Since when did Family First get to threaten what I see on TV?


Since when did Family First get to threaten what I see on TV?

Advertisers withdrawing from TVNZ’s Naked Attraction

Businesses have withdrawn advertising from TVNZ 2 during controversial dating show Naked Attraction.

The show, which airs at 9.30pm on Friday, sees people choose someone to date based solely on their naked body. The pair then share a date in the nude, in front of the show’s cameras. 

Lobby group Family First said in a press release that Lighting Direct, Carpet Court, Warehouse Stationery, Foodstuffs, Electrolux and Kitchen Things have all withdrawn advertising.

Look, I don’t watch ‘Naked Attraction‘ because, you know, I have an education, basic levels of taste and Netflix but if you want to watch it, you should be able to.

Why are we allowing puritans to threaten advertisers of the state broadcaster?

Family Fist are a fringe religious splinter group who are best known for their desire to legally bash their children. They turn the other cheek and don’t spare the crowbar.

I don’t want people like that controlling the nation’s remote control.

The show plays late at night on a  Friday, if you are at home and choosing to watch this, you need a hug and an intervention, not the God Squad playing TV Guide monitor.

If the Free Speech Coalition can find time to stand for crypto-fascsists – what about TVNZs right to broadcast basic TV?

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  1. Christ even Carpet Court!!!!

    They have the check to advertise “nylon” plastic carpet and not natural NZ made woollen carpet to put in our homes!!!!

    Nylon plastic carpets are now widely known to ‘outgass toxic chemicals’ that willl cause cancer and nervous system damages!!!!

    And there they are trying to tell us they have morals!!!!! Un-believable!!!

  2. well i think garbage like this needs to be tossed rather than broadcast for one reason….its crap!!!

  3. Yeah I agree with you.

    But someone had to save TVNZ from themselves. I still can’t believe a public broadcasting service paid for this kind of crap.

    All of the advertisers should do the public a greater service and withdraw from all TVNZ shows

  4. I thought the show was quite entertaining. It’s quite interesting to see what different people find attractive in different bodies. In this way, it was challenging stereotypes about the human body that we are presented with 24 hours a day through the media, these stereotypes being far more damaging to a lot of people’s self image.

  5. I do think it should be scheduled after the adult viewing watershed at 9.30 pm, but otherwise, I tend to agree with the criticism of Family First’s advertising boycott campaign noted here. Not that McCoskrie doesn’t have the right to launch boycotts and disagree with programming choices, but it’s a little puzzling that he hasn’t encountered the jiggling naughty bits of some of TVNZ On Demand. Perhaps those who oppose McCoskrie might want to take note of compliant companies and boycott them in return for not advertising on Naked Attraction?

  6. Perhaps Family First are worried that Fatal Attraction is a fore-runner to having more risqué shows along the lines of the notorious Japanese game shows that go much much further.

  7. If you look more closely at Michelangelo’s Creation – which you have chosen to symbolise your complaint about not being able to watch naked strangers judging each other on their naked bodies on television with physical and intellectual wankers – you will observe that it is God who is making all the effort here – quite an old God, is stretching out to a languidly lounging youthful Adam with his index finger and whatever else drooping – and the old man is the one with the outstretched arthritic- looking finger trying to reach him, and it is one of the few times I have felt sorry for God. Great symbolism all around.

    I’ve not seen this slimy TV programme, because I barely watch television anyway, but I think sounds debasing all around and I’m glad that someone is saying let’s not have this neanderthal crap.

    And if they oppose other prurient crap, will it kill us ? Ill us? Hasten the end of the world ? Nope.

  8. This is a good point. Hopefully the Free Speech Coalition will be a permanent presence, because yes it’s true programming like this is pretty lame, but if people want to watch it, they will, and scaring off advertisers because the spank brigade are offended sends totally the wrong message.

  9. I have no time for Family Fist (which is essentially a one man bigot-band) but find it hard to justify the screening of Naked Attraction, which is a fraudulent load of tosh, and essentially just perving at a bunch of attention-seekers.

  10. The inevitability of trash-tv has arrived: free to air porn.

    Really, what did conservatives in Family First think would happen to television under a free market system when the priorities were predicated on attracting maximum viewership to sell advertising?!

    If it takes tits’n’arse, then tits’n’arse be it.

    Shakespeare or the Russian Bolshoi Ballet won’t cut it anymore.

    This is the free market at it’s inevitable, purest form: selling vice to a dumbed down populace.

    The dystopian future in “Idiocracy” has arrived, albeit a few centuries early.

    • 100% Frank very well said.

      I find that women wearing revieling clothes is a beginning to stir male interest and the same thing now happend when the “inappropriate touching and sexual advances/attention charges are being made against ‘red blooded men’ for showing interest in these “risqué – revieling ladies”.

      So we really now are in a pickle until the ‘victoria brigade comes back to straighten this all out again.

  11. I suppose we should be asking why these puritans are so embarrassed by their own bodies and from that why they think everyone else should be embarrassed by theirs.

  12. I can’t get too upset about this. They are using similar tactics to what a left wing lobby group might use if TVNZ decided to fund a Mike Hosking show. And the show? Well it’s crap isn’t it?

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