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Duncan Garner compares apples with fish and concludes Jacinda is a silly mother blowing taxpayer dollars on her stupid baby!

By   /  September 4, 2018  /  20 Comments

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For some this is the “I TOLD YOU SO” moment, the point where they are proven right that their inane bullshit claims a year ago that the PM couldn’t be pregnant and run the country has finally come home to roost.

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We are facing an existential crisis with climate change while an economic collapse looms. Suicide rates soar, poverty isn’t abating and broken social infrastructure groans so what do the loudest voices in our fourth estate focus on?

The cost of the PM flying for her baby…

Grant Robertson defends Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s separate Nauru flight
Grant Robertson has defended the Prime Minister travelling separately to Nauru so that she can spend less time away from baby Neve.

Jacinda Ardern will attend this week’s Pacific Islands Forum but will not go for the full length of time because Neve is too young to get all the vaccinations she would need to enter the island.

The RNZAF VIP jet will fly back from Nauru to pick her up on Wednesday at a cost of about $100,000 to the taxpayer.


Of all the things to throw your toys out of the cot over, we are getting shitty about Jacinda spending money so that she can see her infant?

Is this is honestly the most pressing issue we have as a society to debate and EVEN if it was, which arsehole amongst us is honestly going to attack a parent for wanting to be near their baby?

For some this is the “I TOLD YOU SO” moment, the point where they are proven right that their inane bullshit claims a year ago that the PM couldn’t be pregnant and run the country has finally come home to roost.

To those folk, I say this, if you’ve honestly held onto that anger and are so desperate to rearticulate it by claiming an extra flight to a Pacific conference as your evidence that  Jacinda is a silly mother blowing taxpayer dollars on her stupid baby, you might need to take some time out, visit some anger management classes and engage with why you hate women so much because it says far more about your emotional damage than providing political insight.

Honestly. This is becoming embarrassing now.

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  1. Zack Brando says:

    Thank you for watching the AM Show so we don’t have to. I am often critical of TDB but I do appreciate it when you guys take one for the team.

    I believe last week they were pushing guests that claimed renters liked letting fees – the AM Show is clown news.

  2. mary_a says:

    IMO Jacinda is doing a fine job as PM and mother. She’s doing what many Kiwi working mums do, juggling her workload with family and doing it well, with the loving support of Clarke.

    Besides, Neve will only be a baby once, so the early maternal demands on Jacinda, won’t last forever. At least she has explained why she will be doing a separate flight, justifying the extra cost.

    Still waiting to hear Simon Bridges’ account as to why his tiki tour around NZ, was so expensive!

    We should be applauding our PM, not condemning her.

    • Observer Tokoroa says:

      Duncan Garner is Poison

      If you insult one baby – you insult them all.

      One of Duncan’s offsiders (the tiresome, mentally deficient Mark Richardson) told Duncan that a woman couldn’t have a baby and carry out adult responsibilities. Duncan believed him of course.

      Garner and Richardson – full of their own fullsome crap gave Winston Peters a point of time in which to turn up their morning show. In which they would point out his flaws and none of their own.

      Peters turned up as told.

      Where-upon the two mental deficients immediately told Peters they were going to punish him by denying him any camera time at all.

      Why, because he had not come to the studio at the time they told him to. They Punished the Child!

      But of course Garner and Richardson had given Peters the wrong time.

      Such is the low mental ability of TV3. Low IQ suits quite a few Kiwis and the AM show caters to them. However, with its hatred of babies and Women, it is basically an advertisement ridden junk show run by dumb managers and ghastly presenters. Just junk.

  3. LOLBAGZ says:

    Those morning shows. Super blatant propaganda

    Did you like the way Mark Richardson pointed out that when “hairy assed teenagers” want to force the employers to pay a living wage, “they’ll be the ones paying for it”?

    Or how about Duncan, pointedly reassuring us all that young workers don’t actually get churned with the 90 days rule, which he can verify due to “working his ass off to get all the right stats” from MBIE.

    So as long as you’re clear on these three points, that Jacinda is bludging using her baby, don’t ask for payrises, and bosses never take advantage

  4. The Masked Moa says:

    Talk about missing the point. Since when has it been government policy to NOT to vaccinate children TOO early. Its normally the other way around the more vaccinations the earlier the better. Talk about one rule for the ruling elite and another for the masses who are told to take the vaccines and shut up about any damage they may do.

    “There is a robust, worldwide body of published science from highly esteemed scientists questioning the safety of many different aspects of vaccines-how come we never hear from them? The majority of the most compelling science has been published since 2010. Below find 50 such studies to consider, sorted chronologically, and note that these studies only represent a portion of the published work implicating vaccinations in a wide variety of negative health outcomes.”

    But personally I couldn’t give a damn what travel arrangements she makes for herself, but not a hint of irony about all the extra fossil fuel use I see not that that concerns me either.

  5. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Why the heck are we arguing about how to get to Nauru?

    We should be demanding a boycott of the bloody country.

    Nauru is no glowing example of democracy (check out the conditions on journalists’ visas) and has decided to throw in its lot with the Australian Fascist Club (bad luck if you’re a refugee from a Muslim country).

    Stop giving space and energy to Garner’s public masturbation; he ceased to be a credible political commentator years ago.

  6. Garner, Hosking Richardson and their ilk produce absolutely nothing to the NZ economy.
    They are nothing but leaching parasites.

    Oh yes, they pay tax on the vastly over paid positions, but that is their only contribution towards the NZ society.

    Put these useless people in the shoes of Jacinda for a week and see how they fare.

    They are leaches and blood suckers.

    • Andrea says:

      “Put these useless people in the shoes of Jacinda for a week and see how they fare.”

      Please, no.

      Pretty please.

      Over-promoted and far beyond their capabilities.

  7. Rickoshay says:

    Fake News

  8. Tiger Mountain says:

    New Zealand PMs have to fly wherever, whenever, largely dictated by NZ’s geographic position, this is a non issue bar it being an attack line by the NZ National Party and supporters

    rather have a PM that fronts up in person, than one that lurks Trump like on twitter, the new Aussie PM is not fronting up either, Morrison is a religious nutter that would not like to be educated by Pacific Island leaders on climate change!

  9. Mjolnir says:

    I wonder what Duncan Garner’s wife thought of his stay-at-home prejudice? He might have some explaining to do to the missus when he got homethat evening.

    Hey, Dunc, welcome to the 21st century. Women are no longer forced to choose between child raising and careers! And they have the vote as well!! How bout that huh? It’s called progress mate.

  10. bert says:

    Garner should look at his own personal history rather than attacking Jacinda for being a mother. Please Duncan, you have no integrity to hold the moral high ground.

  11. Ed says:

    Garner and Richardson are scum.
    They get paid to lie for the establishment.
    Or, possibly, they are compromised

  12. Michal says:

    I honestly don’t know how anyone watches or listens to that shit when after all morning report is on. Probably the best news you can get anywhere in one day – although increasingly some of the on-line news is well done ‘Newsroom’ for instance.

    I have never seen the programme but the bloody adverts on TV about it and the bloody BLOCK are infuriating.

  13. On Watch says:

    “The RNZAF VIP jet will fly back from Nauru to pick her up on Wednesday at a cost of about $100,000 to the taxpayer.”

    So where really is the great cost? The tax payer is already paying for the crew whether they are flying to Nauru of sitting on the base in NZ or doing training runs in NZ . The taxpayer has already bought the jet and pays for the cost of maintaining it constantly whether used or not. It’s there to be used and any mother would support and understand Jacinda’s common sense arrangement.

  14. off white says:

    So if you disagree with Jacinda it means you hate women and children? Can someone say straw man. Think about the homeless people and the environment.

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