Labour Party attack Kim Dotcom – major blunder


You would think after Kim’s enormous win at the Human Rights Review tribunal, that the new Government would want to privately reach out to Kim and cut a deal so as to avoid a Supreme Court ruling that could see the NZ Government on the hook for $7billion in costs to Megaupload.

You would think.

Turns out the new Government are instead attempting to challenge the case and are supporting National’s attack on Kim’s human rights…

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…this is evidence of the deep state moving through the new Government telling them what to do, not the other way around.

The new Government should not be challenging this case, they should be accepting the Human Rights Review Tribunal’s decision and should be trying to cut a deal with Kim.

This is an enormous blunder as large as their betrayal over the TPPA.

Nothing screams sell out like being puppets of the Intelligence apparatus.


    • Agreed; – Red Buzzard.

      labour wont make any political gains out of following national’s lead as they will actually loose support.

      So Labour should ‘put-up and shut-up’.

      Labour should exit this issue; – and ‘let natural justice take it’s own course’.

  1. First Jacinda joins the UK/USA bullshit of the alleged use by Syria of chemical weapons at Douma as justification for not trading with Russia. The Russian presentation of medical and child witnessess has completely disproved this.

    Now the labour Government is attacking Kim Dotcom’s case against the egregious behaviour by the National Government

    That’s two enormous blunders.
    I am beginning to think the NZ voters have made an enormous blunder

    • “I am beginning to think the NZ voters have made an enormous blunder”

      …as opposed to… what? The alternative was even worse. That said, this is why so many don’t bother to vote. I’ve always held that Labour and National MPs secretly high-five each other in hallways – pleased that they keep the scam of their being a real choice in “democracy” going for another term. “The king dead, long live the king!”.

    • The colour of the glove changes between elections but the hand within it remains the same.

  2. I dont find this surprising at all. We remain hopeful that Labour will live up to our expectations despite all the evidence pointing the other way. Its going to be a long three years.

  3. Is Labour still your ‘friend’, now in government?

    They simply act like most governments, trying to minimise potential liabilities and costs. They use Crown Law for their advantage, they have done so all the time, nothing has changed.

    It is totally legal, to challenge a decision and to go through the courts system and tribunal system.

    Here you have it.

    This is not deep state, this is government showing its nasty side, the deep state is of course also a worry, but a government can reduce that deep state’s influence, if it wanted.

    Why do Labour in government not do the latter? They are in charge, not the deep state.

  4. Labour got threatened with something by the U.S. Labour was told to cooperate with the U.S. and attack internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

    There is a solution!

    We need hacks and leaks from inside the illegal conspiracy to attack Mr. Dotcom. If you are inside the NZ government, and know of wrongdoing in framing Mr. Dotcom, leak it!

  5. the state snoops really go all out to capture the leading politicians of the day, Helen Clark was notorious for having her ego flattered by them, and being drawn in

    they can turn on politicians very quickly too, as Phil Goff found out with the SIS Directors “notes” that dropped him in it for public consumption

    the new PM should only be in touch with the spy chiefs to try and keep an eye on what they are up to–they only serve the deep state and corporates really–but it sounds too late already for this Labour administration

    the US film industry, FBI and NSA want their way with Dotcom whatever it takes

  6. Probably one of the most damaging and possibly illegal uses of government and corporate power in nz history, and this government sees fit to defend it?????
    Sorry, after there back stabbing actions on tppa, and now this i’m out of it. After after fifty years of supporting what passes for the left in this country i’m finished.

  7. Yeah this is weird. Who is advising on this in the government? Who is the one responsible for thus decusion,?

    • This is not ‘weird’ at all, it is totally ‘normal’ for the kinds of governments we have. They fear huge liabilities as a consequence of that HRRT decision, as Dotcom has already made a claim:

      ‘Kim Dotcom: I’m suing NZ Govt for billions’

      Why does the government have Crown Law, why do they shaft sick, disabled, ACC clients and others again and again? Because they do not want to pay, they do not want to give ANY citizen or resident ANY chance of laying a claim and setting a legal precedent.

      Suffocate the unwanted baby until it is dead, and bury it as quickly as possible in the dark of night, deep into the ground in the far corner of the back yard. That is government policy in this kind of area, and it has been for decades, yes centuries.

      Forget ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’ – it is an empty word, not only for big business, also for government.

      • Labour should do a deal with him to go after Jonkey and the officials responsible

        … this is a new government and had nothing to do with his persecution…jonkey did!

  8. This is why the government does not want to allow Dotcom any slightest bit of success before the HRRT or any court of the land:

    ‘Kim Dotcom sues the New Zealand government for $6.8 billion’

    “Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload, is suing the New Zealand government for $6.8 billion dollars. According to the legal documents provided by the BBC, the claim covers the destruction of his business, loss of reputation, lost business opportunities, legal costs and lost opportunities on the home he was renting.”

  9. I’m sure someone in the Labour party will read this blog somewhere along the line.
    Well here’s a message for them to pass on: WISE UP! – dump the toxic TPP! And give Kim the justice he deserves!
    Not to hard I would of thought!

  10. I am very dissapointed in this Labour need to stick to the core business and leave Mr dot com alone.

  11. Disgusting, lawyers out of control again, no wonder NZ productivity is down and we can’t pick out own apples or build a house anymore, too many lawyers (we have about 26% more practising lawyers per person that the UK which is supposedly a financial hub, why do we need so many lawyers in NZ, when we seem to be a mostly agricultural and construction economy?).

    Even a Moron should be able to work out that not releasing Dot coms information held about him from government agencies when he was being publicly persecuted in a bizarre inappropriate and ultimately found illegal police/cops/FBI shakedown…. was wrong. Now to waste more taxpayers money on lawyers appealing it… outrageous.

    What’s the legal bill so far for NZ taxpayers for Dotcom debacle – 5 million and counting just on the lawyers… because Hollywood is too cheap to fight it’s own battles and our over represented NZ lawyers are only too keen to be troughers at the government purse and now wasting more money on appeals that show Kiwis citizens that our government love harassment and lack decency to see even the most basic of issues effecting privacy… getting your own information to check it’s accuracy.

    As for Dotcom, might also be more strategic to not make public announcements for every win… just increases the enemies against him who have nothing to lose. At the end of the day it’s public not private money they are using to harass him and it’s a lawyer bonanza.

    Bet the Auckland council and their COO’s amounts spent on Lawyers would be illuminating reading.

    The new petrol tax for example, I mean NZ government both central and local seem to have plenty of taxpayer money for lawyers and then just put up taxes for the services when you have a captive audience of taxpayers to extract money from. No cost cutting there, I expect, quite the opposite!

    This is what is gone wrong with NZ, while decreasing in real terms money for the bus and train drivers they are diverting our 54% of 1.45 billion in rates over to non core issues and middle men like lawyers to keep as many disputes going as long as possible.

    The Penny Bright issue, is a case in point, she was going to settle for $10k but the Auckland council lawyers think $200,000k in legal fees to lawyers is money better spent. If there was no defamation to Penny Bright why is it costing $200,000 to defend it in legal fees?

    This and the many settlements where the lawyers get more money than the claimants (the youth abuse settlement) and the care and support workers discrimination case, that went on and on for years, enriching the lawyers.

    I know somebody who fosters a child and gets a few hundred dollars a week for their care, while the lawyers in the case have spent $500,000 so far ‘advocating’ for the child. Giving the caregivers enough money would help advocating for the child, for a start! The caregivers love the child, but say “If I knew what I knew now, I would never have agreed to foster the child”. It’s just too stressful, emotionally and financially draining and days and days in the court room…

    Yes, we need lawyers for good, but we don’t seem to have enough moral lawyers anymore giving value for money and good advice, just an over represented amount of legal troughers in this country, who also sound like some get their jollies sexually harassing the new recruits.

    Note, the legal library was allowed to stay at Auckland Uni, because we really don’t need productive people making stuff anymore at uni like artists and musicians and architects and planners.

    Power to the middle men who bill excessively and stop anything working for years or reaching speedy resolutions!!! sarcasm.

  12. If it was up to me Mr Dotcom would have his NZ passport revoked and he could bugger off to wherever. In case everyone here forgot he was fast tracked into NZ by the last Tory government along with shady Americans, shady Chinese and a large number of Russian Oligarchs. The sooner we have an enquiry into how many preppers bought NZ citizenship over the past 20 years the better. I dont care if Dotcom is handed to the Americans as he is dodgy enough to not be worth the fight. We need to remove our sticker as the worlds bolthole and dump all of the new citizens who will be here when their criminality in other countries is discovered.

    • Dotcom at one time controlled 7% of Internet traffic… don’t you think those are skills that we could use here in NZ…? Agree that too many migrants came into NZ under dodgy visas and seem to just be using their money to gamble, pay Natz donations and build residences and real estate that nobody can afford on NZ wages, or stuff that does but then leaks and needs to be pulled down.

      Dotcom is different because he has valuable IT skills… that should be used to help his new country NZ to grow businesses…

      But also more importantly that if he loses, the case is setting a precedent for harassment, illegal government activities and corporate cronyism in this country.

      That is the main reason that it is important to have Dotcom win the fight – otherwise lets just join the rest of the world in assassinations, phony criminal takedowns and so forth as well as making the international rules up to suit ourselves… This is in the face of other scary stuff coming to light about our justice system, such as using a secret witness who was a convicted murderer and liar to take the stand…

      Not sure how many involved in this abominations of our justice system can sleep at night. But I also think if Jordan Williams and Clint Rickards are typical of the profession of lawyers, fairly soundly I guess.

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