The Opportunities Party Will Not Contest 2020

By   /   July 10, 2018  /   5 Comments

The Board of The Opportunities Party (TOP) has decided to request that the Electoral Commission cancel TOP’s registration as a political party.

TOP was formed in late 2016 to contest the 2017 election in which it polled at 2.4%. Since the election the Board has considered whether it would invest time and money in preparing the Party to contest 2020 and after due consideration has decided against it.

Party founder Dr Gareth Morgan said, “I’m proud of the policy manifesto we developed and have no doubt it was by far the strongest on offer to improve New Zealanders’ incomes, business productivity, social fairness and environmental sustainability. The legacy of that manifesto remains and to be frank was all that personally ever interested me.”

“The voting public demonstrated that best practice, evidence-informed policy is not of significant concern when deciding elections. When 20% of the vote moves in 48 hours simply on the back of a change of leader, with no improvement at all in policy being offered, what makes the New Zealand voter tick is clear.”

“TOP was formed to improve the policy options on offer. Too few voters supported our policies. That’s reality and we accept that. With no inclination to compromise policy for political ambition, or to de-emphasise best practice policy for the promotion of whatever else attracts people’s votes, it’s pretty obvious what the appropriate course of action for this party should be.”

“I’d like to thank all those involved with TOP. We had fun and we challenged people and for the more than 60,000 people really interested in best practice policy, we appealed. They have reason to be proud.”

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  1. phillip ure says:

    he didn’t mention the big con/snow-job he tried to run on his (erstwhile) left-wing supporters..?

    morgan admitted post-election that he would have gone to the tories 1st..and would have propped them up/given them a fourth term..

    something he failed to mention to those leftwing t.o.p. supporters/members..prior to the election..

    we had a luck escape there..methinks..

    • Sam Sam says:

      Really? Do you honestly think National would have introduced progressive taxes? but seriously there’s no need to say any of that.

      • phillip ure says:

        no..morgan would have just dropped those policies as part of his negotiations..they were just for his leftwing audience/supporters…

        i know if i was one of those leftwing supporters who gave their all to this piss-float – i would not be a happy camper..

        at being so conned/used by morgan..

    • cleangreen says:

      100% correct Phillip.

      Next time we need to double check “who are our friends”.

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