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  1. Our NGO letter to our new minister of transport Phil Twyford.

    Protecting our environment & health.
    In association with other Community Groups, NHTCF and all Government Agencies since 2001.


    30th April 2018.
    “Save our Gisborne rail campaign.”

    Also a blog to The Daily Blog today. 30TH April 2018.

    ‘Respects to Deborah Hill Cone;’

    About the NZ Herald attack on PM Jacinda Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford.

    He is a Gisborne man. – A personal friend of Martyn Bradbury.
    Thank you for your attention.
    We anticipate your response.

  2. MSD holding back OIA info, again and again, necessitating Ombudsmen Office complaints, an example:

    A formal, detailed request:

    A response of sorts, indicating the refusal to release certain info:

    MSD’s formal response following that:

    The Ombudsman complaint made about info refused by MSD:

    Then suddenly this response:

    The Ombudsman’s response to the complainant:

    And, behold, a further response by MSD:

    So that is the list of the doctors WINZ use for ‘second opinions’ or examinations of WINZ clients and applicants with health and disability issues, checking out their conditions and ‘capacity for work’!

    They were so reluctant to release that info for years.

    The whole story about what was involved to get that and the other release info:

  3. Happy May Day on International Workers’ Day, while the MSM may soon report on the usual protests and ‘riots’ in some places on the globe, where people go on to the streets and take action.

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