The micro-aggression review of Avengers: Infinity War


Radical environmentalist, solo dad and Mens Rights Activist, Thanos, has mansplained himself into believing the only sustainable way forward for the Universe is a radical heteropatriarchy that kills off half the population of every planet while turning all waste body matter into biodegradable plant fertiliser.

A diverse range of collectivist NGOs join forces to combat this #HeteronormativePatriarchalHate movement. Guardians of the Galaxy are a diverse mix of animal rights activists, positive masculine role models, eco-aranachists and asian emos who help rescue Thor, a liberal Scandinavian brocialist to build a new weapon using unionised Giant labourers.

The Avengers, a fourth wave feminist ally collective led by reformed Nationalist, Steve Rogers, helps Dr David Banner with his toxic masculinity Hulk rage while Dr Strange (aka Mr White Privilege) and alpha male Tony Stark play micro-aggression competitive wokeness over who is the most empathetic.

Black Lives Matter activists in Wakanda help The Avengers fight the imperial colonisation forces of Thanos when he unleashes 6 armed Incel Trolls  upon their capital.

Progressive Ally, Vision, asks Scarlet Witch to crush his cis-male privilege before Thanos can take it.

Female characters fight along side each other and form strong respectful relationships based on intersectional hierarchy.

The movie ends with Thanos sitting down and masnpreading outside a luxury clamping site giving himself a smug toxic masculinity smile.

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The final shot sees a super woman being asked to clean up the mistakes of male leaders.


  1. Well… spoiler alert?! No need to see the movie now… 😀

    Thank the gods of Asgard that Princess Diana and her feminist, emancipated warrior-sisters weren’t in the movie!

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