Auckland Fringe Festival Review: Louise Beuvink – Ladylike: a modern guide to feminism –


by Poppy Cox

Sodastream, Boxed wine and Poo cups? 

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to experience all of this at one of the five almost sold out shows of Ladylike: A modern guide to feminism driven by the cheeky and witty Louise Beuvink

A favorite of last year’s Fringe she’s back again with another round of this show.

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The set was akin to a pink-washed 1950’s instructional beauty video with mini kitchen set up and vanity stand which Beuvink herself matched in pinup style dress and heels.

Beuvink doesn’t hesitate to jump into her quickfire sometimes tongue in cheek sometimes unabashed comparing painful shoes to Bob Jones then calling him a cunt [agreed]

Her material linked her theme of the ridiculousness of expectations for women and some very funny successful anecdotes about drunken hookups and pooing in slogan mugs.

A personal favourite moment was when Beuvink utilised kiwi ingenuity and a Sodastream to turn boxed wine into champagne to share and party favourite Cheerios into chicken liver pate with the frankly grossed out and chortling audience.

Louise’s performance and delivery felt very genuine as the punch lines were slipped into anecdotes, although some jokes didn’t completely land she strove on.

Beuvink herself was the perfect tongue in cheek stepford wife  A Mix of kooky and conversational, building an OTT satire character to not only invite us into her girls night out and her kitchen but also unashamedly welcoming us into her life via her hilarious bordering on TMI personal anecdotes.

Beuvink bid Cheerio to her audience individually and I would say we all left with a slight blush of her jokes on our cheeks.

If you can snag a ticket to this very light hearted and fun bit of liberal propaganda I would completely recommend it.


Poppy Cox is a queer 18 year old Elam Art Student who loves performing arts