After character assassinating Clarke with an e – is the NZ Herald now just a blog with Trolls?


Most Newspapers in NZ were set up by wealthy farming interests to stop left wing economic ideas from gaining traction. The very first NZ Herald editorial called on Pakeha to go to war with Maori.

The NZ newspaper was always an enemy of the people but the degradation of profits and the rise of clickbait seem to have also managed to kill off any pretence at journalism.

After character assassinating Clarke with an e, is the NZ Herald now just a blog with Trolls? I’m waiting for Hosking, Hawkesby, Hooton, Soper, Cone or du Plessis-Allan to claim Clarke isn’t the father.

The Herald have had the audacity to pick up on their own columnists smear job on Clarke with an unnamed ‘story’ covering the outrage they created.

Clickbait using clickbait.

I fear most newsrooms have deteriorated into the Millennial grad student who used to run the social media account getting promoted to news editor by trawling their twitter feeds for stories.

The recent furore over Israel Folau was over an Instagram comment he made for crying out loud! It wasn’t like he held a press conference and announced to the world that Homosexuals would burn in Hell, it was a throw away comment on Instagram, but because of our media’s total led not lead editorial fecklessness, bullshit said on social media becomes headline news.

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Journalism has died because the town squares aren’t used to debate civic issues, they are used to promote oneself or sell shit.

With the line up of Hawkesby, Hosking, Soper, du Plesses-Allan, Hooton, Cone with an e, the NZ Herald has become a right wing blog with the most powerful Trolls.

Not much has changed since their first editorial it seems.

I’m just waiting on what breathlessly stupid thing the NZ Herald Troll farm will spew out next

A – Mike Hosking calls for beneficiaries to be forced into organ donations

B – Kate Hawkesby demands prisoners be open to indentured servitude for early release

C – Soper claims Government about to establish martial law against white people



  1. Ifvthe Herald wants to make itself irrelevant, they’re on schedule to achieve that goal. After a few more efforts, they’ll be NZ’s version of the late News of the World or the Mirror. I am pass caring about that shitrag.

    • foreskin is a revolting little pig. a hothouse flower who wont come out of his protective cocoon and face reality.

  2. Nick Davies – Flat Earth News – says they’re no longer allowed to investigate, to report fairly etc. This lot at the Herald seem to be trying to create the news, not informing us of facts – and then they comment upon their own imaginings – adding depth to them by looking like someone from the Adams family.

    This ‘news’ is to denigrate the Prime Minister of NZ by smearing her partner – while looking like someone from the Adams family.

    This morning H D-A comments that Ms Ardern and Clarke- with- an- e look a cute couple – a patronising comment about a Prime Minister from somebody who sounds like she’s married to an old white man – perhaps also from the Adams family.

    No, I err. I don’t recall the Adams family being as bitchy and as thick.

    When the Herald paywall goes up – soon I hope – and the Dom-Post downsizes tabloid-like, with a new ed apparently from a right-wing Brit paper, then there is always the (magnificent ) ODT.

    Maybe the ODT still publishes letters with nom-de-plumes like last century London, I don’t know, but this still offers much more enlightenment than seeing what looks like ghastly dinner party offerings masquerading as a real world.

    • Hi Christine,

      I totally endorse your remarks about the ODT. I’ve lived in Dunners a few times and I can honestly say it’s one of the last true newspapers left in this country. It reports on regional issues and has excellent staff journos and columnists.

      I’d pay a subscription to have it delivered, if I was still in Dunedin.

      PS: No, they don’t accept nom-de-plumes any more.

  3. They all seem to be struggling to come to terms with New Zealand having a new government. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think they are at stage two, and suggest they get professional help before they reach stage four.

    • I think Deborah was either drunk or just having a “mean girls” moment. Either way, it was fairly bizarre borderline adolescent stuff. “I don’t like this bloke because… well, I just don’t, okay?!”

  4. When in this country have ” left wing ideas ” ever been seriously considered and implemented since 1935 and that was a ” one off ” with Savage responding to the great depression and its crippling effects.
    Kirk tried in “72 but was stopped in his tracks by the perceived ” commie ” threat for anything that resembled socialism or “reds under the beds ”
    Wealth and those who have it will never allow a real socialist approach to the economic order.
    Just ask Bernie Sanders whose own Democratic party would run a mile with its donors money to stop just that sort of approach from ever becoming a reality.

    • @ MOSA
      Kirk was stopped in his tracks because he was assassinated, according to a retired national party politician who’s name I can’t find/remember no matter how hard I try. He was talking to Kim Hill several years ago.

      I just found this funny little thing by The Paper Idiot, The NZ Herald.
      Clark, shipley, tizard say “ No! No! No! ” Bahahaaha aha a a !
      Me think they doth protest too loudly.

  5. Frank another old ex-Otago mate in Aus periodically emails ODT news to me, so I now go online and read it myself. It was always good.

    I had the original of a Sid Scales cartoon of the Canine Mental Health Society which a group of us founded when we were broke, but I passed it to the daughter of a journo from that group after his sad premature death.Here’s hoping that the ODT stays better than those pathetic northern meanderings – it has to. We do need an intelligent media.

  6. I am stopping clicking on the Herald. Bit of a challenge for news junkies, but a drop in readership may bring them in off the asphalt, and they’re a waste of valuable time.

  7. No it is not ‘just ‘ a ‘blog’ with ‘trolls’ that is what this is. The Herald is much worse than that it is practically the national newspaper of a country, promoting a cabal of seriously mendacious writers for nefarious purposes, that much is clear. What really is annoying is that they get paid for that shit they write. But not many read it as nobody buys the Herald anymore. This will become embarrassing for the government when the papers finally keel over as no headlines for anyone to come back home to, so the blogs with trolls will be the only thing going.Yay!

  8. cone without the e is con and the Heralde is complicit in this underhanded attack on democracy and freedom.

  9. Day two sans eHeralde – much easier than quitting smoking.

    Editor eHeralde might consider providing baking soda for his bilious staff – things can only go up after baking soda.

    • @ CHRISTINE. You know what’s harder to quit than smoking?
      Swearing. Fuck that’s hard.
      It is a thing, isn’t it?
      That the Herald is only of interest to the minority of factory made 1%’ers and Us.
      We hate the little rag, we despise the foot prints of the fleas within it, but the majority don’t give a fuck one way or another. Park up on the intersection of Aldwins Rd and Linwood Ave in Christchurch. There’s a macdonalds on one corner and a burger king diagonally opposite. Those who migrate between the two are the target audience and it’s best to not rouse them so feed them scrout food, rugby and booze, and let them breed. Target practise for the enemy similarly constructed by the same 1%’ers.
      We can’t make them think. We can never get past the firewall that is the cheap arse paper that the herald is so we should instead go to ,say, Venice before it goes underwater. Live a little.

  10. “…is the NZ Herald now just a blog with Trolls?”

    Well…yes? No disrespect intended, but what do you expect it to be? A progressive news paper representing balance and truth?
    All our media outlets have become mouth pieces for The Dark Side or the Them’s. I purged their cookies a long time ago.
    The Southland Times used to be interesting but that’s been castrated and lobotomised too. There are not that many places to go, apart from here, that’s reliable and human-esque. I like for Global stuff and things, The NYTimes is interesting. But locally? Got a shroud, some chicken guts and a large, round rock? hoskings is just a little man-wench thinking “Another dollar and I’ll be just that little bit taller”. Is it quantum physics? When you look down on the impoverished one helped to create but you must look up to do so? mike? You can help me with this?

  11. “The recent furore over Israel Folau was over an Instagram comment he made for crying out loud! It wasn’t like he held a press conference and announced to the world that Homosexuals would burn in Hell, it was a throw away comment on Instagram, but because of our media’s total led not lead editorial fecklessness, bullshit said on social media becomes headline news.”

    A comment that appears to have been set up as a trap from a question by Instagram user @mike_sephton aka Mike Sephton-Poultney, a Senior Trader at World Sports Betting. Hardly the callow youth struggling with his sexuality as many have assumed.

  12. Countryboy if you want to stop smoking stop reading the eHeralde.

    My local newsagent assures me that fewer people are buying the eHeralde.

    If this trend continues, we can thank the eHeralde for cleaning up our language – providing of course that they continue to print puerile drivel for us to abstain from reading. Happy days.

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