Union members from yet another bus company to strike – First Union


Pavlovich drivers are the latest to take part in strike action as disputes over bus driver pay and work conditions continue to heat up.

Around 60 drivers will strike between 7 am and 9 am tomorrow (19th April) and will instead be picketing their workplace at Pavlovich Coachlines, 58B Carr Rd Mount Roskill. Media are invited to attend.

It’s all part of a collective push back from members against a wearing down of driver pay and work conditions, largely brought on by a council tendering process instigated by the previous government (the Public Transport Operating Model or PTOM). Further strikes are expected to follow today’s picket.

FIRST Union Organiser Graham McKean says Auckland bus drivers want an alternative to the PTOM, and the issues that it has caused to be settled. For Pavlovich this means a focus on lifting the pay bar. He says there’s a reason the company has many of Auckland Transport’s contracts – the company is one of the lowest payers in the industry.

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“There’s a reason they have all the work, they pay bottom dollar. They’re dragging the whole industry down. Many of these employees have been driving for decades and they have the responsibility of the wellbeing of hundreds of people a day on their shoulders. Pay them what they’re worth.”


  1. Yes they deserve a decent wage especially when they live in Auckland. The cost of living is climbing but companies like this expect their workers to accept their terms and then we hear people moaning about people striking when its not them being effected. Most people want to enjoy a decent standard of living and why not life is short. Weekends are weekends and family time is down time why should they work for the same rates on a Saturday or Sunday. Also we have big pool of cheap labour here now courtesy of the national government and the clowns that voted for them.

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