Forget MAFS – this should be the biggest news story on the planet right now


Look, I appreciate Married at First Sight is terribly important, and being outraged by 60 Minute interviews, Iranian handshakes and gross things like this…

…are all terribly, terribly important, but, we are in a lot more trouble than any of that.


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Crazy,” “weird,” and “wacky.” That’s how scientists are describing the temperature in the Arctic.

Over the weekend, the world’s northernmost weather station, located just 440 miles from the North Pole, warmed to 43 degrees Fahrenheit during what’s normally the coldest time of the year. That’s about 60 degrees above average for February. The rising temperatures, caused by a “warm air intrusion,” have left scientists in shock. Sea ice in the region is also at its lowest level on record.

…the knock on effects of this are catastrophic. That amount of fresh water pouring into the Labrador Sea from Greenland can shut down the Ocean Conveyer Current causing the Tropics to boil and the Northern Hemisphere freeze over.

These are enormous changes that should be leading every news headline on the planet, the petty pointless shit we are squabbling over while the planet actually melts before our eyes is testament as to why our species can’t save itself.


  1. That the public are now beginning to understand the pain of young white males means change is inevitable for two reasons.

    One reason is the education feminist have provided over the last 50 years have resulted in no less than 6% payed salary than males right across the board. So if we double down on feminism as we know it, woman will get poorer. So change is inevitable.

    Second resason is the solutions aren’t so much physical or strucral/engineering as they are psychological. Said another way most left wing solutions have been proven to be terrible and right wing conservatives just don’t care. To become a more caring society we could not possible stop people from being the Richie McCaws of capitalism and become wealthy, but we can stop them from playing the game crooked.

    If we do not control money in politics than we can not stop people from playing the game crooked. The burden of proof must fall on public servants who’s spending is outside of there salary. And public private partnerships must be maganged by publicly elected officials. And if it turns out that parliament or the opposition is full of duds then focus must shift to the defence force so democracy can be left in safe hands.

  2. Another biggest news story to offset the ice melt in the Arctic is that the Antarctic Sea ice has reached a new record maximum- for the first time since 1979 the sea ice exceeded 7.72 million square miles- an all time high. One needs to tell the whole story to get things in perspective and not get your knickers in a twist!!!

      • What I love about man made climate warming advocates is the way you stringently avoid looking at data that threatens your thinking. So you only want to look at data that confirms your zealotry. You are like Catholics that refuse to look at a Protestant Bible. I will now go through the steps you zealots can go through to expand your horizons. It will be painful, but it is necessary.
        1.Type in “Antarctic sea ice levels”
        2. Click” search”.
        You will now see on your screen numerous allusions to the present state of the Antarctic sea ice levels.You will not like what you see.Have a bowl with you as some of you will vomit!
        You will see”Antarctic sea ice reaches new record maximum”[NASA].
        “Antarctic sea ice levels break record,NASA says.”[CBSNews]
        “Why is Antarctic sea ice at record levels ?”
        I feel that it is a fair point to suggest that to discuss the Arctic sea levels, while completely disregarding the record levels in the Antarctic is unscientific and irrational !!!

        • Oh! You have to click ‘search’? Thank you, Historian Pete. Sadly, your condescending tone takes the sincerity out of anything else you may say. Also, data does not threaten my (for one) thinking. From whatever angle it may come, it informs it.

          • The quality of information hardly depends on tone of delivery.

            We have stock market reports every week day on radio and that information is useless to most people and worthless when it comes to knowing what is important for our future and what change of direction is urgently needed.
            We get reports on shonky economics and growth prospects that both ignore completely ignore the dire prognosis of collapse on many fronts caused bu overshoot of business as usual.

            Tone doesn’t even figure.

        • :sigh: You don’t know me at all. I’m the resident sceptic here at TDB. And as an actual scientist I like to see evidence/citations when bold claims of any sort are made (preferably directly to the abstract of a peer-reviewed journal).

        • For me it is irrelevant if it is ‘man made climate change’ or not.
          The current end of argument number is 410, regardless of weather humans have been responsible or not for this, doesn’t matter.
          What matters is that the environment is @ 410 ppm CO2 now, and last time the planet saw this 96 ish % of life went extinct, there was no ice and the oceans were 80 meters higher.
          CO2 hangs around for about 1,000 years, the planet itself is releasing maybe more CO2 than ‘man’ now, and with the equivalent of possibly 1.300 ppm CO2 in the east Siberian arctic shelf (methane – back of an envelope calculation), which could ‘escape’ within a 10 year period. Who knows I guess?
          This is what unprecedented times is all about we haven’t a bloody clue how fast all this is going to pan out, ‘faster than expected’ is about as close as we can get )
          And it wouldn’t matter if we all left the planet tonight … taking our 440 nuclear power plants and F knows how many cooling ponds?
          2,000 ppm CO2 = oceans evaporating by 2090 ?? IE Venus.
          Anyone got a grandchild they want to invest in that future?

        • Relax – the jet stream-induced less-freezing (as opposed to warm) wave has vanished and Arctic temps have plunged back down to -25˚C. From the Danish Meteorological Instsitute:

          Minus 25˚C at the North Pole today:

          Southern Hemisphere temp anomaly today is 0.1˚C (in other words, nothing, no catastrophe) while the ‘World’ is 0.6˚C (and thank goodness for that because I hear it’s very cold up in Europe this week):

          Northern Hemisphere Winter Snow Extent from Rutgers University. 60% (6 out of the 10 most snowiest years) over the past 50 years are in this 21st century and the trend is rising:

          This year’s cyclone season may beat out last year’s for the most quietest season on record. We are now in the 5th month and only one (1) major cyclone in the Pacific, and one (1) in the Indian Ocean. Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) is way below ‘normal’ or ‘average’.

          And it snowed on my birthday last week, high summer, end of February, brutal southerly behind that ex-cyclone and the cold stuff snotted down from Fiordland to Otago (1 metre snowdrifts at The Remarkables) to Canterbury and the Kaikouras… for three days in a row, no less. See – white birthday wishes still do come true in 2018.

          • You don’t even care about reality. You’re looking at a mixture of lies and deliberate ignorance. Or did you actually write all that garbage because you had an epiphany. If you make a list on healthiest foods and you put a greasy baconator at #1 over a salad. It’s okay, no? MUH EPIPHANY.

            the national party, as part of their ongoing strategy of convincing rural voters to vote to fuck themselves over has spun a big lie about how the reason the diary industry is dying is environmental and safety regulations and how rolling those back will fix magically fix everything. A simple way to bring back the good old day with a clear enemy goes over much better than reality-based denial plans, with the oh-so-slight catch that those rural voters will never see any real results.

            You’ve clearly never been to Beijing or Calcutta or Bali; our river pollution can rival that of any big city globally.

            • Sam, Sam, green eggs and spam.

              “You don’t even care about reality… You’ve clearly never been to Beijing or Calcutta or Bali; our river pollution can rival that of any big city globally.”

              Do I need to respond to this youthful, self-evident tosh? Do I even want to? OK, yeah, why not:

              I spent a week in Beijing in 1986 (that’s last century, in case you don’t know, young’n, when peasants still wore Mao suits) having travelled for months through Indonesia – that includes Bali, in case you’ve never looked at a map – Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and, of course, China itself. I’ve seen some filthy rivers. I washed in rivers in Tibet – some of the coldest and cleanest and clearest. In India I swam in the Ganga – the complete opposite: death, filth, slime, life, but hey, all my earthly sins were washed away… True, never been to Calcutta, but Benares and Mumbai, same-same: filth, and beauty. And you’re comparing that to the Waikato? The Waitaki?

              You don’t even care about reality.

              • Now to hope he starts ranting about the Silicon Valley. And we all know that Trump is shit at environmental practices.

                But did you see what I did there? You lack conviction in your argument Greg, you’re easily lead Greg, you’re a follower Greg. You strayed so far from your original comment just to one up me Greg. That makes you deficient Greg.

                In this context, throwaway lines and pointless gestures like this are very significant, because you’ve stuck with the one market and one bunch of investors and every abrasive thing chips away at those finite resources, resources often referred to as “political capital”.

                And unlike financial capital, you only get one lump starting sum of political capital and you can’t grow it.

                Good day time waster.

        A team of researchers from NASA and several other institutions in the U.S. and Europe has found evidence of ice melt accelerating in some western parts of Antarctica. In their paper published in the journal Cryosphere, the group describes the new technology they used to study ice melt in Antarctica and what they found……..The researchers noted that several parts of western Antarctica are experiencing acceleration of ice loss, rather than the consistent ice loss seen on the eastern parts of Antarctica.

  3. Christ we will all end up living in the Arctic, the only positive will be the 20 hours of sunlight per day in summer.

  4. Martyn we are walking blind into a climate change bomb that Jacinda said is “our generation’s nuclear event”.

    You bloody well are right jacinda and when I listen to parliament today no-one ever even discussed the weather event now hitting Europe that is the worst event in history so our politicians are sleeping at the wheel and ignoring Jacinda’s call to arms to change our climate emissions and use rail and other climate friendly transport modes but in Parliament all i heard the politicians say when they talk “infrastructure” is about roads and more fucking roads.

    jacinda needs to send all her party back to the environmental school to learn how to say RAIL. not ROADS.

    • Yes it is our generation’s nuclear event, in as much as the planet is going to look like Hiroshima soon enough )
      Notice Europe is all about banning diesel engines?
      Yet our Al Gore esk PM, who we are quoting, signed a deal to ad more bunker oil to the environment at the least, and to shift environmental problems onto other countries. All for growth of global trade, should that read launching of nuclear missiles ?

  5. Who cares, I need to get some fresh milk and lemonade from the shop right now, so I will just jump into my car to go there and get what I want and need.

    That is what is happening in NZ Inc and almost all other countries on this planet, where people can afford cars, mostly fossil fuel driven.

    I wake up every day, and see people do the same thing, NOTHING is changing in people’s behaviour, and the MSM does not really report on the challenges either.

    We continue to head to the abyss, no doubt about it, headless chickens running for their perceived rescue, which is nowhere to be seen. People otherwise carry on as usual, and do honestly not give a damned shit.

    Sad but that is the reality, here in NZ and elsewhere.

    • New Zealand society is not a stationary bus. It’s moving and changing all the time. That you have not or should not be able to pass on your pissimistic genes into the gene pool would be a plus. Being sustainable and environmentally sustainable while having access to every modern day luxury isn’t a bad thing.

      So you say sacrifices now will have benefits in the future. Not only might that be wrong your children and your children’s children will have less. And there are many job titles that New Zealand have not been able to maintain, some in coal and other parts of the economy. So the conveyor belt of old kiwi ways of doing things are shutting down and new ones are starting up. Said another way, old ways of thinking are going extent, so that new ways of doing things can emerge. Sorry not sorry.

    • You are right MARC, As Robert Hirsch said “It’s a people problem, the people do not want to know”
      The issues have been known for a long time, yet we keep clinging to “Do something within the next 10 years”
      And it doesn’t matter how much more crap we all put up there, it is already way way to much.
      There are only 2 ways to make the situation worse, having a child, and nuclear war.

    • Marc “fresh” milk and lemonade are both crap you not only don’t need but are much better off without that shit in your system.

  6. I actually have some family live in Europe, and they are shivering to their bones right now, facing a winter that will go into March, not letting off any time soon.

    Also remember, that North Atlantic current, coming from the Gulf Stream, has kept most of Europe in moderate climate for centuries, yes thousands of years, and if it was not for that, Europe would be more like Canada and the Arctic anyway.

    The Ice Ages drove glaciers down from Scandinavia and down from the Alps to reach as far as Southern France, Northern Spain and Italy, and if you ever go there, you can still see the rocks and soils heaped up as hills and mountains in various places, as the glaciers drove these down to the south, during the last, albeit short and moderate Ice Age they had.

    History may repeat one day leaving much of Europe covered in ice and snow. But given the high CO2 and other gas levels in the atmosphere, we may rather see more instability there and elsewhere, and not such a radical cooling or freezing.

  7. Does anyone on TDB watch weather channels? Because I have friends in California, my favourite is 1 PacificRedwood. Eye opening.

  8. Atmospheric CO2 is currently almost 410 ppm, 130 ppm above the pre-industrial norm of 280 ppm, and 180 ppm above the 800,000-year average.

    It will continue its seasonal rise through to the end of May.

    Photosynthesis in the Northern Hemisphere warm seasons will reduce the level for a few months but this time next year atmospheric CO2 will be 412 to 413 ppm.

    Governments, including that of NZ, have NO INTENTION of lifting a finger to mitigate the biggest catastrophe in human history or even prepare for the dire consequences of the rapid overheating the Earth which is now occurring, and will continue to promote everything that causes ever-faster planetary meltdown, i.e.

    economic growth
    population growth
    petroleum-based personal transport
    petroleum-based commercial transport
    air travel
    industrial agriculture
    manufacture and use of concrete
    etcetera, etcetera, etcetera….

    It is still unclear how much longer the latent heat of phase change (ice to water) will prevent the seas in Arctic region becoming ice-free. Once the Arctic seas do become ice-free we should expect a rapid increase in the rate of overheating, since the lack of ice cover allows more heat to be absorbed by the various seas around the North Pole, and all the energy absorbed will manifest as rising temperature (as opposed to phase change).

    Needless to say, the disruption to the thermal gradient that used to keep the Jet Streams flowing nicely round the globe is manifesting in loops and wild swings, resulting in Arctic air flowing into otherwise temperate zones, as pointed out by Dr Jennifer Francis nearly a decade ago.

    Of course, we now live in a fact-free world when it comes to policy formulation, and everything that comes from central government and local government is ‘aspirational’ nonsense which is completely disconnected from reality……pandering to the banks and corporations that run the show for short-term profits, and pandering to the short-term wants of the poorly-educated and thoroughly misled masses.

    It’s going to be yet another ‘interesting’ year.

  9. Interesting debate with some interesting facts being presented but no one is putting it all together based on what is being observed. The global warming hypothesis is clearly invalid as what is being observed is extreme disruptive weather events encompassing both cold and hot and more storms. What is being observed is in reality more extreme weather events which do not fit the original simple global warming hypothesis (more CO2 = more warming), therefore a new hypothesis that attempts to explain what is happening needs to be considered based on observable events.

    From my perspective what appears to be the primary driving force behind the extreme weather events is coming from a combination of the sun going into a solar grand minimum period combined with the magnetic poles going into reverse mode whereby they switch around. These are all natural events which we can do nothing about except adapt our civilisation to meet the coming extreme weather challenges. Particularly as the poles have been moving for over 150 years and the magnetic shielding of the earth from outside energetic influences has declined 10% from 1850 to 2000 and a further 5% per decade since the turn of the century. In other words the magnetic reversal is speeding up and along with the rapidly declining magnetic shield letting in more energy from the sun and the universe in general our planet is getting juiced up with more energy resulting in more extreme weather events.

    Originally scientists believed it took thousands of years for the poles to reverse now we know it can take as little as 80 years in the past and we are over 160 years into this reversal and given the current projections the reversal will happen in the coming decades of this century. In other words extreme weather events are going to get a lot lot worse before they get better sometime next century.

    The declining magnetic shield will also make our electrical systems more prone to being disrupted and potentially knocked out altogether if they arent hardened to withstand the usual solar flares.

    Now there is no point going all headless chicken over this as all humanity has to do is realise what is actually going on and adapt to meet the challenges in the coming decade. Together we could survive as a species while going it alone as individuals in a neo-liberal wasteland we dont stand much of a chance as a species. God save us from the do-gooder climate change crowd with their blind adherence to a religious dogma based on a failed global warming hypothesis.

    Much better facts on the challenges we face can be found in this video:
    Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun

    And by following Suspicious Observers at:

    • I’ll put it together for you.

      1. In 1859 the British physicist Tyndall discovered that CO2 absorbs and reradiates energy in the infra-red.

      2, In 1896 the Swedish chemist Arrhenius recognized that the CO2 in the atmosphere was trapping solar radiation, and that burning coal would cause more heat to be trapped/

      3. Until the natural system was overwhelmed by anthropogenic CO2 emissions the average temperature of the Earth was governed by orbital factors and volcanic activity. There was speculation in the 1960s that the orbital factors would cause sufficient cooling for a mini ice age to occur.

      4. In practice the disturbance to the atmospheric chemistry caused by mass combustion of coal and oil overwhelmed every other natural system and severe overheating commenced. The theoretical basis for this overheating was worked out in the 1970 and 1980s, and by the 1990s overheating had commenced.

      5. Organisations with a vested interest in the burning of fossil fuels -primarily oil and coal corporations- poured millions of dollars into misinformation to keep the public complacent and using fossil fuels. The warping of government environmental policy by corporations and banks goes right back to the Presidential Task Force of the mid-1960s, which reported the likelihood of anthropogenic CO2 eventually becoming a serious problem: the wording of the report was changed at the behest of the corporations.

      6. The only factor that really matters is the average temperature of the oceans: that has been rising inexorably since accurate measurement commenced. And the rate of warming is increasing.

      7. Because this planet is primarily governed by banks and corporations, all so-called mitigation strategies (e.g. carbon trading ) have completely failed to address the matter of emissions and have been concerned with shuffling money around the world so speculators could profit from the faux strategies.

      8. The Earth has two stable climatic states: superhot and supercold. The period immediately following the last ice age, the period that permitted civilisations to establish, was unusual. CO2 emissions associated with the Industrial Revolution that commenced in England in the eighteenth century and spread across most of the world have triggered feedbacks that will cause the Earth to overheat to a superhot state. No one knows how quickly that superhot state will be reached, but a clue lies in the fact that changes are occurring at a rate many times faster than that of Mass Extinction Events, especially the Permian Mass Extinction Event (which was caused by extreme volcanic activity).

      9. No ‘transition’ to electric cars, photovoltaic cells or anything else similar will make any difference to the trajectory we are on because all such technologies are a subset of the fossil fuel economy and require fossil fuels for their manufacture. The only strategies that might impact on the rate of overheating are population reduction and rapid decoupling from the use if fossil fuels…..and neither of those strategies is acceptable to the banks and corporations that run everything, so the overheating will continue until the system collapses.

      • Been there done that – joined the Green party over it – campaigned over it for Greens – decades later realised those facts dont fit reality. Do some research and look at ALL the facts from ALL sides and dont get blinded by the herds dogma and treat it like a religion. The shit is hitting the fan but not for the reasons widely believed. Every hypothesis has to be ruthlessly tested over and over in order to check its validity and when new evidence appears this has to be considered and not rejected because it challenges privileged notions of dogmatic righteousness and politics and careers.

        • MM.
          Read the limits to Growth.
          You don’t need climate change to wipe us out.
          We have overshot on many fronts.
          You do not seem t get it that we need to use less energy and conserve precious resources by living very simply – and drastically reducing population.
          Cornucopia is not a refuse.

          • Read that too and its basic premise is correct. What I primarily dont like about all the attention on CO2 causing global warming theory (apart from the fact that it is wrong) is that it has distracted the environmental movement from the real environmental issues from toxic industrial pollution, pesticides, GMOs, population growth, industrial agriculture polluting air, water and land to produce toxic food that has declining nutritional value, health system reliant on big pharmas toxic products that do more damage than good and greed fuelling inequality. Actually greed is the ultimate toxin fuelling all of the above. Unlike carbon which is not a toxin and in fact is the very basis for all biological life. So long as people are happy taking the red pill instead of the blue pill they will never wake up. This is the blue pill:

  10. The future weather will be increasingly unpredictable – except in the increasing magnitude of its effects.
    What will be predictable is a strong positive correlation between the rising levels of GHGs, global temperature and the stridency of global warming deniers.

    That’s not even touching on one of the many elephants in the room, global dimming. In the unlikely event we get GHG emissions significantly reduced we first get a spike as the dimming effect reduces.

    Anyway, enough of that, I’m currently working on a concept for a reality TV show that will franchise worldwide and make MAFS look like Sesame St. Simon Cowell is so last decade. Once the ink is dry on the first contract I’ll be leaving TDB and joining my new buddies over at Kiwiblog.

  11. There are three positions on man made climate change that are reasonable in my opinion in that they should all be debated. Not for me the George Bush position on invading Iraq-” You are either for us or against us.” You can be an affirmer, a denier, or you can be “neither confirm nor deny ” which is my position. Why? Because I can see loose ends in the evidence put forward by all sides. For instance, there are vast discrepancies in the predictions of how much the sea levels will rise. Presumeably the scientists are all looking at much the same data, yet we have predictions of a sea level rise of 1 metre to 7 metres in the next hundred years.There is one hell of a difference between 1 and 7 metres. This difference makes me uneasy about the integrity of the scientists involved, especially as I am aware of the corruption epidemic in the science community, in North America in particular.And there have been substantial occurences of data falsification among climate scientists on both sides.I listen to the arguments and point out discrepancies and omissions, and then re-adjust my views. Such a methodology hopefully prevents me becoming a zealot!!!

    • In New Zealand tides ebb over a metre, where as in Perth tides ebb around 10 centimetres so one will be effected more than others. It’s a target rich environment of whataboutism and over-here. But there can be no doubt that the Himalayan ice glaciers are melting, and once they do melt the effect of less water flow effecting the agricultural vitality of India and China will have a deleterious effect. And that’s with out taking in to consideration artic evidence.

      So climate denialists are like holocuast denial. The evidence is easily accessible via the Internet.

    • ‘And there have been substantial occurences of data falsification among climate scientists on both sides’

      Bold statements, with zero evidence provided…..which is typical of climate change deniers.

      By the way, you would do well to learn the difference between facts and opinions (Chris Martenson, of ‘Crash Course’ fame explains the difference very well. And you would also do well to understand that your opinion, based on little or no knowledge of the facts (or ignoring them), has zero value in scientific debates.

      You would benefit from learning about the exponential function, and self-reinforcing feedbacks and mutually reinforcing climate feedbacks. You might then understand why firm predictions about the rate at which planetary meltdown will occur cannot be made.

      That said, we do know that the ice on Greenland is melting at an unprecedented rate, and that there is sufficient ice to raise sea levels by 7metres. And with unabated CO2 emissions it’s only a matter of time before the whole lot melts.

      It will, of course, be the next generation that will suffer the dire consequences of the denial of reality that is so prevalent in western industrial societies.

    • ‘Such a methodology hopefully prevents me becoming a zealot!!!’

      The REAL zealots are the maniacs who constantly promote all the factors that destroy the natural world and its capacity to maintain a habitat for life on Earth, and call their zealotry ‘economics’ and ‘prudent governance’.

      Until the absurd economic system we endure is terminated or collapses there is no hope for our species, as Martyn Bradbury pointed out when he wrote: ‘ the petty pointless shit we are squabbling over while the planet actually melts before our eyes is testament as to why our species can’t save itself’.

      • A few know the Truth: You are one of the zealots I am talking about.I recently put 5 posts about sea level rise distortion of data by climate scientists in the daily blog about a month ago. No doubt you missed it as you cannot pollute your narrow vision by contrary facts. For your edification I will research instances of falsification of data by climate scientists and present it on the daily blog within 2 to 4 weeks.Bring your own bucket!!!

        • .I recently put 5 posts about sea level rise distortion of data by climate scientists in the daily blog about a month ago. No doubt you missed it as you cannot pollute your narrow vision by contrary facts.

          Excuse me?!

          Pete, you left out one salient point to your assertion that you “recently put 5 posts about sea level rise distortion of data by climate scientists“. Let me quote you, chapter and verse, from your own post on 21 January – because no doubt you missed it;

          Or have the IPCC and Nasa falsified in a foul and criminal manner the data?
          Unfortunately actual physical evidence is some what thin on the ground at this hearing, and we are therefore going to have to rely on circumstantial evidence- basically that of motive and previous reputation


          When challenged – repeatedly – to provide evidence of “distortion of data by climate scientists” you eventually conceded that ” actual physical evidence is some what thin on the ground”.

          Instead of frequenting climate-change denying/conspiracy websites, perhaps you might familiarise yourself with a wealth of information from NIWA, NOAA, NASA, etc.

        • You can find plenty of documents at NIWA to peruse here:

          Start on these two on ocean acidification caused by rising CO2 levels: and

          And by the way, Pete, calling someone a “zealot” is not only ‘rich’ coming from you – but you conveniently ignore the information he is offering. In effect, you’re resorting to personalising this issue because it’s more convenient than relying on observable facts.

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