GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Explosive new allegations about Christchurch Prison


The Daily Blog is right about Christchurch Prison’s problems and a lot hasn’t come out yet.

For example the cover up of staff having sex with female prisoners at the Womens Prison across the road. Even when sexual partner prisoners were transferred to Arohata , staff were allowed to follow them.

Christchurch has a long history of mistreatment . Read Justice Duffy’s report after the Goon Squad fiasco – very critical.

Also, the SERT teams operate in most prisons now. One attacked me in Auckland last December when they were transferring me to Waikeria against my will . They took over Pare’s Chapel for their base

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Prisoners are human being and have intrinsic rights. When you strip them of those rights and treat them like animals, the results are human beings more damaged by the prison environment than when they went in.

Arthur Taylor is The Daily Blog’s Prisoner rights advocate blogging from inside prison. He is currently taking the Government to court over their policy of stripping Prisoners of their right to vote and uncovered the corrupt Police practise of using jailhouse narks for evidence. 



  1. Good on you Arthur, doesn’t government know “we reap what we sow”.

    So if we use prisoners rights refusal as punishment we will build a very angry society eventually.

    Best we “do to others what we would have them do unto us” and be a kinder gentler society instead.

    • Really Cleangreen…Best we “do to others what we would have them do unto us” and be a kinder gentler society instead.” you know you are talking about prisoners, who are inside for doing exactly what you have written…. ”have them do unto us”, Arthur Thomas: bank robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, drug crimes, firearm offences….seems Mr Thomas had done his fair share of ‘doing unto us’ eh? 152 convictions and 38yrs behind bars in total. Perhaps he can come and work on your wee farm when he is paroled as that would show the spirit you have written your post in eh?, give him your address and tell the parole board you will look after him, no?

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