GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Double Bunking leads to more crime, not less


Double bunking leads to more crime not less .

This is from a statement given in his cell by an inmate to a lawyer, who has taken it up with prison management and Ministers . This supposedly occurred over a board game by an inmate who wasn’t taking his anti psychotic medication .

  1. “He kept hitting me in the back of the head. I pressed the button . He backs off. Says if you ask for help, I will break the remote. As soon as intercom answered I said “help me” . He broke the remote. Straight away. He picked up the radio and smahed it to the ground. Within 20 seconds of saying help , I was covered in blood from my head. The guards kept saying I must have instigated i . I never fought back . I needed stitches & have broken teeth and nose. This is the 3rd time. Last time , I wanted to press charges , but Police never came .”

The Police have now been called , belatedly .


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Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights Blogger, currently in jail


  1. australian research on sexual assault in prison:


    “In this study doubled up cells were found to be places of high risk of sexual assaultfor vulnerable prisoners. Although prison anagement and unit officers endeavour to place prisoners in cells with appropriate cellmates, mistakes are often made. Indeed,
    during discussions about the research project with one prison superintendent the researchers were made aware of an incident whereby a young prisoner was doubled up with an older relative. The elder relative sexually assaulted the young prisoner in the doubled up cell. This case clearly illustrates the difficulties that overcrowding
    presents to prison officers and prison management. Certainly the policy of ‘double ups’ has effectively coerced many prisoners into relationships that they would not have chosen for themselves. Within this study, several participants found themselves
    at the mercy of sexually aggressive cellmates”

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