canada, whose vessels were hijacked. In fact, people from more than 20 nationalities were subjected to Israel’s anti-aid to Gaza criminality.

Israel: profit from hijacking – ethnic cleansing sanctioned

And now comes news that Israel intends to sell the hijacked Freedom Flotilla vessels, and give the money to illegal Israeli Occupation settlers living on stolen Palestinian land. This act expresses Israel’s total contempt for international law and sends a message to the world community that, with America behind us, we do as we like! Just to drive the point home even further, on the same day that the plan to sell the Flotilla boats was announced. The Israeli High Court of ‘Justice’ gave permission for the destruction of Khan Al-Ahmar, throwing out a petition filed by its residents. Israel claims the militarily-Occupied Palestinian land, that the village stands on, is “Israeli State land”. Once again, with the complicit silence of Foreign Affairs Ministries around the world, including New Zealand, the villagers of Khan Al- Ahmar, yet again, face another round of racist ethnic cleansing.

But the government and the news media here would rather keep it under wraps – but why? Well just to annoy them, here is a small reminder of Israel’s barbaric behaviour towards the Gaza Flotilla civilians:

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Dr Swee Ang wrote that, after being tasered, “Mike [Treen] was bleeding from the side of his face, still not fully conscious. His hands were very tightly tied together with cable ties and the circulation to his fingers was cut off and his fingers and palms were beginning to swell.”

Zionism’s wish for a new world order

But Israel is above the law, or so it is allowed to believe. The Zionist regime is now urging the US to recognise its claim to the Syrian Golan Heights. By constantly adding ‘facts on the ground’ in defiance of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel believes it can smother international law, human rights principles and global agreements into oblivion, substituting in their stead a hegemonic, US/Israel Zionist alliance. President Trump’s US Embassy move is an early step in that direction. Even without the US, Israel fantasises that the Knesset can make laws everywhere– not just in Israel.

As far as Israel and the Zionist Enterprise are concerned, thank goodness for alternative news sources other than those provided by the mainstream news media. Israel’s crimes against humanity are committed daily, relentlessly. The appalling cruelty and injustice remain unremarkable to Western news media. Israel sells stolen Palestinian water back to the people for ten times the amount it charges illegal settlers. This cruel injustice is a symbolic background to the reality of everyday life in Palestine but the mainstream news media view it as un- newsworthy. Just like every other daily atrocity.


Just this month alone

September has just begun but already, only a small selection of the daily horrors Palestinian are forced to live with, makes it obvious that this month will be at least as horrendous as all the others have been for Zionism’s victims.

September 1

Israeli Navy opens fire on and hijacks Palestinian fishing boat.
Injuries – as stone-throwing Occupation settlers attack West Bank village homes. Israeli Occupation forces wound eight-year-old child.

September 2

Israeli Navy opens fire on 30 Palestinian fishing boats.
Israeli Army West Bank rampage – Palestinian homes destroyed.
Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 2 refugee camps and 8 towns and villages.

September 3

Israeli Navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats, wounding a fisherman.
Israeli Army destroys Palestinian family home.
Zionist invaders [Israeli Occupation settlers] commandeer Palestinian family home for themselves.
Raiding settlers spray-paint race-hate messages.
Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 10 towns and villages.

September 4

Israeli Army position opens fire on Gaza City residents.
Israeli Army destroys Palestinian family home.
Israeli Army forces seven Palestinian families out of their homes – to make way for Israeli Army exercises. [It happens a lot!]
Israeli Army – children terrorised and targeted inside two schools.
Israeli Army robs man of tent dwelling after having earlier destroyed his house. [Cold, thorough and merciless.]
Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 8 towns and villages

Up to September 5

At 05:30, Israeli forces, firing live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters raided the al-Duhisheh UN refugee camp and invaded several homes, wounding one resident, Ahmad Khalid Shukri Al-Laham, and taking prisoner two others.

Morning, the Israeli Army destroyed the home of Ali Abu Sawi in Silwan.
Jerusalem – morning, the Israeli Army destroyed the home of Na’im Farah in Beit Hanina.
Nablus – Israeli forces cut the water supply to the only school in Faroush Beit Dijjan village.
Israeli Army stun grenades and tear gas canisters – schoolchildren terrorised:

Hebron – 19:10, Israeli forces, positioned outside the Tarik Bin Zeid School, fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters at people in the surrounding area.

Unite against the silence Homes destroyed, water supply cut to Palestinian school, night-time Israeli Army terror and home invasions, settlers’ (watched over by Israeli Army) race-hate abuse, Palestinian families forced out of their homes by Israeli Army.

The news media and politicians seem to say “so what, it happens every day, therefore no big deal.” We should demand real news. Remember that when Palestinian homes are invaded or destroyed in UN refugee camps, the world community is responsible for them and the families they are meant to protect. Bring Israel to account before international law fades into obscurity. Zionism seeks a new world order and the above is a taste of what it would bring. Remember the Palestinian people – “first they came . . .”



  1. There must be a big picture here.
    The US have dropped the threat to attack Syria if they use chemical weapons in favour of a threat to attack if Syria tries to retake Idlib at all. They have come clean on their priorities that have been in place all along. It is not ISIS or al Qaeda they are fighting, it is the Syrian independent government. But it seems they are prepared to go to war with Russia to achieve it. And to clear Iran’s forces and Hezbollah out of Syria.
    Although I can see the incentive of eliminating a sovereign banking system and facilitating a gas line from Qatar to Europe, and stealing Syria’s own energy sources and agricultural land, it seems insufficient to risk , or almost to ensure a nuclear war for.
    The answer would seem to be that protecting Israel from the inevitable rage of Arab neighbours , embodied in Hezbollah is the motive. US is going to help and protect the Israeli takeover of all of Palestine in disdain for justice or morality come what may.
    The position this places our government in is invidious . At what point should they declare enough is enough as come out in hostile condemnation not only of Israel but also necessarily of America . “The mouse that roared” comes to mind. Considering most of Europe and until and unless Corbyn gets elected ,the UK are all in US’s pocket whatever they do in the middle east. It’s a big ask of our politicians to be the only voice of reason and integrity, but it would be inspiring.
    D J S

  2. You have a fat chance that Jacinda Blair will cease her grovelling and posturing to the U.S.Empire and will take a principled stand against Nazi Zionist Israel.There is no level of ethnic cleansing, criminal warmongering, criminal attacks on the Palestinian population, land theft, torture, that would move this woman to assert a moral compass.She would rather parade around the seats of international power grinning inanely. The 5 Eyes surveillance system is the centre of the U.S Empire attempts to continue its criminal hegemony of the world.As a Tony Blair acolyte, being part of this as an accommodating vassal is what she does.And part of this is to support Israel regardless. She has my complete contempt!!!

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