Smith City turns a corner to a more progressive work future – First Union


Smith City turns a corner to a more progressive work future

FIRST Union is pleased Smith City has joined the workers’ movement towards a more progressive work future for all New Zealanders.

The company has announced it will pay its 591 workers a Living Wage from October.

FIRST Union retail, finance and commerce secretary Tali Williams says it signals a brighter future for its workers and their families.

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“Our Worth It campaign, that asks for the Living Wage for retail workers has been highlighting the importance of pay for a healthy society. We are very glad Smith City has turned this corner.”

Workers’ commentary following the announcement:

One worker, a full time supervisor, who’s been at the company for 18 years, currently earns $17 dollars an hour and with the increase will be earning an extra $142 dollars a week before tax says:

“That’s something positive. It’ll just go straight towards bills and the mortgage, it’ll take a lot of stress off myself and my wife yeah. Yeah that’ll be the key advantage for us, is to get our mortgage down.”

Another, working 26 hours a week, who will receive an extra $79.30per week says:

“Oh that’ll be awesome, I’ll put that on the mortgage, that’s just going to be a great help. That’ll help with everything actually, I run this place (house) by myself so yeah. The power, phone, everything.”

A single mum who will be receiving a similar increase says:

“That would be a great help for me because I’m a single parent. It will mainly go on bills and my grandchildren. I’ve been here for years and this is very unexpected.”