Yo Hoots, when you were insinuating that David Parker was corrupt, did your mate Key not tell you it was actually him seeking the exemption?

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David Parker is so scrupulously ethical he makes Golriz Ghahraman look like a cis-white heteronormative Trump supporter, so how on earth the Right in NZ managed to believe that Parker would do anything that wasn’t completely above board  is utterly beyond me.

I’ve got a soft spot for the Hoots, but this really is a shocker on the rocker.

So Hoots, when you were insinuating that David Parker was corrupt – did your mate Key not tell you it was actually him seeking the exemption?

Has John lost your number?

Sir John Key lobbied Government for overseas buyers ban exemption

After days of being on the backfoot, the Government has revealed it was Sir John Key who was lobbying for an exemption for a billionaire’s property development in Northland.

Now if I remember correctly Hoots, you were claiming this corruption was bigger than the Saudi Sheep bribe.

So what’s the word? Is this still bigger than the Saudi Sheep deal?

Or is it silence of the lambs?

David Parker is so scrupulously ethical he makes Golriz Ghahraman look like a cis-white heteronormative Trump supporter, so how on earth the Right in NZ managed to believe that Parker would do anything that wasn’t completely above board  is utterly beyond me.

Here’s the final word…

..fucking clowns.

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  1. Tuppence Shrewsbury says:

    So it caved to John Keys request?

    “Change” of government

  2. XRAY says:

    How very ironic National!

  3. Melanie Scott says:

    Up here in Mangawhai we have all known for years that John Key and Ric Kayne the US billionaire are thick as thieves and so my first thought was that Key was behind the lobbying. Quite clever of him to use Shane Jones as his shield, just as Kayne and Darby are using the hapu Te Uri O Hau who had sold their Treaty settlement land at Te Arai quite some time ago. They sold it to companies created by Darby and his American lawyer partner James Castliglione (slippery Jim we call him) and Ric Kayne. So probably all, (but at least 75%) of the land is now owned by a US billionaire and a Queenstown millionaire. In other words, the commercial entities which own the golf course and land being developed into multimillion dollar house sites to be sold exclusively to overseas rich listers, is also doing a smoke and mirrors trick – hiding behind the Te Uri O Hau Trust. Let me disabuse anyone who thinks the local Maori community (both Te Uri O Hau and Ngati Wai, the iwi which really owned the land, are jumping up and down and rubbing their hands together at the prospect of making lots of money out of these deals (OIO amendment or not). There is a deal of acrimony about what is happening here and further south on South Te Arai / North Pakiri land, once owned by Ngatimanuhiri but now sold by their Trust to Kayne and Darby for (yes you’ve guessed it more house sites and another golf course). See the excellent doco on TV3’s The Hui of a few weeks ago, done by Mahingarangi Forbes. These two land parcels and their fate are mirror images of each other.
    Fun fact 1: Ric Kayne ‘taught John Key everything he knows about financial investment’ years ago in New York.
    Fun fact 2: Kayne does not allow any of his lowly local employers speak to him directly, even to say ‘hello’, they have to go through management. One of them (Maori) told me some years ago that they are made to feel a bit like Mexican wetbacks. The empolyment contract culture leaves, shall we, quite a lot to be desired.

    • Kohanga says:

      Shoud have been employees, not employers.

    • simonm says:

      Ric Kayne: “I am a New Zealand resident, having met ( and exceeded) the criteria under the Investor Plus Visa category. We now own – alongside our investment – a house here in which we live. We are building another house which, once finished, will be our permanent home in New Zealand in which we will live in for significant amounts of time. I am now spending more than 100 days each year in New Zealand.”

      Anyone notice what Ric does here?

      “I am now spending more than 100 days each year in New Zealand.”

      That means Ric is avoiding staying in the country for more than 183 days per year and is thus not considered a New Zealand resident for tax purposes (i.e. even though proclaims his “great love” for New Zealand, he dodges New Zealand income tax).

  4. Nahweareallscrewed says:

    So David Parker tried to put through a change because Key asked? Odd thing to try and use to exonerate him. Course, if Labour and the Nats hadn’t helped to nix the Lobbyist Registration bill back in 2012, this wouldnt have been a problem, since the meetings would have been recorded.

    But sure, you like labour, and so the only thing that’ll ever convince you of shady deals is a giant sack with a dollar sign. Just like how copying Nationals cash for access cabinet club is “smart fundraising”, and nothing for us mere mortals to ever be worried about

  5. esoteric pineapples says:

    I remember when you used to have Hooten on your excellent TV show

  6. cleangreen says:

    National = ‘pot calling the kettle black’.

  7. Joe says:

    Why would maori sell their land rather than lease it out? Nothing learned in 150 years?

    Prediction: In a hundred years time these iwi will treaty claim they didnt understand they were selling their beautiful Te Arai coast to some Yanks form across the sea. And taxpayers will foot the bill.

  8. JustMe says:

    I do wonder to this day as to where was Matthew Hooten’s voice of concern whilst John Key was up to no good???!!!!
    Whilst John Key was sexually harassing a waitress by regularly pulling her ponytail, where was Hooten(and other National Party supporters)voice of concern??? Oh right Amanda was just a simple NZ worker having a job to make ends meet and along comes Key who has a ponytail fetish!!!!!!!
    I have said this elsewhere but it does appear the NZ Media, and this time I include Hooten in the list i.e Hooten, Hosking, Soper, Garner, Richardson, Hawkesby, Young, Roughan, etc,etc,etc; all appear to be in the NZ National Party pocket(perhaps for financial gains personally for being the mouthpieces of the NZ National Party).
    Do any of these so-called Journos actually have a long-range intent to become National Party MPs sometime in the future and so hence them being the mouthpieces of the NZ National Party NOW????!!!!!
    Out of all this, and thankyou Matthew Hooten for ruining the NZ Media service more so as time goes by, I have a deeper respect for David Parker than I have of the NZ media.
    The NZ Media service has taken itself to the lowest of the low and all because they are mostly of the NZ National Party ilk.
    The NZ media has lost all credibility because it became bedfellows with the NZ National Party.

  9. Lucy says:

    In the online NZherald if you search for apology you get
    “In an opinion column by Matthew Hooton published on the Herald website on Thursday 21 June 2018 the columnist described the Minister for Economic Development, David Parker, as a former business associate of a property developer.

    The Herald accepts that this description was inaccurate, and that they are not former business associates.

    The Herald apologises for the error in the column. The Herald also apologises for any implication in the column that Parker acted inappropriately by reason of such an association, and for any distress that the publication has caused him.

    Matthew Hooton also apologises personally for the description and any such implication, as well as for any distress that the matter has caused the Minister.”
    But he still has an opinion piece

  10. Lucy says:

    In the NZHerald this morning there is a correction and apology if you go searching https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12080025 but it did take them a week!

  11. LeGrandeFromage says:

    So John Key is still calling the shots?

    Labour is the senior partner in the coalition, Parker is the minister involved but John Key snaps his fingers, “porno” Jones salutes, and it’s pratfalls all around?

    Aaaaaand it’s Nationals fault that they look like dicks?

    Damn they’re so mean bro.

  12. countryboy says:

    The only creature of nobility here is the sheep.

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