Hawkesby + Hosking + du Plessis-Allan + Hooton + Soper = a problem for the NZ left in the NZ media

By   /   April 5, 2018  /   49 Comments

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Every single political panel show in NZ lines up right wing stormtroopers against naval gazing identity left pundits and the results are the Left narrative gets the living snot beaten out of it while the Right narrative triumphs.

Every NZ political TV panel show in NZ

Hawkesby + Hosking + du Plessis-Allan + Hooton + Soper = right wing hack attack after right wing hack attack in the Herald every week – this is balanced media is it?

Where are our left wing voices in the mainstream media?

Simon Wilson is busy bickering about cycle lanes when he’s not updating us on his cancer. Lizzie Marvelly is complaining about motherhood and apartments. Cutting edge stuff, and over at the $20 avocado on toast of blogging, The Spinoff, (when they aren’t praising trash TV as if it’s some sort of sociological and anthological thought experiment)  are wrestling with middle class angst over toxic binary masculinity. Aside from the cartooning looking like those contemptuously pious cartoons Christians hand out on Friday nights to stop you straying into sin…

…the smug self importance of the piece manages to alienate and ignore the hollow reality of male privilege in equal measure. No mention of suicide rates, imprisonment rates, dying younger, dying of worse physical health or worse mental health. Get paid 12% more an hour and suddenly the keys to the universe have been dropped into your lap son, now feel guilty for having a penis.

I’m just going to assume the cartoonist is from Wellington and is friends with Giovani Tiso.

The reality is the right look for recruits while the left look for traitors.

The problem for the left in the media is that you have these vicious right wing head kicker romper stomper pundits up against self policing, self loathing lefties who are focused on cycle lanes & binary masculinity – it’s like Joseph Parker in the ring with a disabled 5 year old.

Every single political panel show in NZ lines up right wing stormtroopers against naval gazing identity left pundits and the results are the Left narrative gets the living snot beaten out of it while the Right narrative triumphs.

The current progressive debate in the mainstream media is akin to a dinner party at Simon Wilson’s house. Ranting about cyclist rights and the power of corduroy, he’s taking everyone on a powerpoint presentation of his latest colonography while you are stuck at the table between Toby Manhire and Lizzie Marvelly arguing over who hates men the most. Sure on some level you appreciate the debate, but on another level you just wish for death.

The media need more John Tamihere, Efeso Collins, Chris Trotter, Kate Davis, Christine Rose, Rachel Stewart, Annette Sykes, Matt McCarten, Marama Fox, Maxine Gay and Jarrod Gilbert  or else the Hawkesby + Hosking + du Plessis-Allan + Hooton + Soper right wing attack pack are going to crush any attempt at counter argument.

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  1. Whispering Kate says:

    The NZ Herald is so saturated with right wing content now its no wonder they don’t hang their heads in shame. It’s becoming a second government without the trappings of Parliament. How can this existing legit government govern when it has the influencial power of the press countering its every move. What has has happened to the balance of content which it should be providing.

    Its nothing short of a criminal offense. We are badly in need of another newspaper like the UK has for all their worts. I can understand completely why the Herald is bleeding readers – its just a drivel sheet nothing less.

    • Rachel Stewart says:

      Kate, I’m trying hard not to take offence. The Herald still has some top- quality writers. Don’t throw all us babies out with the bath water.

      • Peter Bradley says:

        Sorry but you need to take offence – you attacked Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei at a time when those on the left should have stood up for her like an angry mob and bayed for revolution. But you and nearly every left leaning commentator (paid) suddenly declared that sticking up for beneficiaries was a step too far and political suicide.
        Non of you answered this massive call to challenge the status quo and that made me livid. I stopped reading your articles after that.
        Metiria Turei – the Jeremy Corbyn of NZ politics that NZ wasn’t ready for – her time will come.

        • Rachel Stewart says:

          Yeah, OK, whatever.

          • Peter Bradley says:

            Actually – I’m being un fair to you because Martyn also attacked Metiria for the same reason and here I am reading his articles. So I will start reading your articles again. I appreciate the fact that you’ve bothered to read peoples comments and make comments yourself. Besides we’ve got to stick together – sometimes I watch too many Jimmy Dore videos on youtube and get so angry with the left that I need to take some deep breaths before reading TDB.

          • Peter Bradley says:

            Long after the election I found this astonishing and brilliant piece by Millennial lad culture comedian Guy Williams – https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/celebrities/99579343/guy-williams-governmentchanging-metiria-turei-is-my-kiwi-of-the-year

            And it is this that makes me think Metirias time will come. There is a young voting cohort out there who will challenge orthodoxy where my generation just can’t bring themselves to do it.

      • Michelle says:

        I use the herald to toilet train my dogs

      • e-clectic says:

        Love your stuff, Rachel, kia kaha.
        Your pieces on climate change stand out like beacons.

    • bert says:

      Hawkesby + Hosking + Trevett + Hooten

      About as much balance as a wheeless unicycle.

    • Martin says:

      I don’t call it The Horrid for nothing.

  2. Michal says:

    The left also need more John Minto, Robert Reid, Mike Treen and Joe Carolan. We have lots of people who could comment from the left but they are not picked up for lots of things. Where are the lefties on the Jim Mora show every afternoon. They have Paula Penfold who I think is good, but who else from the left.

    I saw the very start of that dreadful programme last night run by – or supposedly run by – Jesse Mulligan and the ex weather woman from TV3 and last evening they have the comedian, who enjoy on seven days, and that revolting ex-sports guy who is on with Duncan Garner every morning. It is pathetic!

    • Martin says:

      The Panel! Are you serious!?!
      If I want to know about nose jobs, investment banks and other rubbish I go there. The effluent of the affluent bourgeoisie.

  3. Jimc47 says:

    Well take a look back HDA and Soper were very much left wing journalists leading up to and after the election and now are reporting the truth.
    The others you mentioned already saw the mess we call a government.
    Even though they have the numbers the government are making themselves THE COALITION OF LOSERS.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      JIMC47; – Spin, spin, spin, keep spinning your wheels and you may go over the cliff to the national rubbish dump loser.

    • Michal says:

      Sorry Jim you mean we were winning before, all those people living in poverty, they were winning, parents with a teenager being pulled out of school so that all three can work to bring in sufficiet money to live onl. Yeah Jim you clearly understand poverty and what it is like to live in it…

      Those people have never ever been left wing, they wouldn’t know it if they walked into it. Left wing is about caring for those other than yourselves.

    • Peter Bradley says:

      I’m not. I’m winning hugely. We are “going to do this” and you Jimc47 are going to be paying a lot more tax by the time we’re finished.
      That extra tax you’re going to pay will be re-distributed throughout the economy – including to the “un-deserving poor”. You’ll feel angry and resentful and I will feel good about my country again.

    • bert says:

      We don’t need to look back at the previous Government, their messes are coming out daily. The others you talk about are neither balanced nor integral in their comment. Even a blind, deaf person can see and hear that.

  4. simonm says:

    Marama Fox is left wing? Nine years propping up the National government and her conservative Mormon views on social policy would suggest otherwise.

  5. esoteric pineapples says:

    This government is going to have to start getting ruthless and start by booting out everyone who is an enemy in the public service and public media. It can’t control private enterprises so it is going to have to control the only public media it can by turning it sharply to the left as soon as possible and ignore the complaining from the right. It is also going to have to go full speed ahead with massive changes like building lots of houses so the general public notices a difference despite what the right wing media says

  6. Kim dandy says:

    Yes MASSIVE CHANGES NEEDED NOW to NZ media across the board, and sorry Racheal but NZ Herald = National party newsletter.

  7. Lone comet says:

    At last!! Thanks M, a tad brutal but it’s true the last decent piece by SW was on Bill English. Hopefully now he has a bit more time up his sleeve he’ll up his critical analysis to balance out what is becoming a sickening, ignorant bias in the Herald, apart from you RS. What could be more stupid than HDA demanding they kick out a Russian, any Russian. What a dumb ass, why does she have a byline they may as well get any git on talk back radio for free. Luckily most people in the real world don’t agree with the abovementioned chattering boneheads.. They like the government and what it is doing.

  8. Damocles says:

    If the left can’t produce commentators who can effectively argue their philosophy, the maybe, just maybe, it’s because of the quality of that philosophy?

  9. Peter Bradley says:

    It is frightening – every week there are long articles through the NZ Herald (copies of which scatter the work place) by Hosking or Hooton that I just can’t read. It does feel very co-ordinated and well planned. A delight to see the Tamihere article recently.
    We know what happens to strong and angry voices from the left Martyn – they are banned from the airwaves explicitly or covertly and are not heard. The main problem is middle class NZ are gullible, economically ignorant and love being told that they are clever and hard working and it’s all down to their own entrepreneurial brilliance in the free market. It makes me despise my own class with simmering rage and I need someone to go on air and just blow their fucking top at middle NZ.
    Why do we allow private health insurance in this country? Why is it taken up with such blissful naivety? How fucking stupid are we?
    Private health insurance does not cover you if you are sick, old or poor – it is straightforward extortion and should be illegal.
    Apparently it’s better to get a $50 a week tax break and private health insurance then pay enough tax to fund our public services properly.
    Now we have a Labour led government utterly terrified of confronting this stupidity and unable to challenge the “fee market knows best” mantra distilled into the NZ psyche.

  10. Michelle says:

    who owns the newspaper Damocles? when Rupert Murdoch wanted to buy all our news papers many NZers said no! because too many people wont have a voice and that is exactly what has happened. Now our dom post and herald want to join the same thing will happen it will be one voice, the rich and powerful and all their propaganda that benefits the 1%. Monopolies have increased under our tory gnat pack and inequalities have become more prominent.

  11. Lone comet says:

    No Domocles, you are confused. Clearly there are plenty of good left wing commentators, you can read some of them here. It’s the mainstream media’s bias towards publishing/broadcasting opinion by commentators that are completely vapid, leaning towards the right or hell bent on a negative slant on anything the government does that is the problem. This piece points that out. And writers you would hope would add a counterbalance have given up the game and are writing about trees instead.

  12. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    “naval gazing identity left pundits”

    I wish they were; “naval gazing” would be infinitely more useful against the right than “navel gazing”!

  13. Zack Brando says:

    Off topic a little I know, but just want to point out that CNN is of a lower quality than FOX News. So yeah .. maybe a clip of how CNN is a 24/7 network covering a porn start and unsubstantiated Russian collusion claims?

  14. Lone comet says:

    Peter, MT was hung by her own petard, hubris, vanity, a political strategy gone wrong, blind stupidity… whatever you want to call it. It was not the defence of the poor old welfare needy that got her in the end. Please use your head mate, not your blind loyalty.

    • Gadfly's Dad says:

      Bullshit! It is not blind loyalty but critical thinking. Look at the facts not the right wing froth that is our MSM.
      You are partly right in your political strategy gone wrong comment and that was because her fellow green leadership was not strong enough! Unfortunately we do not have a leader in this country like Jeremy Corbin.

  15. Ian says:

    It’s like this because there is no credible ‘left/progressive’ alternative. Until we have a decent outlet where the ‘general population’ can still get their aspirational car reviews, sports news, property section, world, weather, plus a more-balanced version of what’s going on, it’s going to stay like that.

    We need something that will provide contrast, but is not too over the top because, unfortunately, people will just switch off.

    Currently, people click and go to the rugby section and, when they’ve finished there, Hosking pops up and says something obnoxious and the reader (because they don’t know any better and, frankly, can’t be expected to) goes ‘oh yea, makes sense’ because that’s what Hosking does; he makes the obnoxious seem necessary.

    There needs to be a decent, credible news outlet where, instead of hosking, you get a pop up saying ‘X union wins pay dispute, every is better off.’

  16. Ian says:

    I think the idea of more Bomber and Minto etc is probably not going to work.

    This may sound harsh but I love both of you and wish I could hold a candle to the commitment you have demonstrated but, to most people sites like this are eye-roller material. They’re just not interested. If they were, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    It’s about getting straight-looking straight-writing mainstream types to write articles to fit our narrative (where applicable) in our own comprehensive outlet made appealing by duplicating everything else MSM consumers are drawn in by and expect.

    • GreenBus says:

      Ian, what’s not going to work is trying to reason with the brainwashed greedy ignorant drongo meatheads that are grieving hurt confused and bewildered how their government was beaten by MMP. Who wants those eye-rollers anyway? They will never turn left no matter how good the rugby section is. We are in this situation because of them not the other way around. Peter Bradley right on the money about the young people able to challenge the ‘system’, and they probably will too given some leadership.

  17. Lone comet says:

    Let’s give Jacinda a chance. MT to be in fact comparatively well off passing as broke and needy ain’t cool and she got sprung. Also, more facts coming to light than she would have wished or expected didn’t help and nor did her attitude.

  18. Francesca says:

    Its you I want to see more of Martyn!!
    Jeez, 5th Estate Waatea was the best damn thing on TV

  19. R.P McMurphy says:

    the msm have the infrastructure to strangle the left at every turn except when the nationals truly fuck everything up. what Labour needs is its own media outlet and that has to be micropulse line of sight radio stations.

  20. savenz says:

    Agree 100% – somehow the right now seems to control some sort of fake left narrative using the same fake self loathing middle class leftie types pretending to understand poor people, that are as authentic as Natz loving the environment.

    Also add to list of centre / lefties to listen to: Hone Harawira, Sue Bradford, Nicky Hager, Rod Oram who seem to be some of the few commentators who have original views generally based on some sort of evidence, and not spouting out manufactured fake news to debate every few days…

    What makes media so boring now, is that it’s so fake and devoid of any investigation or analysis or ideas that make sense or are practical.

  21. Andrewo says:

    Even I was surprised at how fast the mainstream media turned against the coalition. The reason? They smell weakness and incompetence so are going in for the kill.

    Despite the moaning here at the Daily Blog, all these hits were fully justified. It is the job of media to make governments account for themselves. So get over yourselves and watch the party – because I think this is just the start of it.

  22. Mike the Lefty says:

    It isn’t actually a problem for just the political left, although that’s what it may appear at first sight.
    The problem is for the whole country.
    Because we the great unwashed and the uninformed shmucks will stay both unwashed and shmucks whilst this continues.
    The political right always does well when people don’t know the truth about the country in which they live, and even better when people don’t want to know the truth.
    First order of the day is to arsehole out all the mealy mouthed National Party hacks (like Richard Griffin) out of RNZ, TVNZ and the BSA. Second order of the day is to provide journalist training schools that are not funded or sponsored by Fairfax or BME.
    Third order of the day is to provide incentives for independent publishers, broadcasters, webmasters to set up alternative news and current events transmission, not blogs and sound bite specialists.
    Probably will never happen, worse luck.

  23. Sumsuch says:

    Good stuff , young fella. But the 2 columns in the Herald today were almighty. And Hooten, since his telling an assassin where he could find Nicky has been finding his way from his South Auckland private school to a nearer proximity to reality. The NZ Herald has always been about business , to put it at its best. I go to it because it has a better presentation than Stuff. I verily wish we had a demo-cratic platform with their resources. The 2 double-teaming marital couples, I dinna read’m.

    • Lone comet says:

      Yes, the two teaming martial couples what’s with that? Four ways of saying the same generally dumb views, Soper being the slightly smarter one

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