The mainstream media are manufacturing a crisis narrative to crucify Jacinda

By   /   April 2, 2018  /   12 Comments

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The NZ Herald ran 28 stories on Curran in a week and only ran 2 on the NZDF caught out lying about war crimes in the week they themselves broke the story! 

The NZ Herald: When National do it, it’s amazing. When Labour do it, it’s evil

How are Clare Curran’s coffee dates more important than the NZDF lying about war crimes, raw sewage leaking into black mould infested hospitals & enormously duplicitous underfunding of every public infrastructure in NZ for the last 9yrs?

The NZ Herald ran 28 stories on Curran in a week and only ran 2 on the NZDF caught out lying about war crimes in the week they themselves broke the story!

The crisis narrative that is being built by the mainstreams media ignores the enormous scandals caused by the National Party and the obviousness of the bias is becoming surreal from Russian Spy hysteria (when National have an actual Chinese spy inside their Caucus) to utterly ignoring a Human Rights Review Tribunal ruling against the Government when Obama was in town with Key for Golf.

Ironically this media hyperventilation over Clare Curran’s coffee dates highlights why Clare was right to talk directly to Carol Hirshfeld in the first place!


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  1. Lou says:

    It is sickening. Trouble is if the new Government start holding these media agencies to account they would be accused of censorship.

  2. Helena says:

    Mainstream media is losing its audience (I just declined home delivery Herald offer for $1 a day plus free Sunday) and the 28 stories on Curran were written for those whose lips move when reading.

  3. Zack Brando says:

    National come across like slavers and The Herald is but a rag.

  4. The Other Mike says:

    Yup, RNZ board stacked with Nat people is NOT a good look. I wonder how much time is left on Griffin’s contract? Meanwhile… the coalition needs to take NZH et al to the woodshed and call them out for the trash they are…

  5. OnceeaTimaaa says:

    Oh Martyn! Stop being dramatic (/sarc) !
    You’re not wrong of course but the saddest thing is that our media are being assisted by some members who’ve forgotten what public service is.
    Even sadererer, I’m not sure whether Labour sages, advisors and ‘spinmeisters’ yet realise the extent and gravity of it all.

  6. In Vino says:

    Well I hope that the big irony will be in the next poll. I suspect that few people take much notice of MSM misinformation now, and the negative publicity will have had little effect.

    Unless, of course, they cheat in doing to polls..

  7. Sonja says:

    Actually, Jacinda is messing her image up all by herself. She has been the author of her own misfortune, every time. She has not the clout to be PM, and is well out of her depth. Weak and indecisive, surely ain’t no Helen!

  8. Cassie says:

    “Jacinda”. WHO Ever could take this puppet & figurehead seriously.
    NZ got screwed over years ago.

    Next in Line at some point : Simon puppet .
    All planned. All 2 sides of Same Coin.

    Time to dig a bit deeper folks. (If you can take your eyes off Tv/Smartphones etc for long enough to think a thought longer than 3 minutes)

  9. Bazza says:

    Raymond Huo is another Chinese spy in Parliament exposed by the same report that unmasked Jian Yang.

  10. Marc says:

    The MSM, that is most of that media, they are mostly privately owned, or they follow the private media business agenda and narrative. So most employed there are scared of losing their jobs, as so much advertising is going to Fakebook, Google and so forth, MSM companies and organisations are looking at reducing costs and staff.

    So they all cling to their jobs and what their bosses expect of them. It is their basic desperate survival instinct.

    That means they are mercenaries, they go where they are expected to go, where the money is.

    A Labour and NZ First coalition throwing millions at a RNZ Plus venture scares the stiff.

    That is behind all this. Their bosses want none of that, as it means competition for them, so they attack it as much as they can.

    Clare Curran did not operate smartly, let Hirshfeld be thrown under the bus, and will now face endless stiff criticism, she will probably not be able to proceed as they had planned, that is with RNZ Plus.

    She already hinted at it in the last Q+A interview on Sunday.

    The Afghan SAS adventure going wrong is stuff few bother with, as it is too far away, does not involve NZ victims, and as they consider nothing proven, when it comes to the allegations in Hit and Run.

    Hence little reporting on that.

  11. […] The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) lied about war crimes and the Herald only did 2 follow up stories where as they did 28 news ‘stories’ on Clare Curran. […]

  12. Debra Apple says:

    I suspect that few people take much notice of MSM misinformation now.

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