Thoughts and Prayers for tonight’s protest against crypto-fascsists


Morgan Godfrey asked…

…and he received…

…these two crypto-facsists have managed to gain a huge marketing coup as the woke Left consistently feed them the outrage attention they so desperately seek.

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I agreed with Phil Goff to deny them access to a publicly funded venue to spread their warped rhetoric. I wouldn’t want these guys using publicly funded venues anymore than I would want ISIS recruitment meetings or KKK BBQ meet and greets. If they wanted to use a public venue they needed to be open to being debated because you find far right wing rhetoric falls over when actually challenged but I support their right to speak as much as I support everyone protesting their speech.

We need to engage with these crypto-fascsts not to turn them, but to turn anyone who feels seduced by their cheap antics because the looming economic crisis we are about to become enveloped in creates shockwaves the far right feed upon so this is an issue that won’t go away.

Let’s hope the protest aimed today at 5.30pm in Aotea Square which will then get bussed out to the venue (everyone knows where the venue is by now) is a strong and most importantly peaceful event because any violence now would just create recruits for these two, not defeat them to the wider community.

Let’s hope all the punch a Nazi in the face woke warriors understand just how detrimental violence at this event would now be.

The sooner these two arseholes leave, the better.



  1. Indeed. Don’t forget to roll out the red carpet for agents of the planet-spanning Chinese dictatorship as they seek to expand their Lebensraum, too. 🙂

  2. Tautoko that Martyn. Tonight’s protests will be peaceful and nonviolent and we will have trained marshals there to enforce that. We will not allow ourselves to be manipulated by agent provocateurs.

    • “Tonight’s protests will be peaceful and nonviolent and we will have trained marshals there to enforce that.” I think you had better rephrase that.

  3. Sometimes when you direct your anger at someone, all that happens is that it gets magnified and reflected back at you with no effect whatsoever on the target. That’s what I found with someone I worked in an office with anyways. John Key was good at that.

    • I was very tempted to write “Just be quiet” to this comment but I didn’t think everyone would get the joke :-).

      Instead I’ll just agree that there are indeed people on the left who operate at the same level of maturity as Southern & Molyneux. I hope they don’t drag too many people into their hate-fest.

    • Sad to see the left being the ones acting like fascists. We have our own ‘walk away’ movement. People are waking up.

  4. I heard your prayers and I solved the problem – venue withdrawn.

    Next, down to Wellington to restore the electricity and find their lost buses.


  5. Good to see a peace maker at work here. I’ll add my penny’s worth. If you’re considering taking violent reactionary action, then take a second to look at a photo of a Berlin street in the 1930’s. On the apartment balconies you will see an equal mixture of swastika & hammer & sickle flags flying in the smog.

    I lived in flats like these in Berlin for many years, & I often used to wonder what went on when Communists & Nazis crossed paths in these stairwells. A little after the fall of the wall I moved into a flat in East Berlin. Not long after I noticed that someone had painted a large swastika (Hakenkreuz) on a wall in the stairwell. I asked my old Commie friend who lived above me about this & he said it was probably done because I’d moved in. Apparently I was the first foreigner to move into this section of the apartment block since the wall fell (der Wende). From then on this, & other things of a similar nature in the streets around me, was something I lived with daily.

    Here, there & everywhere our societies are once again being polarised by the resurfacing of old extremist ideologies, but it’s important to understand that the context is completely different from what it was in the 1930’s. We’re living in a globalised world totally dominated by a globalisation world view & the old & new liberal progressive elite who’ve created it. Today’s extremism, both from the left & right must be totally reevaluated as it is the globalisation agenda & the complete lack of a new, all embracing ideological point of difference, which has given rise to it.

  6. No Nazis to punch. The talk’s off. Nazis have gone home to their Nazi houses to drink Nazi tea and eat Nazi sandwiches.

    It is a bit concerning that NZ is so full of Nazis though. All these “far right” types. They are everywhere. On trains, in buses, in schools, hospitals, churches,

    Freakin Nazis. Not enough energy to punch em all

  7. Cancelled – looks like delicate kiwis can’t cope with a couple of Canadian bloggers. Silly thing is they have received way more publicity than they would have if they had entered quietly, had their little talk and left equally quietly. A couple of hundred people would have been interested. Thanks to the neo-left acting like fascists (ref Goebbels), the whole country knows who they are. Many will be watching their material. Well done lefties!! Check mate.

    • The owners of the Power Station are friends with every indigenous act in the country, y’know the ones Molyneux reckon are low quality. If some one said that about my mates I’d have to ask him to leave my house too.

      • I once asked someone to leave my house too. (She didn’t.)

        There’s freedom of speech, and there is safeguarding values and principles, and the line inbetween can be very nuanced, and certainly not as black and white (oops) as some punch-happy people here seem to want to think.

        No great harm done by these two knowing that we weren’t that interested in listening to them.

        • On the YouTube there is no middle class. YouTube creators can see who there audience is and it allows them to fake it till they make it. If they’re male, what country they’re in, how long people watch there content and even when to place ads and monetise content. There are many paths into the YouTubes top 1% content creators but once in there creators very rarely modify there styles. And those that do collaborations like Molyneux and southern often share subscribers and that’s like death to youtubers because to maintain views you have to be constantly appealing to a broader audience. A lot of people just watch one or two videos and they might not watch another one for ages later.

          I suspect every youtuber goes through it. Often you’ll see trolls in the YouTube comments section informing creators that they’re straying from the path and they should make content for trolls because trolls tend to muster enough emotion to unsubscribe and that’s like death to youtubers who aren’t that creative. So as soon as some one unsubscribes and the ad revenue drys up low quality intellectuals have no choice really but to double down on fringe festival stuff.

    • The real Nazis, being the anti free speech lefties, are the losers in this one.

      Research a bit of history you tosser and find out what Nazis’s really are.

      • You can’t have extreme left with out the extreme right. They share the same issues of rising productivity at the same time stagnant wages and commercial media formats feed off this frenzyl. The sick thing is that because we have a volinteery military I know none of these guys upset at the system could make into the military and none of them will have to suffer the consequences or die on a hill for there free speech.

  8. What does the Chinese, Russian, USA or Canadian Embassadors think about this? Crypto, neo, pseudo, labels galore! Interesting times.

  9. What a smart move by a few dozen leftists and progressive anti racism campaigners, combining a protest with the AUT graduation, which traditionally takes students and friends down to Aotea Square.

    So they could mingle with the students, try to convince a few to stay around and join the protest, and then present it as a ‘protest of hundreds’ at Auckland’s central city square.

    I fear had it not been for that other event, the protest may have appeared much smaller, as most ‘ordinary folk’ out there do not seem to care all that much one way or the other.

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