Malcolm Evans – Winston takes over

By   /   June 14, 2018  /   3 Comments

Malcolm Evans – Winston takes over

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About the author

Malcolm Evans

Political Cartoonist

Malcolm Evans is one of NZs best political cartoonists who was sacked from the NZ Herald for daring to suggest Israel was the new apartheid state.


  1. cleangreen says:

    “Wecome to the helm!!!, – our warrior from the north”.

  2. mosa says:

    Next ( Winebox ) project …. the violations and illegal activity of the John Key government.

    Cmon Winston you know what crimes were committed here.

    Do the right thing for the sleepy hobbits.

    • John who?!

      Funny how that name rarely comes up these days. We talk more of Muldoon and Bolger than we do of Key.

      That’s the legacy he left New Zealand: nothing positive.

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