Where’s Matthew Hooton’s claim that David Parker is corrupt gone?


Hey, what’s going on?

Yesterday, Matthew Hooton wrote a column in the NZ Herald that claimed David Parker was corrupt.

Today that article seems to have gone missing???

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Matthew Hooton is the Head of Slytherin House, the architect of the Death Star, the moral Shepard to the Right.

He of cloven hoof and forked tongue who does dirty deeds very expensively.

But even for the Hoots, this attempt to paint David Parker out as corrupt is fucking ballsy because David Parker is one of the most legal and ethical human beings on the planet.

Hoots has tried to slap the baby Jesus here folks, and when you start belting the bejesus out of the infant messiah, you’d better have a sound reason for trying to do that, like water tight proof that directly offers up solid evidence that isn’t rumour, misinterpretation and conjecture.

Because you know, it’s the baby fucking Jesus.

I’d have thought attempting to paint someone as ethical as David out as corrupt was journalistic suicide, but Hoots went there, so where is it today?

Every time I gleefully click on the link where the story was to read just how Hoots had managed to fuck this one up, Page 404 appears and the Herald site says the page has gone missing.

I do so hope some attention can come to this glorious matter, because my corn has popped and I’m delightfully awaiting round 2.




  1. As a matter of fact, the Speaker of the House had the clause removed because it was an obvious conflict of interest.

    David Parker needs watching.

    Prior to his political career he had a habit of repeatedly being involved in companies that failed which then left investors out of pocket whilst he was neatly insulated.

    • Please name these companies because at least we know the company Key used to destroy over 200 lives at.

    • “As a matter of fact, the Speaker of the House had the clause removed because it was an obvious conflict of interest”

      You’ re either woefully uninformed or deliberately lying, Andrew.

      The clause was removed because mentioning one Iwi by name contradicted Parliamentary rules.

      Get your facts straight, sunshine.

    • Mostly most of it,DS. Parker gave a thoroughly credible explanation this morning on RNZ. If you’d listened to it, you know that this is another Nat inspired beat-up. All that’s missing was a “secret” meet-up at the Astoria cafe in front of a 1000 people. *pfffft!*

  2. Its gone “missing” because it is actionable. A story predicated on half-truths and outright bs will not withstand the glare and scrutiny of a libel case.

  3. Looks like this trashy National-aligned tabloid’s “reporting” doesn’t stand up when the defamation lawyers call.
    The Herald pounced on hard-Right dirty politics operative Matthew Hooton the moment he wrote himself out of a job at NBR. Perhaps fearing a further slide in credibility as yet another National Party propagandist was added to the Herald’s staff, NZ’s most partisan news corporation NZME called him a “business columnist”, but so far all of his columns have been around the business of getting National into government.

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  4. No respect from towards hooter as the pot always call the kettle black but I would reading what Ian wishart presents in his writings about David parker.

  5. So I am not mad… This is not the first time The Herald articles have gone missing soon after publication. I have learnt to make a copy immediately when ever a startling article appears.
    Question is is it deliberate or is it sloppy editing?

  6. I just watched dear old, average old, ‘Skyfall’ . Again. Winter does that to a person.
    In there, however, was a scene where Javier Bardem, playing the bad guy, told a story of rats on his grandmothers little Island who used to eat all her coconuts. She set a drum in the ground, placed a coconut just so… and soon, one by one, the rats fell into her trap. But instead of killing the rats, she left them to themselves and one by one, they began to eat each other until there were only two rats left. Instead of letting the last two rats eat each other she let them out. But this time, the rats were no longer interested in eating coconuts. They’d developed a taste for other rats instead.
    You can see where I’m going with that story, right?
    One lot of rats eating another lot, as yet more rats circle in for the kill.
    The Hooten Rat is eating the Parker Rat who will, in turn eat the other rats and so on and so on.
    If you think we humans are sacrosanct, what this Youtube clip of brawling ‘merican softball fans. Take their clothes off then give them a liberal coating of hair and put them up a tree… What do you have?
    Sadly, no one was hurt.

    How about this for a theory?
    I think the human race, our entire species, as been infected with a viral consciousness beamed down ( or up ) to us without our knowing. Not even the virus knows it’s a virus. It just does its thing. It comes out in the form of the trumps, the jonky’s, the narcissists, egomaniacs, the perverse and deviant power-mads. Think Species Specific herpies. It comes out where it went in, so to speak. Those, for example, who head up the banking industry or those who can separate kids from their mums and dads as if they were cattle going to market.
    Hooten is, perhaps unknowingly, infected. Parker too. Our line up of politicians is sobering to contemplate, and so too, are those who prey upon them for their survival. Which is why I prefer to remain drunk. I don’t, of course, but if I could get away with it, I’d probably be fine with wandering about in my own beautiful world of make believe and leave the scum to themselves to eat each other alive.

  7. The Herald cannot even get the very basics such as their home delivery right, so fuckwits like Hooton and his hopelessly misleading smear machine being way wrong and yet being published should come as no surprise!

    Anyway, the Hosk is just pissed that Jacinda has given birth, so that is what really matters right now.

    NZME, synonymous with $2 shop quality journalism.

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