Radio NZ continue to promote the lie that National didn’t know about meth testing scam


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Radio NZ continue to promote the lie that National didn’t;t know about the meth testing hysteria…

‘I’m sorry the advice we got was wrong’ – Simon Bridges
Opposition leader Simon Bridges has apologised to those affected by meth contamination evictions and clean-ups, but says he didn’t know the tests weren’t fit for purpose.

…this is bullshit and the gutless Radio NZ continues to promote this lie.

In 2016, the Drug Foundation warned HNZ and the Minister that they were incorrectly interpreting their own meth contamination policy.

The policy said houses where meth was cooked should be vacated, instead HNZ were vacating any house where meth was positively tested.

HNZ even admitted to the Drug Foundation that they were misinterpreting their own policy.

So why were they ignoring their own policy?

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Because National were privatising state houses and wanted to look tough on crime.

The other reason was so that they could pass the clean up fees onto the state tenants themselves so that tenants were not only thrown out onto the street, banned from HNZ for 12months, but they also got stuck with tens of thousands in costs.

Every day that passes, the enormity of what has been perpetrated on the poorest and weakest grows.

This is an abomination.



  1. +100…re – “Because National were privatising state houses and wanted to look tough on crime. The other reason was so that they could pass the clean up fees onto the state tenants themselves so that tenants were not only thrown out onto the street, banned from HNZ for 12months, but they also got stuck with tens of thousands in costs.”

    …the politicians and their supporting journalists concerned with this perpetration , must be held up for public examination and held publicly accountable for this victimisation crime against New Zealanders’ poorest of the poor

    RNZ needs a shake up and a clean out

  2. Mr Bridges said he didn’t know the tests were not fit for purpose. However, in 2016 Bill English acknowledged that the tests were not fit for purpose.


    • why let key off the hook.

      Housing as a commodity and privatisation of state assets were both promoted by NACT under key.

      He is and always will be a dirty player and con man who blames the victims of his tribe.

  3. This country and its priorities……we have this appalling situation re the contamination mess which was just a cover so that the Nasty Natz could privatise state houses and in doing so threw hundreds of destitute people on to the street knowing full well the hardship and misery this would cause and they Knight the man responsible for allowing it to happen.

    Imagine the uproar if the police raided the homes of the wealthy , find meth and forced them from their homes and not allowing them back until testing proves no contamination exists
    I bet there is a hell of a lot of this drug being consumed by the elite and their off spring.

    This would be a class action in any country with a decent justice policy and an apology is nowhere near enough where this outrage is concerned.

    This is another crisis the last National government has wiped its hands
    of and this Labour led government must act and compensate these tenants now.

  4. questions also need to be asked as to whether the ‘P Clean Up Companies’ who made millions (? )… were affiliated to the Nactional Party?, politicians? and journalists ?

    there was certainly mass hysteria about P contamination in NZ houses

    …question is who orchestrated the hysteria ?…and who played along? ….and why?

    ( and it happened when there was a mass buy up of New Zealanders’ scarce housing by foreigners)

    ….which raises more questions eg. who was on the take for policies which affected New Zealanders desperate need for scarce housing?? …who benefited?…was P ‘contamination’ an excuse/distraction to cover up foreign buy up?

    ….also why was the latest Nactional Government organised Census so botched and inadequate?….was this also a political cover up for the NZ housing crisis and who owns NZ houses?

    • Paula Bennett … along with Key and his ‘drug expert, Mike Sabin were leading the moral lynch mob…… Bennett: “We will not tolerate meth use in our social housing. We are not going to risk houses suspected of being drug dens today, becoming potentially toxic playgrounds for innocent children in the future.”

      “Paula Bennett said every house that needed decontaminating was a place vulnerable people could have been using.”

      “Photos of contaminated houses provided by the agency show homes that need decontamination had their walls and floor lining stripped. Each home needing decontamination cost between $8000 and $16,000”

      “As many as 600 state homes will need P decontamination this year, amid claims retirees are now smoking the toxic drug.”

      etc etc etc

      … and did you ever hear Bennett mention the real toxin … Lead

      A 1994 pilot study of Wellington pre-school children found 11% had lead concentrations above <0.5 µmol/L. Up to 50% of the lead ingested by children is absorbed

      The normal hand-to-mouth activity of infants and toddlers is likely to result in toxicity if house dust contains a significant amount of
      lead. Lead ingestion should not exceed 5 µg/kg/day. A 10 kg infant would only need to ingest 5 mg ( 5 thousands of a gram), of house dust daily containing 1% lead to develop lead toxicity.

      At lower levels of exposure, which cause no obvious symptoms and that previously were considered safe, lead is now known to produce a spectrum of injury across multiple body systems. In particular, lead affects brain development in children, resulting in reduced IQ, behavioural changes, such as shortening of attention span and increased antisocial behaviour, and reduced educational attainment.

      “These effects are believed to be irreversible

  5. Where is the EVIDENCE- written correspondence which proves WHO exactly from the former National Govt asked WHAT exact ‘hard questions’ of Housing NZ, the Ministry of Health, Standards NZ, about the scientific proof confirming alleged contamination from P use (as opposed to P manufacture) was harmful to public health; WHO exactly replied and WHAT exactly did they say?

    Peter Gluckman was the Chief Science Advisor for the former National Government Prime Minister.

    On this matter of SCIENCE- why was National’s Chief Science Advisor Peter Gluckman not asked to investigate by National as he was by Phil Twyford under this current Labour Government?


    FYI – these are the HARD questions I asked of Housing Minister Nick Smith on 31 May 2016, for which I received a 72 page OIA reply on 22 June 2016:

    HOUSING NZ OFFICIAL INFORMATION ACT (OIA) REPLY on the ‘P’ contamination SCAM (22 June 2016).

    Read it for yourself – 72 pages.

    When are mainstream media going to GRILL former Housing Minister Nick Smith on the P contamination SCAM?

    Why, IMO, is the main culprit and perpetrator Nick Smith – being effectively ignored by mainstream media and the ‘flak catching’ being effectively left to Paula Bennett?

  6. Rnz nat. is bad enough, but just heard sainsbury on live taking a call from a meth tester (probably an ex plod with no scientific training at all) who’s contention seemed to be that Peter Gluckman was a shill for the present govt. and that the testers fear based FAKE industry was all above board???

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