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TWITTER WATCH: Why would you want two National Party scabs for dinner?

By   /  June 14, 2018  /  9 Comments

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After Bishop’s cowardly backdown on cannabis reform, what on earth would you talk got him about?

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National Party scabs Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis want Wellington students to give them some food to appear at their dinner…

…why would you want to give these creeps anything to eat?

After Bishop’s cowardly backdown on cannabis reform, what on earth would you talk got him about?

“What’s it like to be a gutless creep who  u-turned on cannabis reform?”

“When  you were a tobacco lobbyist, did you sacrifice actual virgins on your corporate death alter?” 

“How come you voted for legal suicide if I’m in and pain and dying but you won’t let me smoke a joint if I’m in pain and dying?”

Not much of a dinner party is it?


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  1. cleangreen says:

    Chris Biship is a lazy greedy empty headed over-importanced creep of the 30-40 something generation that believe they are the answer to all our problems.

    They are the mirror image of the “holllow men”

  2. Aaron says:

    I dunno, I’d happily provide the food if Chris Bishop was going to be forced to answer those questions 🙂

  3. Stank Sinatra says:

    A 2 Minute Noodle smorgasbord.

  4. phillip ure says:

    that would be a good place to start that conversation: his ‘cowardly backdown on cannabis reform’..(as an entree..?..)

    you could then move on to a main course of the tory record in office –

    ..with a side-dish of meth-testing…?

    • phillip ure says:

      actually – if they come to northland i’ll knock them up a vegan feed – for the opportunity of seeking answers to those oh-so-many questions..

  5. Priss says:

    So Bishop is expecting students, many of whom have massive debts, to pay for his dinner so they can hear him explain why their student debt is a good thing??

    Oh lordy, I’ve woken up in a parallel universe where craziness is the the norm.

    • Christine says:

      Just woken up Priss ? That the poor subsidise the rich ? It’s called trickle -up, and it’s been trickling up the last 20 odd years.

      Bet these two patronising Wgtn MP’s would not send such a dopey invite to the Law Society- or to the College of GP’s – the Chamber of Commerce. All that’s missing is to bring your knitting along and we can all swap patterns. Morons.

      • Christine says:

        Correction. The poor have always subsidised the rich. It’s just more structured and visible now.

        The taxpayer also subsidises the rich by topping up the poor with working for families, and accommodation allowances etc because the poor can work hard and diligently but still not receive full value for their labours from those who employ them.

  6. Andy K says:

    Is the other MP his food taster?

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