Increasing local investment in Birkenhead – New Zealand Labour Party


Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern and Northcote Labour candidate Shanan Halbert today met with local Northcote businesses in Birkenhead.

Jacinda and Shanan were joined by the head of the Birkenhard Business Association Kae Condon and spent time speaking with shop owners.

Shanan said “If elected, I will help Northcote’s local businesses by supporting the upgrade of the Birkenhead shopping centre. It was a pleasure to introduce local business owners to the Prime Minister today.”

“Local organisations like the Birkenhead Business Association are a vital voice for future developments such as this. I am grateful that they took the time today to show us around.”

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“Birkenhead will benefit immensely from the Coalition Government’s budget and from ATAP, particularly Skypath.”

“Birkenhead and Northcote need a strong local voice as their MP who will get things done,” said Shanan Halbert.


  1. Taking credit for something he has nothing to do with, again. The redevelopment is happening anyway. His “support” achieves nothing except to capture Shanan some reflected glory. Every time he talks, it’s this same vacuous rubbish.

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