So Jordan Williams is connected to pro Judith website yet mainstream media still can’t see any dirty politics in leadership race?

By   /   February 20, 2018  /   3 Comments

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Speak no Dirty Politics, See no Dirty Politics, Hear no Dirty Politics 

Speak no Dirty Politics, See no Dirty Politics, Hear no Dirty Politics 

The mainstream media saw no dirty politics when Todd Barclay’s texts were leaked to destabilise Bill’s leadership.

The mainstream media saw no dirty politics when it became public knowledge that National knew Winston had been overpaid his Super in a move that meant Bill could never negotiate with Winston.

The mainstream media saw no dirty politics when Bill was destabilised before conference this year.

The mainstream media saw no dirty politics when Chris Bishop was taken out with snapchat allegations.

The mainstream media see no dirty politics in Mark Mitchell standing when he was a user of Slater and Lusk’s dark arts.

This despite all the evidence that Slater/Lusk had a candidates academy that boasts key MPs now in positions of power. This despite a dark plot that scared National hierarchy so much they shut it down. This despite Judith being forced to stand down when Slater boasted a hit on the head of the Serious Fraud Office.

Now, a mysterious pro Judith website has been linked to another dirty politics agent provocateur, Jordan Williams…

Taxpayers Union’s Jordan Williams’ personal email connected to Judith Collins website

Taxpayers Union director Jordan Williams’ personal email address was connected to an anonymous website backing Judith Collins for the National Party leadership, information provided to Stuff shows.

Williams said he was not behind the website on Monday and continues to deny it on Tuesday, instead suggesting that he is the victim of an elaborate smear.

The website appeared and was then deleted on Monday. It had a domain registered to a fake phone number and the name and email address of a “Raquel Ray.” This appears to be a fake identity.

…and yet still the mainstream media won’t even entertain

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    Isn’t it interesting that ‘fake news’ was once called propaganda. But they had to rebrand it ‘fake news’ so stupid people can navigate the menu more easily.

  2. the pigman says:

    Raquel Ray is pretty clearly a fake identity that the Taxpayers Union was using to make OIAs about one of their targets (Callaghan Innovation — the government’s private provider science funding agency — speculation, but presumably acting on behalf of a client wanting to take over that contract).

    Listen to Jordan Williams executing that hit after coming into possession of that official info:

    Williams now claims it’s an elaborate hit set up to smear him… lol.

    The Collins-Slater-Williams triumvirate are alive and well.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Unbelievable again Martyn.

    When are these media going to carry out real journalism?????

    The Broadcasting Minister has no balls as she (Clare Curran) should be placing rules around poor broadcasting, as she just responds to any complaint by telling us just to go to the “broadcasting Standards Authority” but that is where the problems came from as the broadcasting Authority does nothing to make the media credible so the broadcasting Minister needs to shake the whole media up pronto.

    Clare Curran is asleep at the wheel.