Thoughts and Prayers with Mike Hosking for the pain of his holiday in Hawaii


When his wife isn’t complaining about prisoners not being beaten with rubber hoses and waterboarded, Trump defender and NZs answer to what would you get if Piers Morgan and a meth smoking scorpion had a baby, Mike Hosking, is at the NZ Herald Troll Farm today complaining about a holiday he had in Hawaii.

That’s right.

In the same newspaper that is tearing strips off a Millennial who claimed it was hard to save on $135 000, Mr Maserati is complaining that Hawaii is too touristy these days

Hawaii has blown it. Waikiki is one of the great destinations of the world.

I first went there in the early 1980s on the way back from Europe. I got horribly sunburned, got offered a massive amount of dope because it was summer break at American schools and they thought I was a student, and saw King Curtis the wrestler selling surfboards.

But I have been back last week. And for the last time, because they have failed to heed the warning signs of success. Fundamentally the place hasn’t changed in 30 years. The hotels are old, the place is expensive, and the service now is crap.

I couldn’t work out whether the service is crap because the place is frequented by stoners and deadbeats, or because the American economy is so strong they have our issue, getting good people is nigh on impossible.

But when you’re used to service Los Angeles style, which is world class, Hawaii is from a different age, like the stone age.

…thoughts and prayers obviously for Mike and his terrible holiday to Hawaii. I feel we need to set up a  give a little page or preferably steal a wish from a terminally ill child, I know Mike would prefer the latter.

I’m not saying Mike is callous, but if you look in the dictionary under ‘white privilege’  it has his birth certificate. The man is so far up his own arse in terms of self importance, he has his mail forwarded to his lower colon.

Actually, while we are on the NZ Herald site today, these are the important stories

-Posh suburb doesn’t like early morning rubbish trucks

TDB Recommends

-Hosking complains about Hawaii

-Avocados get stolen

-People with the same name as celebrities

-The plot gap we never saw in a Batman movie.

This is less a newspaper and more a social media feed for the braindead. No wonder ‘fake news’ has so much power as an insult.

Fuck Mike Hosking.

Fuck his privileged whining about Hawaii.

Fuck what passes for news on the Herald these days.


  1. Wasn’t it Mike Hosking the same guy who espoused the high volumes of tourists into Waiheke, and more if possible, was a good thing?

    Obviously its a good thing if he doesn’t have to put up with the great unwashed masses…

  2. Hey Bomber. You catch on fast for a white boy. hehehehehe. hosking is a self centred little terd going about the whole world as if it must bow to him because dont they know he is mike hosking blerrrrrrkkkkkkk***

  3. Gosh you’re being mean to Mike. It’s the things he didn’t say which are very very tragic. We all know that one of Michael’s biggest heroes holidays in Hawaii, and from the sound of things Michael didn’t get to play with him.

    He bemoans the lack of good people, which is getting gut-wrenching territory, because how, how would Michael know what a good person is ?

    Every day everywhere we go there are good people all over the place, and if Mike doesn’t get to see them, then he is truly deprived – or something like that.

    • Stop it.I haven’t stopped crying since I read about tortured Mike’s holiday gone wrong.

      Used to be that the tragic-sense-of life stuff was the domain of introverted Spanish mystics with tonsures, but now it’s media morons with hair cuts like hearth brushes and sad-eyed wives – those eyes – those eyes – whose concern for themselves is unmatched by anyone else’s concern for them, and how bloody heartless is that ? Could drive me to budget tea bags.

  4. I suspect that Hosking’s real angst is that the Hawaiians treated him like the nobody he is rather than the celebrity that he believes himself to be.

  5. You see, people, why we didn’t need those two Canadian neo-fascists in our country? We get all the rightwing fuckwitry and entertainment from our own homegrown bigots. Why import when we have our own darling dolts?

    I’m having whip round to raise money to send Mr Hosking to a proper resort in the Bahamas. Here’s a broken button, my own contrib.

  6. He has been banging on everyday lately about the end of mankind as we know it thanks to Jacinda. If only she was more….Donald, you know?

    And I would be quite worried by what he has to say were he not a complete fuckwit!

  7. What is it about the Left that they hate success?

    He’s done well for himself – good for him!

    • What is it about you Andrew that you confuse failure and success ?

      Hoskings found his Hawaiian holiday such a failure that he was moved to take digit to keyboard to complain to NZ about it and you call that a success ?

      If he’d lived or worked much overseas, and travelled a bit more, and had a few of his rough edges knocked off, he’d have found that the high-rise waterfront hotels are as good as one finds anywhere, and better than many. I did.

    • Good for him.
      Not so good for the many that he constantly insults, denigrates and misrepresents.
      A few words sum up your philosophy beautifully,
      “I’m alright Jack”.

    • Andrew, in this instance it’s not that “the Left hate success”. It’s the self-parodying of Hosking’s writing that is a noisome mixture of entitlement, arrogance, unawareness, and just plain stupidity.

      In case you’re not getting it, here it is spelled out in simple terms: no one gives a flying f**k about some rich wanker complaining that he only got a 4.5 star service when he was expecting 5.

      He basically did a “Jeremy Wells” on himself.

      Especially when thousands of New Zealanders – many in paid work – are existing on low wages and living in sub-standard accomodation.

      Now do you get it?

      • Is it just envy I wonder?

        Oh well!

        I think Mike’s right on this: Hawaii is not the up market destination it once was.

        I think Tahiti might be the place for me next year. A bit more culture and some French Cuisine mixed in.

  8. To me the NZ Herald lost all credibility and lets say it ‘readability’ when it let Mike Hosking, Katie Hawkesby, Barry Sloper, Audrey Young, John Roughan and so many others who are quite obviously the Mouthpiece of the NZ National Party in its articles and, lets say it again, ‘breaking news’ items of ‘news-worthy’ attention!!!!
    I pass by the NZ Herald with a 10 second passing interest. If the article doesn’t catch my eye and is so biased towards the NZ National Party then it doesn’t merit even 30 seconds of my reading.
    I don’t have time for watching a sweaty faced Mike Hosking in one of his rantings and ravings as he comes across so blatantly true as being a future Wannabe NZ National Party MP.
    And so god-forbid that ever happening because if Hosking’s track record of heaping abuse upon a woman who accidentally hit his car in Parnell is something to go by then he will be ideal as a self-serving, selfish, self-opinionated and self-orientated, photo opportunity seeking wannabe National Party MP.
    Well done to the NZ National Party however for picking the ideal crop of idiots as its mouthpieces. You have reached the bottom of the barrel of stupidity. Any lower and you could have Simon Bridges as your leader. Oops… my mistake. He is already your leader.
    With every word a National Party MP or its supporters say is viewed by me and probably many others as being a load of codswallop. You(National)had 9 years to fix matters but the ONLY FIXING you did was to your OWN agendas and financial attainment personally.
    We NZers are so over selfish, self-serving, self-promoting, photo opportunity seeking(and in the matter knighthood seeking) politicians.

    • Sometimes the NZ Herald suggests intimations of profundity – I’m pretty sure that Bob Jones- another Knight of the Realm ? – used to write their horoscopes. They were very good – when I was in management I stuck them on the wall to raise the team spirit – behind the fan where our menopausal ladies could hover to cool on hot days and mull over their destiny and their underpaid jobs which we took to the ERA and won on, so thanks NZ Herald, we gotcha.

  9. Sometimes the NZ Herald suggests intimations of profundity – I’m pretty sure that Bob Jones- another Knight of the Realm ? – used to write their horoscopes. They were very good – when I was in management I stuck them on the wall to raise the team spirit – behind the fan where our menopausal ladies could hover to cool on hot days and mull over their destiny and their underpaid jobs which we took to the ERA and won on, so thanks NZ Herald, we gotcha.

  10. Please everyone, SPARE A THOUGHT FOR MIKE! How callous and uncaring of you all! I just can’t understand how anyone can be so cruel to Mike (AND his gorgeous wife) after he’s had to suffer the indignity of poor service on a holiday.
    Doesn’t anybody else understand what a tough life in the media he’s had do endure? Am I alone?. THe lack of compassion is just astounding!
    All that intrusion into his privacy!. The permed hair affair. THe nastiness of the media hounding the children (THINK OF THE CHILDREN). All those rumours of his being one big poof. Dadda-in-Law Hawkesby! Kate! I’m clutching my pearls as I type
    No!. Mike deserved his holiday and rightly expected he’d be waited on hand and foot by anyone and everyone in Ha Why He?
    And Kate? Martyn – you really have gone too far!
    It’s thank the Lord! we have the NZ Herald and ZB to allow him to put His point of view across.

    Maybe we could make amends sometime. Perhaps a NZoA funded “This Is Your Life: Mike Hosking”. THe powers that be might even drag Dadda Hosking out of his busy life as a whine conasewer to host with Joolie Crusty producing and directing


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