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  1. NOT the mainstream neo-McCarthyist media…Russiagate and the corrupt Clinton Foundation and secret institutional corruption


    “The American political soap opera widely known as Russiagate appears to have no end. While no evidence has been revealed that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, there is mounting evidence the intelligence community – or the Deep State – monitored or even spied on TrumpWorld. Should there be a special investigation into the misdeeds of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA?

    CrossTalking with Christopher Neiweem, Charles Ortel, and H. A. Goodman.”

  2. The cat (micoplasma bovis) is completely out of the bag for good ‘looks like’

    Why are we now spending a Billion + on stoppingit when no one slse has been able to?????

    That billion could have saved the whole regional NZ Rail system and they did not care to commit to Winstons NZF “Rails of National Importance” (RONI) policy did they?

    So much for promises from Labour towards their coalition partners.

    Anyway they need to take the case for saving the most of NZ from micoplasma bovis should be handed by the environment ministry as they are a agency that does a better job.

    We callled MPI today to suggest that they begin a “hotline” for farmers and citizens to call to advise of issues and cows looking sick or truck loads of cows going everywhere unchecked. MPI’s reply was “Have you heard of the privacy Act”?????????

    We are truly fucked aren’t we just? -See the map of affected abd under suspicion sites spreading here.

    here is a very responsible “Farmers Federation” website qwhere they warn to contain the animals in the same farm now and not send them outside to other regions to spread it!!!!!!

    MPI are intentionally killing our export meat indiustry and our economy now.

  3. BREAKING NEWS! Here’s the list of mongrel Auckland councillors who voted for the 11.5 cent fuel increase! Sack them next year! For: Goff, Bill Cashmore, Josephine Bartley, C Casey, Ross Clow, L Cooper, C Darby, Alf Filipiana, C Fletcher, Richard Hills, P Hulse, Wayne Walker, John Watson.

    • Here are the names of the good guys who voted “Against(Noe)” the 11.5 cent fuel increase: Fa’anana Efeso Collins, Mike Lee, Daniel Newman, Greg Sayers, Desley Simpson, Sharon Stewart, Sir John Walker.

  4. LABOUR are the usual liars when in government.

    With their so called ‘Families Package’ they announced a range of ‘increases’ for working poor and for beneficiaries, including raising the ‘Accommodation Supplement’, which National also planned to increase with their last Budget.

    See this:

    “Implement the Accommodation Supplement increases announced in Budget 2017”

    Now I have spoken to a number of people on benefits, who have had their temporary additional support or special benefit supplements reviewed. While they had received an increase in Accommodation Supplement as from 1 April, that has been TAKEN OFF THEM again, as it impacted negatively on their TAS or SB, which was then reduced instead.

    So they ended up being NO BETTER OFF AT ALL, after that ‘increase’ in April, some are even WORSE OFF!

    Either Labour politicians have NO understanding at all about how the benefit system works, or they are dirty liars, and have tricked people yet again, believing they would indeed be better off under this government.

    The Abatement Regime used by WINZ has NOT been changed, so any increases in one component of a benefit, e.g. the Accommodation Supplement, or even base benefit rate, will inevitably affect the overall or total benefit paid, so persons will get nothing or very little indeed, with perhaps only few exceptions.

    Why is this not written about on TDB? Or is there a special protection offered to Jacinda and co now?

    My impression is, many beneficiaries feel cheated, and will NOT vote for this government again in 2020.

  5. Forget our ‘recycling’ system, it does no longer work, that is, if it ever worked, I would have been surprised:

    ‘NZ’s recycling crisis after China ban: ‘This situation is not sustainable”

    If we had a Green Party with guts and influence, they would force this useless, weak government to finally take some REAL action, to get rid of the massive amounts of plastic packaging, and return to more glass and other re-usable packaging materials, even if people may find this a bit hard to get used to.

    We are screwing up our planet, it is like we shit in our beds and refuse to do something to stop it, and expect others to clean it for us, so we can sleep in it, but choose to shit it again right after, for others to clean up.

    The mindset of modern day consumers is that, it is SHIT, it is STUPID, they have been enticed into stupid thinking, short term thinking, by the commercial businesses involved in pushing products, endlessly that is.

    So nobody is prepared to make sacrifices, is too lazy and mentally reluctant, to make a little effort and CHANGE for the better.

    Industrialisation has made people mere slaves, mercenaries and idiots, departmentalising everything, and expecting others to sort things out for themselves.

    What about growing your own food, shopping by getting goods put into packaging that is reusable, by bringing your own bags and containers, most frown on it.

    So swim at the beach in the ocean filled with plastic particles then, choke on tiny plastic in fish and other food, have a stroke and heart attack due to such particles getting into your blood stream, and also suffer from climate change as you wish to live unsustainably.

    Time to shock and wake people up, bring in a law forbidding one way packaging, full stop. Force the hand of industry, all else is useless and hopeless pandering to the forces that have the power, who resist change, and want to make easy money from lazy minded people.

    An addict will not stop, unless put into a situation where change seems inevitable, so force it, thanks.

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