The Liberal Agenda – free Julian Assange – Tue 19 June, Wellington


Thousands of Wikileaks supporters worldwide will hold protests at U.K and U.S Embassies on June 19th, 2018 to demand that the Governments of Australia, United States and United Kingdom pardon Assange and free the publisher from any potential indictment or charges in the U.S.

The Protestors and Activists for Human Rights, and Justice,
are demanding that Australia, Britain and the U.S. abide by
the U.N. ruling to immediately free and compensate Julian
Assange.  The U.N. has ruled that Assange is being illegally
Protests confirmed to be held in the USA, Australia, Ireland,
U.K, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and India, at U.K.
and U.S. Embassies Worldwide including eighteen cities and
twenty separate events confirmed so far.
NZ has joined the global protest which marks the sixth
anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian
Embassy from political persecution by the US, and the threat
of extradition and prosecution there for his publishing work
with Wikileaks.
The vigil will begin at Australian High Commission at midday,
with a short march to the United States Embassy at 1.15pm and
will conclude at the British High Commission at 2.30pm.


A series of peaceful vigils will be held in Wellington on 19th

June, outside the Australian High Commission, the United
States Embassy and the British High Commission. The protestors
along with some musicians will be demanding safe passage for
Assange to return to Australia to be united with his family.

PRESS RELEASE June 14,2018

Julian has already spent 77 days in solitary confinement with
no access to the outside world or visitors.


Tuesday, June 19, 12.00pm – 16.00pm

Australian High Commission 12.00pm

      72 Hudson Street
29 Fitzherbert Terrace
        44 Hill Street


TDB Recommends
United States Embassy
British High Commission


  1. This needs to be done.

    This bullying remnant from the Obama administration that seeks to use bogus charges to surreptitiously detain a person indefinitely ( which is a euphemism for imprisonment ) needs to end.

    And to be seen for what it is : a spiteful attempt at silencing someone who has embarrassed the ‘authority’s’.

    It is a poignant reminder that these ‘authority’s’ have long since forgotten who they were truly elected to serve,- the public. And if these ‘authority’s ‘ have been indulging in malevolent and duplicitous activity’s that embarrasses them when those activity’s are then exposed, then the public has every right to know.

    Effectively Julian Assange has been sentenced to house arrest, – without trial.

    And with the Hobsons choice that if he does stand trial, – that he will be sentenced in a totally biased kangaroo court and given an outrageous sentence more fitting for mass murderers.

    Julian Assange is symbolic to the little man everywhere standing up to the corridors of power and their corruption and being bullied for doing so. That is not democratic process but fascism . Julian Assange needs to be released and granted full pardon, – and an apology.

    Anything less will only confirm the fascist mockery of the current state of western democracy.

  2. Let the scumbag rot.

    No supporter of Assad fascism and the genocidal slaughter of the Syrian people deserves the support of the Left.

    • Hi jenny good to see that you made it back safely from your latest fact finding mission to Syria, While there, did you manage to uncover any information on the us of a’s latest invasion of a sovereign country???

      • Jenny ….. A most unusual pretend peace protestor who calls for war…..

        Which actually makes her a warmonger ….

        … And she’s A warmonger who labels those who call for peace …. ‘fascists’.

        Which makes jenny a bullshitting warmonger.

        I wouldn’t worry about what bullshitting warmongers say …. her support for al-nusra/Isis ‘rebels’ says it all really.

        To sum up jenny ….. she is a bullshitting warmongering Ass who does not give a genuine shit about the Syrian people….. she’s ready to fight until the last drop of Syrian blood has been spilled in pursuit of her Isis caliphate….. she rapes the truth.

        Assange, and the perversion of law and justice used against him ….which the Poms were largely instrumental in….. is both a disgrace and a bloody circus.

        Wikileaks showing the cynical planning and dishonesty of the western backed Syrian proxy war ….. exposing the bloodthirsty criminality …. is why the Jennys hate Assange.

        Truth is the enemy in her war ….

  3. I just don’t get why many so-called liberals so uncritically leap to Assange’s defense. Assange is an alleged rapist, and the life of any victim of rape is usually irreversibly damaged. I just cannot see how anyone can hold onto liberal feminist values and at the same time somehow support Assange and trivialise what his alleged rape victims have endured. Yes it would be a huge injustice if Assange was extradited to the US, but I think his alleged victims are enduring an even a bigger injustice through Assange hiding out long enough in the embassy for the Statute of Limitation relating to his alleged rapes to expire under Swedish law.

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