Delusional NZ Oil industry clutching at straws – they need to call Matthew Hooton

By   /   April 17, 2018  /   9 Comments

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…that’s right folks! There must be some nefarious reason the new Government are shutting down oil that isn’t the overwhelming science that climate change demands immediate action!

Damn those communists with their facts and reason and more facts!

This is actually embarrassing…

Oil industry hunting for documents behind NZ Govt’s halt to oil exploration permits
The oil industry is going hunting for documents behind the government’s decision to halt tendering new offshore oil exploration permits.

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) says it has lodged a series of Official Information Act requests with government agencies on Monday seeking the analysis behind the ban.

“We remain deeply concerned about this decision and the manner in which it appears to have been made,” says chief executive Cameron Madgwick.

Govt to ban further oil and gas exploration, but industry warns thousands of jobs at risk

…that’s right folks! There must be some nefarious reason the new Government are shutting down oil that isn’t the overwhelming science that climate change demands immediate action!

Damn those communists with their facts and reason and more facts!

Where’s Matthew Hooton when you need spin?

He’s got a pretty standard rate for right wing scumbaggery…

…and the Oil Industry are going to need to be more slimy and manipulative than their privileged bubble world will allow for. The New Government aren’t going to back down so the Oil Industry can dig around as much as they  like.

This Aunty’s not for turning!


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  1. DirkDirkin says:

    Does he pass on the GST though

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      $8000 dollars for that kind of thing? = Matthew Hooten.

      Shit he, charges a lot for what; = shit?

      The Government are doing what national should have done eons ago if they had any spine but no National had no spine except for when they took all our public owned assets from us and hid the money in their switz bank accounts.

  2. e-clectic says:

    Big business and fossil fuel interests have delayed action for long enough, it’s time.
    You can see how they held things up before – Hot Air by Alister Barry

  3. […] right, the industry whining that they weren’t consulted over Labour’s decision to end their future speculation are the same ones who were responsible […]

  4. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The oil industry is not ‘delusional’. It’s just protecting its loot-and-pollute business model.

  5. bert says:

    All those standing to lose money are bitching and moaning.

    All those standing to benefit from the saving of our environment and future prosperity are rejoicing.

  6. Jason says:

    Bert. You clearly aren’t one of the thousands of workers and betrayed union members about to lose their livelihood and ability to feed their families.

  7. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Brent crude is up again, and is currently trading at $73.81 (US dollars).

    Unless the NZ dollar surges against the US dollar, fuel at the pump will soon be up in price again. That price increase will have almost no effect on New Zealander’s driving habits, and we will still see thousands of new, overpowered vehicles used for trivial reasons, every day. And we will continue to witness drivers accelerate towards red lights and slam on the brakes at the last moment. We will continue to witness carnage on the roads, as people drive too fast, too close, and not paying attention to road conditions.

    New Zealanders have been carefully trained over many decades to love oil, and to love machinery that uses oil, and the culture change necessary to smash the ‘oil is good’ narrative that is constantly delivered by the mainstream media will not come in time to be of much benefit. The damage has already been done. And, despite that massive damage, the oil industry, along with the car manufacturers, will ensure that as many people as possible remain locked into their dysfunctional products of as long as possible.

    The end of oil will come as a consequence of the geological depletion which is underway, in combination with the climate chaos (and infrastructure damage) that oil addiction causes. The coming global financial collapse that is an inevitable consequence of the creation of money out of thin air will undoubtedly contribute to the end of oil.

    Neither the increasing climate chaos nor the ecological effects of excess CO2, such as:

    ‘The record-breaking marine heatwave in 2016 across the Great Barrier Reef has left much of the coral ecosystem at an “unprecedented” risk of collapse, research shows.’

    will alter the trajectory we are on, because current economic-financial system cannot function without oil. And, in the government’s mind the economic-financial system comes before the future welfare of the people or the health of the planet.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,