Looking at how Jacinda dealt to big oil & the roading lobby – the sugar industry, landlords, private education, private health and the wealthy who profit must be terrified

By   /   April 14, 2018  /   80 Comments

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The sugar industry, landlords, private education, private health and the wealthy who profit will not be so blind. They will understand the enormity of the change the new government represents. No Government crosses industries as powerful as oil and roading if they don’t mean it and those who haven’t been challenged yet will be frantically and desperately clambering together in private rooms and company offices to demand an end to this roll back of their power and influence.

England 1980 was a wound to behold.

Margaret Thatcher, whose radical neoliberal economic and cultural agenda was causing social eruption and dislocation at a pace rarely seen outside of war, was under immense pressure from all sides to step back from her agenda.

A crippling and despicable war on workers and unions, massive unemployment,  21.8% inflation, the death of a NZ born teacher at a National Front rally, jolting deregulation, the IRA hunger strikers in the Maze and huge public service cuts had the UK in a state of open revolt as Thatcher went about implementing Milton Friedman’s Chicago School of Economics doctrine.

As the country twisted in torture commentators universally begged her to turn away from her hard right experiment.

On October 10th, 1980 at the Conservative Conference, to the delight of free market activists, Thatcher coldly responded to those calls to pull back with the infamous words, “The lady’s not for turning”.

That same chill down the spine the British Left felt in 1980 must be the exact same terror of realisation the  sugar industry, landlords, private education, private health and the wealthy who profit must be feeling this week after the enormous courage Jacinda showed by smacking down big oil and the roading lobby.

This Aunty’s not for turning

The enormous courage it has taken this Government to say no to an industry as powerful as the oil industry and roading lobby shows all the claims by right wing pundits that Jacinda represented no meaningful change from the neoliberal establishment were hopeful wishes rather than an honest evaluation of Jacinda’s vision or determination.

Sure, progressives all have issues with the TPPA, we all have issues with the toxic culture in our social services, the lack of progress on housing, underfunded prisons, suicide, cannabis reform and the lack of meaningful relief for the poorest amongst us demands challenging urgently and every day, but allowing those debates to eclipse the truth that this new Government intends to walk the walk means the Left will end up tearing down what they hate rather than championing what they love and we will miss the greatest political opportunity of our generation.

The sugar industry, landlords, private education, private health and the wealthy who profit will not be so blind. They will understand the enormity of the change the new government represents. No Government crosses industries as powerful as oil and roading if they don’t mean it and those who haven’t been challenged yet will be frantically and desperately clambering together in private rooms and company offices to demand an end to this roll back of their power and influence.

Those who cheer this incredible decision to begin ending oil and promote real roading solutions must steady themselves for the looming backlash the enemies of the democratic majority will now throw at the new Government.

Dirty politics is about to get filthy.

Steady brothers and sisters. The battle hasn’t begun yet.


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  1. Dev says:

    Good. Just f##k them. F##k them all.

    Are we allowed to swear on this?

    • ababy says:

      You are so full of it Bradbury. She socked it to the oil industry? She banked the oil reserves for the future Crown accounts. She showed that roading lobby? Yeah she’s taxing us out on the petrol. The Landlords are terrified? That is just fake news and hot air. And while you bungle about cheerleading it’s about to be off to the m.e for another remote controlled colonial escapade! Well done!

      this is not a reply to DEV

      • countryboy says:

        @ ABABY.
        What’s ‘the m.e’ ?

      • countryboy says:

        Fuck this.
        You know what @ ABABY ? Fuck you. You’re the shill you little punk. You come out of the now where you should have stayed in and are taking swipes at the only person game enough to offer an alternative to the mike hoskings effect.
        And by your writing, or the abysmal lack of the ability of it, you attack the TDB guy with your brain spurts. Your single syllable brain-fart-spurts are boring. You just are there, spurting away. There are these things called ‘sentences’ and ‘paragraphs’ you know? Great things for those many of us with something worthwhile to contribute. The worthless, those who only have drips of poison to spurt, can engage in Twitter-esque potshots here, but man… Booooooooring. Go and join the trump clan of one -word spurters @ ABABY and take your clean-skin trolls with you.

      • Greg says:

        Their is no oil reserves, oil exploration outside the Taranaki basin is a total tax scam, National signed away any future profit, they sure rigged any benefits to NZ. Marsden point does not produce any fuel to offset prices at the petrol pumps, its all pumped to the Airport.
        Keep drinking the coffee laced with bromide at National HQ.
        NZ landlords profit is not in renting, its in value.
        30K houses in Auckland remain empty, not including state houses.
        Its time to levy empty houses and apartments.

    • Draco T Bastard says:

      I wish that the government would tell to eff off. It’s what we need. Once we’ve got rid of the rich there is so much more we could afford to do.

  2. Andrew says:


    Thatcher & Reagan actually fixed the inflation problem. They inherited it from Carter in the USA and the Callahan government in the UK.

    See chart on this link: http://www.inflation.eu/inflation-rates/great-britain/historic-inflation/cpi-inflation-great-britain.aspx

  3. ababy says:

    You’re a disgusting shill Bradbury

    We’re about to get sucked into another WAR

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    100% Martyn.

    Jacinda is our bold champion we needed here to change the “essence of the wrecking national policies” that sat there ready to destroy our planet entirely.

    Now these idiots now should be tarred and feathered right now.

    “No Government crosses industries as powerful as oil and roading if they don’t mean it “

  5. Siobhan says:

    The thing people seem to willfully ignore about the so called ‘Nuclear Moment’ is that it was a nice distraction and positive press for a Labour Government that ripped the structure of NZ society apart.
    ..Leftist neo liberals are good at policies that they can beam over at dinner parties but they aren’t ‘stupid’ enough to undermine their own economic agendas.
    The stock exchange is doing fine, and the landlords are upping the rents…businesses and so called ‘ma and pa’ investors bitch and moan under a Labour Government, but the fact is they do just as well under either Party.

    • Kat says:

      Rogernomics was thirty years ago and although I agree with your sentiments Siobhan I am confident that at least now in 2018 we have altered course at least a few degrees in the right direction. Given the way that politics and the world ticks, short of bloody revolution, that is better than two degrees in the wrong direction and Jacinda Ardern has to be applauded for championing that.

      • Lone comet says:


      • countryboy says:

        @ KAT.
        Rogernomics was foisted upon us thirty years ago and that series of catastrophic cluster fucks have not yet been fixed. The foreign owned banks are still stealing our money then disappearing it off-shore, foreigners still own our essential infrastructure and cash assets and I bet you anything you like they’re after the $30 billion dollar ACC rort too.
        So , I don’t know of neo liberalism/rogernomics/Neo narcissistic sadism has gone far or changed at all.
        I’d argue that nothing’s changed, everything needs to change immediately and our primary industry is still under the control of the old criminals who sold our primary industry farmers and general agrarians into polite slavery, which is that foreign debt the banksters give us in return for them making record profits from us.
        Fuck the oil, everybody knows that, that’s a goner. Fuck roading, they’re gone because, oil/co2/global warming, so nothing knew there to hail a cab to a bar for. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, Labour is entirely lo fat National lite at this point.
        If Labour want’s to blow what hair I have left back, and most of that’s now on my arse, then purge out the foreign banksters, wipe out and write off mortgage debt. All of it. Make loan sharking, or perhaps more correctly, urban slavers, illegal and for fucks sake! Put a simple roof over the heads of our homeless brothers and sisters.
        Take back that prick michael fay’s $890 million he swindled from the tax payer bail out of the BNZ and the $134 million jonky, pete, and warner bros swindled out of us to make an average angry mutant midget movie and you got housing sorted.
        Instead? We have alan gibb, michael fay, david richwhite, owen glenn, peter The Warehouse and NZ’er of the year tindall , horse face hart and a cadre of other fucks flying over our whanau in their helicopters while miss smile, the Machiavellian raisin and the Green in sheep’s clothing make promises to sort out things that’er already dead in their tracks.

        • CLEANGREEN says:

          Spot on Country boy;

          John Key made $40 milion as he was the “broker” who sold NZ Rail to Fay/richwhite for peanuts after he pocketed the funds he charged for making the deal.

          Shared in another bucket of money said to be another $40 million.

          John Key is evil pure.

          Key also set NZ dollar up for a fall using his partner “Andy Krieger


          ” he worked closely with a famed currency trader who mounted a brutal speculative attack on the Kiwi dollar. The attack, which has entered forex (foreign exchange) trading legend for its scale, audacity and profitability, prompted Reserve Bank alarm that the currency would collapse.”

          “He formed what was to be a lucrative relationship with 32-year-old currency trader Andy Krieger, based at Bankers Trust in New York, who began putting hundreds of millions of dollars of business through Key’s dealing room.

          Krieger was the man who a few months earlier had entered forex legend with a massive speculative raid on the kiwi.”


    • Shona says:

      spot on @Siobhan. Seriously what have they stopped? Existing permits?? Nah! Future exploration ….wasn’t going to happen anyway the oil industry is dying naturally as it’s too damned expensive to produce. So nothing has been stopped , it wasn’t going to happen no one wanted those leases. It’s all window dressing but at least it’s educating the drongos in the opposition …. just a little bit. Alternatives needed now! More trains, tax breaks for biodiesel , tax breaks for hybrid cars etc etc. Should have happened thirty fucking years ago!Subsidies for electric bikes.

    • Draco T Bastard says:

      The stock exchange is doing fine, and the landlords are upping the rents…businesses and so called ‘ma and pa’ investors bitch and moan under a Labour Government, but the fact is they do just as well under either Party.

      Actually, they do better under Labour. The whole of society does but the inequality will continue to rise and we’ll still be heading for societal collapse.

      It’s the problem with capitalism no which of the capitalist parties are governing it’s still a failed system that destroys society.

  6. Citygirl says:

    Is that you Simon or is it Paula or Amy or Judith or Jamie or Gerry or Nick or, or is it Cam or Hoots or Hosky or Hawkey……. are you frightened.


    • ababy says:

      you’re just all wrong so guess again

      I am the hope of the universe, I am the light in the darkness. I am truth.

      Prepare for Kamehameha

    • Jason Kelpe says:

      You’re being ignorant. They’re not frightened. They’ll still be fine and are already well off. It’s the oil sector workers, construction workers, the trade-people that support them, the rural laborers, etc that will suffer. They’re already frightened as they see their future and their families being wrecked. They’ve been stabbed in the back by the party that is supposed to represent them.

  7. Jimc says:

    I know people who voted for labour because Jacinda was a breath of fresh air.
    The trouble is fresh air becomes stale air.
    Now they are saying what’s happening.
    Their roads are gone .
    Their jobs are about to go.
    Jobs will just slowly go.
    More people will live in cars because landlords will invest their money somewhere else than in rental property.
    Where is the fresh air.

    • AB says:

      “More people will live in cars because landlords will invest their money somewhere else than in rental property”
      Wow. I didn’t realise landlords built new houses rather than just buying existing ones from under the noses of other people who lack the same collateral.

    • Jason Kelpe says:

      Damn right. It’s a train wreck. Every productive industry is getting hammered. No wonder Jones was holding his head in his hands. there goes my job. See you all on the dole queue.

    • Mike the Lefty says:

      The only people saying this are you and your equally perjured mates. Most others are saying changes are needed in most sectors of our society and the changes start here.

  8. savenz says:

    No offences but I think Labour is not really socking anything to anybody and the worst thing is that they are about to sign the TPPA knowing it is flawed, knowing that Trump may join, or China or who else.

    If you are a government that will sign your countries rights away for 1/3 of a percent of potential gain after decades, while ignoring major risks that start from day 1, something is wrong with the government. National, Labour and NZ First.

    Neoliberalism and obsession with trade deals that are not really trade deals is like a cult. They might be nice people, but then no matter what proof there is that they might be wrong, they can’t change their views because they are brainwashed and the leaders of the cult are all going to make every man, women and child take the poison so they can all be ‘saved’ by their god, and go to money heaven.

    Labour are better than National, Jacinda better than John Key, but seriously don’t people deserve more than a slower drop to the bottom of the OECD tables under Labour than National and our environment and way of life?

    Jacinda was right about oil, right about Russia, but all that is irrelevant because very shortly her government will sign a deal that will turn NZ into taking poison, for their cult dream of wealth.

    Then sadly like many cults it becomes too late once you take the poison because they are too invested into thinking everything will be ok, rather than questioning could they have made a mistake and focusing on making better alternatives .

  9. Kim dandy says:

    Gees, give the new government a chance… National took 9 years to f*** it up . Labour/NZ first have not even been in a year.
    Apart from taking the corrupt TPP and running with it, they are doing OK, especially since everything has been run into the ground by previous lot.

  10. Jono says:

    Hit a raw nerve comrade….

  11. Jason Kelpe says:

    This is plain stupidity. Destroying every industry in New Zealand will just make everyone unemployed. They’re ripping the guts out of rural New Zealand and people like the wanker who wrote this article above think this it’s a big fucken joke because some rich people don’t make so much. In reality, the people who will suffer most are the poor fucken sods who have to go out and fucken work for a living.

    Those hypocritical Wankers in Mt Albert suddenly have a social and environmental conscience now they’ve made their millons living off the pigs back, and will look forward to taking the tram to the market like they did when they were kids.

    The rest of us who work for a living will sit even longer in fucken auckland traffic becuase some wankers dont have any alternative in the pipeline that has a hope of being built in at least a decade.

  12. Jason Kelpe says:

    Destroying every productive industry in New Zealand is pure madness. Where does she really think this will lead?. btw you’re an idiot MB, half of what you say is fake. Though most people on this site couldn’t be arsed checking it out.

    • Peter Bradley says:

      Jason – industries change, evolve and die just like everything else in the world. New industries and ways of doing things emerge and employment is generated by the very types of change you are afraid of. If this were not the case then employment would have kept rising since the end of feudalism. Economic systems are extraordinarily complex and dynamic not static or linear as you seem to imply.
      As for rural NZ – it does have major problems – most of it’s own making but it’s biggest problem is that it is still just exporting commodities – the cheapest and easiest thing possible – after decades of engagement in the globalized economy.
      It’s possible that a left leaning, pro-active and investment focused government may change that.

      • grant936 says:

        OK – so Oil is bad we all get that.

        However my concern is going to be the loss of income arising out of the job losses and reduced profitability of the Oil industry in NZ.

        If the average quoted income for an Oil and Gas worker in NZ is 100 K a year – that would probably generate tax in the region of 30K per worker,

        Times that by anywhere between 5-10K number of workers – that is a large amount of income that is going to disappear from NZ and following from that – how do you then pay for required social services e.g. Schools, Hospitals, Pensions.

        Any point around somehow creating a clean industry – is just that – potential vs. real income being generated for NZ, that then generates social services for NZ.

        Labour has just done a disservice to the people of NZ – by effectively destroying a large industry in NZ that pays large amounts of taxes – which can then be paid into Social Services to ensure people are taken care of.

        I voted Labour and that vote is now switching to National – I’m not into Economic vandals who endanger the ability of NZ to generate the sums required to educate my children and ensure their health is taken care of.

        • The Daily Blog The Daily Blog says:

          You do know those employment numbers and wages have been debunked right? And what possible future will your children have on a warming planet?

          • grant936 says:

            Rubbish – Average income of 100 K and direct and indirect workers is anything between 4-10 K – that is a large amount of tax.

            Ok – so my kids might be on a warming planet – but feel free to explain how you are going to replace the income that is currently generated out of this industry and which pays for Schools and Hospitals. That’s real money that those jobs generate – not some “potential” jobs.

            And for the silliness of the decision – see the below quote from Australia’s energy minister:

            Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan said he hoped NZ’s decision would provide a boost to Australia’s oil and gas industry.

            “Happy to attract oil and gas investment to Aus if NZ doesn’t want it!” he tweeted. “Then we can export the gas to them because I can’t see Kiwis stopping using cars, heating and plastics!”

            Real smart Labour – close down an industry that produces jobs that create income to take care of our people and that will have zero effect on World Wide Emissions!

        • If the average quoted income for an Oil and Gas worker in NZ is 100 K a year – that would probably generate tax in the region of 30K per worker,

          And how much will flood remediation and “managed retreats” from rising sea levels cost us, Grant?

          Will the taxes of employees in the carbon industry pay for the billions required when climate change continues to impact on our settled areas?

          “Destroying a large industry” may not be a bad thing when that industry has been revealed to be a major causative factor in rising greenhouse gas emissions.

          Grant, you appear to be looking at the short-term impact of cutting back the carbon industry.

          When you agree that “oil is bad”, have you thought through the long term effects of a warming planet?

          Compare the short term with the long term. Weigh up the damage caused by one compared to the other.

          The question then becomes: which one do you want to leave your children and grand-children?

          • grant936 says:

            That’s a very simple question to answer Frank.

            I will pick an industry which is providing jobs to both skilled and unskilled labour – at levels which are high for NZ.

            Based upon those present taxes – which then pays for teachers/Hospitals/Drugs/Pensions etc – I pick them.

            Let me know who you are going to replace all the taxes that will disappear from both personal and company – and then tell me how you will retain a present and expanded level of spending on Social Services?

            You do know that their is other ways than destroying employment for thousands of Kiwi’s e.g. tax end product to incentivize good behaviors.

            Read what the Australian Energy minister states – that truly describes what Labour has just done.

            I will be voting for National now – because as stated above I want to retain and expand our social services to take care of people – please explain to me how you do that by reducing your taxation base?

            • Grant, for all I know, you’ve always been a National voter and using the old “changing my vote” routine doesn’t always add to the argument. I notice you’ve not addressed a single point I made regarding climate change.

              You haven’t even mentioned it.

              • grant936 says:

                Actually historically I was a National Party voter – but this time around I voted Labour because 1. I liked that Labour was more constructive on things like Euthanasia/Drug Reform. 2. I want to see more money invested into things like Healthcare and Education.

                In regards Climate Change – would you rather receive taxes and utilize them to invest into people/country and address climate change issues whilst using the tax system to discentivie bad behaviors e.g. Industry/actions that increase greenhouse gases or just kill an existing business/industry and guaranteed income stream and then somehow have to recreate that missing income?

                Now as you obviously want a first world Healthcare/Educational System aligned with Pensions that allow people to be able to live comfortably in their old age.

                By doing away with the Oil/Gas Industry in NZ – how are you going to create the missing income to ensure that the above standards are retained?

                Oh and remember – if it’s that easy to replace an industry that generates hundreds of millions in Tax income – why hasn’t it already occured?

                • Actually historically I was a National Party voter

                  Thank you for your honesty, Grant.

                • Mjolnir says:

                  So, Grant, are you more comfortable with the impact of climate change instead? Rising sea levels, more powerful storm surges, worsening coastal inundation? Is that your idea of “success”?

                  WTF is the point of an oil industry if our coastal towns and cities are flooded?

                  Thats the problem with you Nat supporters; your thinking is too short-term. You cant see what is ahead of us.

                  We stopped producing asbestos becsause it was dangerous. Do you think that indusrty should have been protected?

                  Think, man!!!

              • Andrew says:

                Do you have a car Frank?

                (assuming you’re competent to drive)

        • CLEANGREEN says:


          Don’t forget to tell your kids and grandkids, that you don’t care if they loose there home.

          And that they will have no future going forward now with violent changes in weather that will come soon as they try to climb that ladder of success you aspire to.

          • grant936 says:

            Absolutely – and Cleangreen feel free to tell your children that when they want a first world healthcare and education system – they can’t have that, because the Govt could not generate the required tax revenue to sustain Education and Health spending at a first world level.

            • Shorty says:

              As an ex national voter as well Grant, I can assure you that the legislation that National set up to protect business income from taxation is the biggest problem with our country and it’s rotting infrastructure. It won’t be Labour that destroys this country for its citizens; National and their neoliberal public private partnerships would do that. Closing the lovely little loopholes to ensure that the businesses profiting off of NZers pay THEIR fair share will go a LONG way to ensuring we are able to look after our country’s health and education needs.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        Correct Peter,

        Those folks who fear change need to face it that we need to change our oil policy to a clean renewable energy policy simple as that and the jobs will be there to give them new jobs.

        As a famous US President Franklin D Roosevelt at his first inaugural speech said; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”

    • Mjolnir says:

      Jason, climate change is not fake. Increasing CO2 levels is not fake. Rising sea levels and temperature is not fake. Its not “every productive industry” that will be destroyed, its most of our coastal cities in the next 50 to 100 years. MB is telling it like it is and all the head-in-the-sand games you’re playing doesn’t change that. Try being a bit more grown-up about this issue, you’ll be taken more seriously.

  13. let me be frank says:

    reading the above rubbish comments i think it fair to observe that the standard of discourse may have reached an all time low…FFS

  14. Observer Tokoroa says:

    The Daily Facts

    China Doll Collins has been in politics a long time. How does she manage to get her political shit so wrong every time she opens her pretty mouth ?

    And yet she is way up high on the national ladder. Admittedly it is not a tall ladder but, the nats are stumbling along like drunken sluts.

    To make matters worse Jacinda has thrown perfectly weighted javelins right into national arteries. They are bleeding like overweight stuck pigs.

    Jacinda has well and truly punctured the egos of national.

    Martyn Bradbury has put the javelins into perfect language: “The sugar industry, landlords, private education, private health and the wealthy who profit will not be so blind (by the javelins my words). They will understand the enormity of the change the new government represents. No Government crosses industries as powerful as oil and roading if they don’t mean it and those who haven’t been challenged yet will be frantically and desperately clambering together in private rooms and company offices to demand an end to this roll back of their power and influence.”

    China Doll Collins is just a bemusing lightweight. Albeit at the top of national; but ever so irrational and ungifted.

  15. Marc says:

    The proof will be in the pudding, how you can implement all those changes and realise the Kiwi Build programme, changes to transport, energy use and so forth. It is easy to release policy and goals, but to steer this country from a fossil fuel obsessed society (transport and so) into a more sustainable one, that is not an easy feat.

    Without the players, so far private industry, this is hard to achieve, and the government has to consider, how big can and should we play a role, that is crucial.

    Any reflections on Thatcher and her challenges seems remote and not all that relevant, I would say.

  16. Lone comet says:

    Change has to begin somewhere, and it has to be initiated by government, industry won’t do it. That’s what this government has clearly begun doing, and we have our very own stalwart at the helm. That the Mayor of Taranaki is gutted or whatever is plain stupid, or the oil industry was blindsided, what crap get on board you fools, start some sustainable industries by supporting or driving it. Dont moan and wring you liddle hands. Take a leaf out of China’s book..they are now at the forefront in developing new technologies…look to what Norway is achieving. Business as usual, is not working, its over ….a change is gonna come so get ready all you sinners

  17. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The industrial civilization we live in cannot function without oil….which is needed to dig up minerals, chop down trees, grow food, collect fish from the oceans, and is used to transport practically everything.

    Similarly, NZ cannot function without the use of coal, whether it is here in NZ or by proxy somewhere else. Steel cannot be made in commercial quantities without coal.

    Concrete cannot be made without a fossil fuel of some kind.

    New Zealand can allow oil that is in its economic zone to be extracted, or it can buy oil on the international market. But it cannot function in its present form without oil. And no one wants to live in a society that does not consume massive quantities of oil because that means living as the Maoris did prior to be invaded by Europeans -who brought their fossil-fuel-dependent lifestyle with them, and then went on to substantially increase fossil fuel dependence.

    Since no none want to forsake fossil fuels, they will continue to be used (whether extracted in NZ or some other place) either until they are unobtainable or until they have completely wrecked the global climate system.

    Present economic-financial arrangements demand one or the other of those outcomes, and no one want to forsake present economic arrangements because to do so requires a return to pre-European Maori-style sustainable living.

    The long descent that is a consequence of industrial living will continue.

    • Sam Sam says:

      You’d be surprised how many mining machines are diesel electric. So a diesel generator with an electric motor because electric motors have one working part and are easier and more cost effective to maintain than combustion engines. The physics of converting diesel power packs to battery packs is pretty straight forward. The real limiting factor was always the cost of the battery pack which has fallen in the last ten years, and will probably fall again in the next ten years. Same goes for an all electric merchant fleet. It’s just a matter of time now until combustion engines are phased out for all but high end aero space, aviation and lubricants.

      • Afewknowthetruth says:

        That must rate as one of the stupidest comments of the year on TDB, since the diesel you think so highly of is obtained by fractional distillation (in an oil refinery) of oil extracted from underground (or extracted from under the sea bed at great financial and environmental cost).

        The entire electric system is a derivative of the oil-coal primary energy system, since nothing metallic can be made without firstly mining the ore, and then carrying out chemical reduction in a factory somewhere. Hence the huge surge in the use of coal in China when it took the road of dysfunction previously taken by Britain, Europe, America and Japan etc.

        As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, most people in western societies are scientifically illiterate. That may not be their fault, since the ‘education’ system in most western nations is appalling, and is designed to generate obedient workers in the financial-industrial complex.


        • Sam Sam says:

          Its less a matter of what think is cool and more a matter of tough shit really. If you can’t afford $150 dollar an hour machines you’ll go bankrupt no matter what you say truther.

        • CLEANGREEN says:

          100% AFEWKNOWTHETRUTH.

          Or universities are not teaching us about the chemical toxicity of these elements so we are daily being poisoned daily and slowly dying now and it is no wonder the MP’s today are illiterate here as the teaching agenda is controlled by the Oil companies firstly and peer reviewed so the universities are flawed by chemical companies intervention.

      • Stephen says:

        Sam you still have to excite an electric current to charge a battery and the most reliable means currently to do that is with an internal combustion engine.

  18. countryboy says:

    The day that Labour and the other what ever-they-are’s lead our agrarian primary industry away from the Natzo’s will be the clearest indication I will have that our politic is on a curative course.
    Until then, politicians can say whatever they like and it will mean nothing.

  19. ababy says:

    “That was totes legit” – a lawless puppet

  20. ababy says:

    [Comment deleted. ‘Ababy’, please temper your comments. – Scarletmod]

  21. ababy says:

    [Comment deleted. ‘Ababy’, please temper your comments. – Scarletmod]

  22. ababy says:

    “Hold me back!” – Scrappy Doo

    Sorry Mods!!! Lawls

  23. ababy says:

    Pathetic Scum and the Bucktooth Wingnut with a Brethren hairdo, must remember not to mention that, sorry once again mods

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Super ‘National hack’ is here folks called ABABY.

      Again I say;

      What I think is that National hack’s are trying to wind us all up in an attempt to get some to vote National in the upcoming by-election coming.


      The Northcote by-election will take place on Saturday 9 June 2018. Information about where and when to vote in the Northcote by-election will be available here from Tuesday 15 May.

      I heard on Tonights news that NZ First and greens are not entering this by-election as they said labour had a good chance of winning this election.

      So the National trolls are coming thick and both on The Standard and The Daily Blog fast now ahead of this bi-election.

      Best policy is; Keep focused on the enemy within us all and support the Government.

  24. The Masked Moa says:

    Ardern is now a war criminal for accepting Trumps attacks. According to the independent Swiss state Spiez lab, the substance used on the Skripals was an agent called BZ, which was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.


    The chemical attack in Ghouta never happened it was a staged false flag by the Jihadis:


    Ardern and Labours inability to question the lies that led to this attack makes them even more culpable (and the Greens) and now Ardern is in Europe colluding with these war criminals. At the very least her trip should have been cancelled. Instead she is colluding with these war criminals for more war who are pushing for a global nuclear war.

    The Greens arent any better being very careful to criticise Trump but not Labour for going along with Trump even though they are both now war criminals. This makes the Greens by default also war criminals for not criticising the governments support for this war and the coming global nuclear war.

    Didnt take long for Marama Davidson to be a toothless tiger not even bothering to directly oppose this government even though we are on the cusp of global nuclear war. I wouldnt expect anything better from Shaw as he is a banker doing the bidding of his bankster masters. Arderns victory will turn into nothing but radioactive ashes in our mouths unless people get serious in opposing this government.

    The first step for the Greens would be to run a peace candidate in the Northcote by-election to show its serious about opposing this governments support for war crimes, but I aint going to hold my breath over that.

  25. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The ‘Rogernomics reforms’ not only decimated New Zealand’s economic base but also decimated much of its scientific base. Numerous research institutions were deliberately underfunded or were closed down altogether. And the curriculum in schools was deliberately dumbed-down, and the grade system manipulated to the point that everyone passes, whether they did any learning or not. Turn up to class….wonderful, you get a credit.

    Back in the old days….yes, I’m that old…..mental arithmetic was mandatory, and problems that could not be solved by working out via addition, subtraction, multiplication or long division were tackled with log tables or slide rules.

    The advent of the electronic calculators apparently made the need for a brain obsolete, and students (yes I witness this as a teacher) would use calculators to divide by 2, or even worse to divide by 10. Now watch a retail employee use a screen to determine the change for a $9.90 item when a $10 note is tendered.

    I spent several years working for a company which employed a young woman who had a degree in marketing from a NZ university: she was very pleasant and good to work with but was incapable of working out the GST on a product, and always came to me for assistance in calculating GST.

    It was when I was living in Auckland that the Chris de Freitus scandal erupted. For those who do not know, he was the Head of Environment Studies at the University of Auckland: he will go down in history for his reprehensible promotion of the burning of coal, saying publicly that CO2 did not pose a threat to the environment and was a plant nutrient. When I took up the matter of his unscientific stance with the Vice Chancellor’s Office there was ‘closing if the ranks’ and I was told Chris could teach and promote anything he liked under the policy of ‘academic freedom’.

    By the same token, the Geology Department at U o A did not teach oil geology and had no stance on Peak Oil. That was supposedly an Engineering matter. And the Engineering Department had ‘no comment’ on the matter either.

    By the same token, the Chemistry Department had ‘no stance’ or comment on CO2 emissions or global warming.

    And thus we see that the commercial sector of society had, by the early 2000s taken over the universities and were directing what would be taught and how it would be taught, what would be researched and how it would be researched, what would be said publicly, and what would jot be said.

    Couple that dismal state of affairs with the corrupt commercial media’s continuous promotion of consumption and avoidance of all significant issues, and we see there is no chance whatsoever for NZ society.

    The dumb and corrupt lead the poorly educated and poorly informed straight off the cliff, continually profiting from the poor education, naivety and misplaced trust of the masses.

    And when a truly dedicated scientist such as Mike Joy, who wants the public to know what is happening, speaks out, he is ignored (and I suspect silenced, since I have heard little of him in recent times).

    We live in a society which is rotten to the core, and much of that rottenness was deliberately put in place by the so-called Labour government of the late 1980s. The rottenness was then expanded by all the governments since.

    The Adern government we currently endure will do nothing more than tinker with the settings whikle making everything that matters worse, and is incapable of delivering the fundamental change that could mitigate the impact of the gathering storm of financial, environmental and energetic catastrophes (which have been known about for decades).

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,