National scream the new Employment laws are 1970s Unionism the way Fox News called Obamacare socialism


National scream the new employment law reforms are 1970s Unionism the way Fox News called Obamacare socialism. The truth is that what the new Government are proposing are very weak measures in terms of worker protections.

It will allow for the Unions to extend some membership rights across all industries but attempting to sell that as some sort of return to Polish Shipyards is about as disingenuous as describing Trump as a human rights activist.

The fact that National and their big boss mates think something as mild as what Labour are suggesting is some sort of threat to entrepreneurship would be funny if they weren’t so hysterical about it.

Actually them being this hysterical is pretty funny too.

The new proposed employment law reforms are not what is driving business confidence down, that’s the spin, the truth of what is driving down the economy is the reality that National’s 9 years of empty growth is over and there is nothing to build on from that.

I’d call it a case of boy crying wolf but what Labour are proposing is more a kitten than any type of canine.


  1. Full return to compulsory unionism, full return of original ACC act, full return of 1964 social welfare act, restoration of Civil and Human Rights for all, start there

  2. [ ‘ I’d call it a case of boy crying wolf but what Labour are proposing is more a kitten than any type of canine ‘ ].

    And a weak and malnourished kitten at that.

    The working population are the majority in this country, not the corporate CEO’s or the Oligarchs, – and foreign shareholders are not the repository’s of NZ sovereignty , – WE ARE.

    We make the rules around here, – not them.

    And we elect the officials to carry out our will. Not the other way round.

    So why are we letting National and their rich buddies and Labours neo liberal stock determine the standards of our living to simply keep them in clover?

    This place has 34 years of catch up that needs to be addressed , and a fair few questions to be answered as to why and whom let this country decline as it has done. And if elected officials are going to be playing games and refusing to do what they were put there for, – then industrial muscle is the only way to put wrongs right.

    And I am not the only one saying such things:

    [ ‘ Peters said the sell off of New Zealand interests to overseas buyers was the “continuing story of this country’s decline since the 14th of July, 1984”].

    – Winston Peters.

  3. tame but significant, it is a more permissive climate for workers action now the union busting, oppressive, Key/Blinglish govt is gone, with the combos of Minimum Wage to $20 by 2021, increasing numbers of Living Wage $20.55 settlements right now, and Fair Pay Agreements and Pay Equity settlements to come

    the irony is a lot of public sector workers are bloody National supporters, Nurses, WINZ, and teachers, are often provincial farmers partners etc. so they are happy to put their hand out for increases, and cause a bit of grief for a Labour led government on the way through!

    to me, union membership for many needs an urgent upgrade from services provided, to involvement in class struggle!

  4. Wake up : this is a Coalition government. Perhaps a bit of an examination about NZ First’s agenda and a bit more pressure on them?

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