EVENT Cinemas attempts to cut 10% of Cinema Workers wages in strike action

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Unite Union was informed by Event this morning that they will attempt to take 10% off workers wages who participated in a partial strike at the Albany cinema last Wednesday.
Event Albany cinema workers had organised to not sell any food and drink to customers for the Star Wars Han Solo midnight screening. This followed the breakdown of negotiations the day before on Tuesday 22 May.
Union members had been fighting for wages increases for all staff in line with the percentage minimum wage increases. Event Cinemas’ Australian parent company withdrew from an offer that reflected these concerns.
Unite Union is highly concerned by the blunt application of wage deductions and will be challenging Event to provide specific information about which workers are having deductions made.
A number of union members were not in a sales position and so could not participate in this partial strike. This includes are high number who were placed in non-sales areas by management in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the industrial action. Deductions made from a worker’s pay in these circumstances would be illegal.
The majority of cinema workers at Event are currently on minimum wage. After these deductions, they will have earnt $14.85 per hour for their work during the Star Wars premiere. Supervisors will have earnt $16.11 and Managers of the entire complex $20.59. The tickets to the same premiere cost $19 each.


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