Protests planned against Don Brash speaking at Auckland University


A New University has organised a public protest opposing the inclusion of Don Brash in a University of Auckland Debating Society event to be held on campus on Thursday 9th August at 6.00pm in the Owen G Glenn building.

“Since his infamous ‘Orewa Speech’ in 2004, Don Brash has remained a leading figure in legitimating racial dog whistle politics in Aotearoa.

“Brash has a long resume of anti-Māori activity, including his involvement with the group Hobson’s Pledge, his public dismissal of Māori wards on councils, opposition to incorporating principles of the Treaty into legislation and stating public broadcasting of Te Reo ‘irritates the hell out of [him]’.

“Brash’s haste to come to the defense of far-right ideologues Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux shows his commitment to the right to spread hate speech with no consideration of the consequences for those targeted by racial abuse and discrimination.

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“Universities are legislatively bound to act as the ‘critic and conscience of society’. Condemning any platform for hate speech is a rare opportunity for the University community to fulfil this crucial role.

“The University of Auckland equity policy acknowledges the distinct status of Māori as tangata whenua and is committed to partnerships that acknowledge the principles of the Treaty. Hosting Brash directly contravenes equity principles and the protection of students and staff from discrimination.

“A New University calls on University of Auckland management to follow through on its equity policy and strategic plan emphasis on promoting Māori presence and participation in all aspects of University life.

“A New University joins the struggle of those at Massey University in refusing to accommodate hatred, bigotry and racism in their institutions. Universities must uphold the principles of Te Tiriti and ensure the safety of students and staff on campus.

“There is no room for racism in Aotearoa and no room for racism in our universities.”



  1. At Massey only around ten people turned up to protest the VC’s actions this is a clear indicator of the low almost zero support for Don Brash. I have faith in students acceptance of things Maori but Brash of course whole image is built on his opposition to anything Maori. The MSM just love his behaviour after all it sells papers etc. I thought your blog was wonderfully balanced and spot on.

    • I was at the event last night and I can confirm the protest movement was a World Cup Final scale own-goal. They made Brash seem, kinda relevant. Back in 2005 when I voted against him, I just wanted him to go away and shut up. But not like this.

      I looked around that room full of so many kids who would have been maybe in intermediate or their junior years of high school in 2005. Seeing them chanting for Brash to speak and drowning out the small group of mostly upper-middle class white protesters (who were of course culturally appropriating Te Reo in support of their Marxist agenda, I wondered how the left could have gone so wrong, for Brash to seem so relevant to them.

      But it was the end, when Simon Wilson closed the argument for limiting free speech, when he said “this isn’t about the marketing of Don Brash”. It was right as I was thinking, “it is now” that someone yelled those very words from the crowd.

      It is now.

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