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  1. Ironic the historical revisionism by some males ( who never in the past supported NZ womens rights to abortion) holding the recent referendum in Catholic Ireland as a lesson for NZ women

    …I dont think so…there is no equivalence

    Thanks to NZ women activists years ago, NZ women have not had to go to Australia for abortions for years ( about 45 years)

    …whereas Irish women were fighting against some of the most restrictive contraceptive and abortion laws in the world until this referendum … and had to make a trip to England for abortion

    NZ women are never denied abortions !… (not a single NZ woman has been denied an abortion in the last year, if I heard the Abortion spokeswoman on RNZ correctly)

    …ok so the NZ law is not perfect…. a NZ woman (who has not availed herself of medication for abortion from the local chemist or online)… may have to ‘lie’ to two doctors that her mental health would be impaired if she would be forced to have a pregnancy and a child she did not want …but is this really a lie?!….

    …and what NZ woman determined on an abortion would not lie to doctors with pleasure?!..also many certifying NZ doctors would encourage a woman who wanted a termination to use mental health as a legitimate ‘lie’…in fact it is not a lie….an unwanted pregnancy IS a mental health issue

    … agreed this NZ abortion law has to change ….(it is a woman’s right to have an abortion and she should not have to go through this charade)

    …but the REAL LIE is trying to create an equivalence with NZ abortion law and the situation which has faced Irish women for years…and to hold up the oppression of Irish women to NZ women as an example

    … this is an insult to the NZ women and girls who fought long and hard for contraception and abortion rights for NZ women more than 40 years ago …it is also revisionism

    (…and one day the revisionism and real crimes against humanity — against the women and children in Catholic Ireland –will be honestly exposed)

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