The three things we learnt this week


So what we learned this week was Andrew Little can do things National said were impossible, the Opposition complaining Labour have set up 75 inquiries looks ridiculous when they set up 73 & Jacinda + Clarke at Buckingham Palace trumps Key + Obama on the golf course.

Good week for the Left, good week for NZ.

I expect Hawkesby, Hosking, Du Pleases-Allan, Soper & Hooton will all paint an image of apocalypse now in the Herald in the weekend.


  1. There is something special about this photo. The look on Clark’s face says it all really. They both look stunning and have represented small town NZ and average NZers well. Something the multi millionaire ex prime minister could never do.

    It will eat Du Pleases-Allan up inside

    • Indeed,… they actually look like the dignitaries they really are . Both of them. Almost Regal.

      I particularly like the cloak on Adern .Wonderful ‘only – New Zealand’ look.

      Now , ask yourselves ,… is this the look New Zealand wants to be remembered by , – or one of the many such as John Oliver displayed …

      That of a shower pissing, little girl ponytail fondling , catwalk mincing , self justifying evil little con man who spent most of his time outside of NZ and colluded with Andrew Kreiger to almost wreck the NZ economy in the biggest Forex heist in history.

      Then have the gall to come back here , become Prime Minister ,rape the country along with his far right wing cronies and ingratiate himself enough to gain a knighthood.

      We have yet to see John Keys role in signing off on Operation Burnham.

      That will be revealed as time passes.

  2. I don’t even bother to read anything written by Du Pleases-Allen, Hawksby, Hoskings, Soper or Huton. What they say is irrelevant, they are just mouthpieces for the “I’m ok, don’t care about the others” set aligned to National thinking.

  3. Capitalist No hopers

    The dirt of John Key (the guy who fiddles with little girls and bullies Restaurant Maids into tears); the confused; dishonest Billy English with his Chinese Military Spy sitting happily in his caucus; endless wealth handed out to the wealthy but not to the destitute –

    The most appalling Government ever foisted on New Zealand. Possibly the worst Government ever conceived in the Western World –

    These capitalist failures have been shamed and trashed by a 36 yr old young Woman. Both here, in North America, in Europe and in London.

    She used Honesty – A word entirely unknown to Capitalism. She used Equity. A Word not suited to mental defects known as capitalists.

    She used Fair Wages. A completely unknown choking word in the mindset of Capitalism.

    The failure of Capitalism in New Zealand is nothing short of mind baffling !

    Transport; Airways, Rail, Construction (Fletchers); Leaking Homes and Buildings; Infrastructure; Health delivery; Opportunity; Education; Drug Saturation; Suicide; Crime prison; Violence; Fraud. And the list goes on. Homelessness. Catastrophic Pollution.

    The young woman’s name is Jacinda Ardern

  4. But what we haven’t learned, and I am very curious to know, is whether the PM has met or intends to meet with Jeremy Corbyn. Surely the leader of the NZ Labour Party would want very much to meet with the leader of the British Labour Party.

  5. All of this is meaningless and hypocritical ‘virtue signalling’ which has annoyed a wide range of the voting public.

    From Taranaki through Auckland to Northland, voters are truly hacked off this government has spurned their regional economies, killing off jobs and crushing peoples hopes for the future.

  6. Clair Trevett and John Roughan have duly complied with the directive from whorecorp hq… Audrey Young is trying to sound like John Armstrong in keeping her undermining of the NZ government hidden under a cloak of civility…

    Simon Wilson has actually snuck a reasoned article in there.. Whether it’s just another smokescreen to point to as a “balanced” approach remains to be seen, but the article has the ring of truth about it I havn’t seen in the Herald for a long, long time,,,

  7. Whatever the woman’s politics, opinions, stance – her name is Heather du Plessis-Allan.

    Courtesy and civility.

    Even if the opposition have little of either.

  8. Least the embarrassment has gone. We finally have a PM who knows how represent a country with dignity.

    • Yes absolutely Kim Dandy … and that magnificent cloak, above anything else, is telling the world that Jacinda is representing us Kiwi folk. Very proud of her international presentation.

  9. Not sure what planet people are living on as we nearly had nuclear war this past week. A nuclear war Labour and Ardern did nothing to try and stop. Here is a list of the lies that Ardern and Labour “accept”:

    1. Skripals attack has found not to be novichok, but another chemical many industrial laboratories could make. Skripals survive then get renditioned away from public eye least they speak truth to power.

    2. There was no gas attack in Douma. There was no legal basis for the US/UK/French attack it was a war crime pure and simple by the Nuremberg doctrine. NZ defence personnel participated in this war crime from the US base in Qatar.

    Nuremberg trials highlighted how going along with, “accepting” and participating is also a war crime. The Greens have been slightly better, but not much lest their cabinet prospects be damaged. And its been a good week for the left? Seriously?

    Even Roger Waters gets it but nobody on the left in NZ seems to:

    “The White Helmets is a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists. That’s my belief. We have opposing beliefs,” he said during the concert. “If we were to listen to the propaganda of the White Helmets and others, we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to start dropping bombs on people in Syria. This would be a mistake of monumental proportions for us as human beings,” he added.

    • Get your facts right Moa, none of the points you raise were accepted or not accepted by Jacinda Ardern or anyone in the govt. What the PM “accepts” is the inevitability of the allies actions. If anything the PM should be applauded for the diplomacy and cool headed response. And thinking any other verbal response coming from NZ would stop a global nuclear war in its tracks is delusional.

      And Roger Waters sang “the lunatics are on the grass……”I suggest if you are going to quote Waters then listen to “Brain Damage” and have a think about “Got to keep the loonies on the path” and where you are on the “Dark Side of the Moon”.

  10. See? See…? Class.
    That’s Class right there. One could search every square inch of the U$A, including Alaska and Hawaii and not find one single atom of Class and our prime minister and her man look quite at home in a building, in a country amongst people whom are nothing but. I don’t see narcissistic pretensions, I don’t see the arrogance that riche` wealth provides. Something we’re all too familiar with.

    There’s just one thing?
    Would someone ask her to provide details of her past visits there, when she was blairs policy advisor when blair and bolton joined forces to slaughter 170,000 Iraqi people in a [T]rumped up war in search of weapons of mass destruction after a terrorist attack on two main buildings and a third building ( Building 7 ) that no one seems to want to talk about which appeared to fall over all by itself?
    That’s like having a foreign force turn up in NZ/AO and killing everyone in Dunedin and Invercargill then blaming people in Dunedin and Invercargill for being there to be killed.
    There seems to be one thing that transcends Class, and that is wank.

    • Countryboy and Kim Dandy again note what a graceless boor John Key was, and yet people liked it, esp the fawning Fairfaxers, and he seemed to revel in being obnoxious, and normalising lying, and achieved celeb (yuck) status.

      Jo Moir in a cliche-saturated puddle written yesterday referred to ‘ love’ for a leader and ‘love’ for a party, and I am starting to wonder is everybody mad ?

      Are we meant to love them ? Isn’t voting enough for heaven’s sake ?

      I will love poets and singers, and some dead philosophers, and the odd historian and tree hugger, but loving politicians may be pushing it.

    • Jacinda Ardern never met Blair in the UK when she worked in an 80 person group focused on small business and that was after the Iraq invasion. The narrative that she was somehow instrumental as an advisor in forming Blairs foreign policy is fantasy. She did ask Blair though when he visited NZ in 2011 at an event if knowing what he knew now would he do anything different with regards Iraq.

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