Dear NZ media – your collective sycophancy towards Obama is sickening


Hey Girlfriend, how you doin?

Dear NZ media

How are you all?

Terribly busy chasing clickbait news I’m sure.

Look, far be it for me, the only broadcaster in New Zealand to be banned for life from Radio NZ and who has been blacklisted from every political panel show in the country to lecture you all on your craft, but honestly, your coverage of Obama is possibly the most pathetic sycophancy I’ve ever had the displeasure of viewing.

This isn’t news…

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…this isn’t news…

…this isn’t news…

…this isn’t news…

…what IS news is that John Key lied about mass surveillance while setting Kim Dotcom up and attempting to extradite him to America on the behalf of Barack Obama.

Kim has launched new legal action calling on  the NZ Government to seize Obama and demand answers to how this case was allowed to continue…

There is evidence that President Obama (as he then was) knew the real purpose behind the United States prosecution. That, and further evidence of political motivation in the United States and New Zealand, is set out in the affidavit I have filed in the High Court at Auckland in support of an application for orders that Mr Obama give evidence in my damages claim while he is here in New Zealand. You can read my affidavit here.

…how is it that Obama’s golf and dinner are bigger stories than a mass surveillance drenched spy scandal that wrongly arrested and stripped a NZ resident of their rights and who if wins will have the country on the hook for billions in damages?

Your sycophancy towards Obama and refusal to focus on the Dotcom fiasco while Obama is in the country is as disgraceful as your lack of focus on the latest NZDF war crime admissions.


  1. Yes pathetic, we need to all go gaga over this man who spent more on the military complex of the US than any other president. Who promised more than any other president and seriously under delivered.

    Guantanamo bay anyone!

    • Thanks for saying what is in my gut, as it is sickening to see our silly shallow Media cuddling up to two (Obama/Key) who are kings and the “champions” of those of evil corrupted big big corporations, it is a putrid sight indeed.

  2. It disturbs me that Obama has been ‘appropriated’ by Key and the National Party. And our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has definitely been snubbed by the rich cotterie of National Party fat cats, surrounding Key and his ‘golf buddy’. No wonder she has better things to do than attend what amounts to a National Party fund raising dinner in Auckland tonight.

    As I write this my local beach is crawling with NZ Police, (so I can’t go there) while Key and Obama play golf. This is a region which is seriously under resourced when it comes to policing. Our local cops (only two of them) are on duty or on call 24/7 and have to go out alone at night to god knows what type of violent incidents which make up the vast majority of their call outs, especially at night. And the tax payer is paying for scores of cops to walk up and down our local beach Te Arai to keep NZ tax payers out of the way.

  3. A further irony is that the golf course – Tara Iti where the ‘sainted pair’ are playing today is owned by one, Ric Kayne, US billionaire, oil and gas investor and money trader who, it is said ‘taught John Key everything he knows about money trading’. Public access to the pristine Te Arai beach is threatened by this developer’s multi million housing development (marketed exclusively in the US) and the survival of the endangered NZ Fairy Tern (numbering about 40 birds) is also threatened as a result of disruption to their only feeding site – the mouth of Te Arai stream. A damn was built (no consent sought) to alter water flows thus enabling salt free water to be pumped to a reservoir for waterng the golf course. Auckland Council says it’s all ok and have now issued a retrospective consent. It’s not what you know it’s who…

  4. You remember Dolly the Sheep. Well…… question to the informed is how many versions of Dolly were there?

  5. I agree whole-heartedly. That is what our media has become a pathetic bunch of sycophants with no wish to rock their happy little boat where Obama/Neocons/Tories good Russia/Trump/Corbyn/Assad bad. Although Trump could be good if he goes on assisting Saudi Arabia to kill Yemeni’s and starts WWIII by overtly attacking Syria

  6. Who has the larger penis? Whose gaping hole is deeper than the other?
    Who wears what brand of shoes, t-shirt and pants? Who is chatting with whom online? That ‘matters’ it seems, in a world of total idiocy, while the climate changes, the climate warms in most places, fossil fuels are not going to be replaced any time soon (read International Energy Agency reports), and so we head to the abyss.

    OBAMA, too afraid to meet THE PEOPLE of NZ, only the CEOs and arseholes that sell out, I include you, dear Jacinda of NO Use.

    He is holding a closed speech event on the waterfront, the idiots assembled paying high bribes, for nothing, just shit words, I can tell you better advice here, for fucking free, my friends, we need no damned Obamas, we need damned less of these over entitled and bought rich prick servants.

    Go and SCREW Obama, I have no time for that man, nor for Trump, even Jacinda Dear now, you have sold out, that is this government of empty promises and shallow words and not much else.

  7. .Two multi millionaires with dubious history playing games and we have to pay for our police force to protect (?) them. Our police are stretched far enough now after their resources were decimated during key’s tenure. Why can’t they pay for there own security. This is just another slap in the face for the average Kiwi and according to sir john, we can expect more, and longer visits from this nonentity. I believe killary is also coming our way for a visit. it makes me wonder how much our latest knight has to do with this. I hadn’t realized that this golf course and the associated development was owned offshore, but it just adds more to the list of nefarious activity committed during the last 9 years

    • “Why can’t they pay for there own security?”

      Would you if you could get some dumb schmucks (us) to pay for it for you?

      We can’t afford the rich but until enough of us realise that and say “No!” then this sort of shit is going to continue.

      And don’t wait for Labour to save us. Ardern was only too willing to ask the lamentable Obama how not to feel guilty when balancing governing and parenthood and tell us gushingly about it. Very disappointing.

      I was taken in by Obama initially. I remember the excitement I felt around the time of his first victory and inauguration. Then sadly I got wise.

      I listened to an online clip this week where one US academic interviewed said the US system likes strong Republicans and weak Democrats. Obama was certainly one of those.

  8. Thanks Martyn. Consider it a compliment that you have been blacklisted as those who speak the truths are often made to look like idiots. Never be swayed by their gutless and mean spirited intentions to destroy the truth-speakers. I may, at times, not agree with you but I will defend your right to speak out and expose the insanity and criminality that is denied us in most media outlets.

    The truths about these psychopathic ; war criminal liars and greedy corporate suck-ups will soon be exposed to the world. The elite cabal 1 % ers are coming down and we all will know many of the truths that have been denied us. Also the truths behind 9 / 11 and Fukushima will be brought to light soon and who was behind these and other horrendous intentional and planned events.

    Part of their greedy goals was to kill a huge % of the worlds population but their days are numbered. Mark my word, many truths that have been denied us will be brought the the light of day very soon.

    2018 will be a year of MASSIVE DISCLOSURES and a monetary system change. Get prepared.

  9. This obscene fawning shows that the average kiwi still has an inferiority complex re. the big outside world despite all the rhetoric. As for obomba,(the shonky brigade hardly even warrant a mention) as an ex usa president he will be accompanied by his own armed secret service personnel, so the nz police were merely there to keep the peasants away.

  10. Obama’s visit was probably orchestrated months ago, when Key was PM, and likely expecting to be when Obama came, and for Key to get kudos and reflected glory from it, and his ratings helped. What hidden agendas there may be, remain hidden. Just boys at play ? Probably not.

    The media adulation is typical media behaving like groupies and being impressed by celebrities – which is what politicians have become – and celebrities are exciting to superficial folk, and brighten up their lives. Same thing happened when Camilla Parker-Bowles came. Even Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

  11. Totally agree, ANOTHER cringe-worthy CARGO CULT MOMENT. I know we’re insignificant in the big scheme of things, but do we have such an inferiority complex that we have to scrap & bow down to renown foreigners to feel good about ourselves? This is a sickness that runs very deep throughout our society. Until we stop putting foreign ideas, theories, systems & the opinions of foreign personalities & imports before those of our own people, we’ll get nowhere. Nowhere (Erewhon) maybe a good place to be but isn’t it time we grew up, trusted ourselves & became masters of our own destiny. Surely we can get it together & lift ourselves out of our dutiful adolescence state & leave Mummy (UK) – Daddy (US) & big Brothers (Australia/Canada) behind us in our trail blazing wake.

  12. Agree 100% Martyn,Obama came at the behest of Key,both not relevant in any real way. Obama is deep state and of the swamp.NZ may be used as a getaway for Obama and Clinton when things get too hot for them in USA

    Hillary is coming in May,not playing golf tho’ shes coming for money,$197 a ticket to hear her speak!!!!!!!!!!! wonder what her new excuses will be for not winning the presidency,she was so sure it had been bought for her,she didnt take into account that the public didnt agree the sale.
    Seems to me American interests have bought NZ,
    if someone investigated we might find how much has been bought.
    John Key still thinks NZ police are there for his benefit,at our expense.
    Jacinda Adherne,dosnt feel in the least like a Labour P.M more of a copy of John Key.

    • I wouldn’t flatter John Key by suggesting that Jacinda Ardern is a copy of him. Ardern has the sort of consensus approach which big issues need. We are unlikely to see her making a mockery of democracy in Question Time, or bellowing away like a school-yard bully.

  13. You are all being a little hard on Jacinda. Obama may be a duplicitous prick.
    Hillary is definitely a swamp creature. Who knows what pressure was bought to bear on Jacinda to support the ludicrous “Russia poisoned Scripal “story but she needs some time to find her feet in the, what has become, disgusting world of foreign affairs. She was elected at a time when most people are unaware of the earth shattering events that are being played out between Russia, China and the deep state UK/USA. Cut her a break. If she has not figured it out by the end of the year then rip into her. Meanwhile today’s the day (26/3/18) China begins trading oil in yuan and allowing those who follow suit to exchange their yuan for gold, completely undercutting the American dollar and the system that has allowed the Anglo-American financial elite to print money and maintain their global hegemony. Do you think Jacinda is aware of this? Do you think her advisors have kept her fully informed about who is the real aggressor in Syria, in North Korea, in Ukraine? I don’t and the NZ media certainly wont be telling the truth. How is she to know what is really going on?

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