Waitangi Day 2018 – The joy of a leader who understands the Treaty, Māori will vote Jacinda forever & how Iwi Leaders have to acknowledge the political rise of Urban Māori


Waitangi Day 2018 smells different doesn’t it?

It tastes different too.

No bitter ‘Māori privilege’ nonsense from Don Brash and his shallow racism.

No spiteful ‘Let’s have a NZ day so we don’t have to feel guilty about the Treaty’ whining from Newspaper editorials.

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No constant media barking up of predictions of aggression and protest.

Jacinda’s desire to show Waitangi Day the respect it deserves with a 5 day tour visiting every Marae large and small alongside Ministers meekly lined up to do the BBQ cooking for Waitangi Breakfast is building a movement of aroha amongst Māori which will create a legacy relationship that is going to dominate Māori politics.

The electricity when she visits Marae is palpable and extraordinary. Her incredible ability to connect emotionally with people has generated a rapport amongst those packed Marae she’s visited in a way that will earn her devotion amongst voters while forgiving any shortcomings.

If she makes this 5 day tour an annual event she will build a following that will see Māori voting Labour because of their relationship with Jacinda for her entire political lifetime.

Her being pregnant is just the emotional cherry on the top, Māori in Northland have taken to Jacinda with nothing short of joy and her visiting everywhere has conjured up an excitement that will bind.

They will speak about Jacinda passing through for decades to come.

Look at this…

…Labour just won every heart and mind in the North – Jacinda is building a legacy relationship.

This personal relationship is going to cement Labour Party dominance of the Māori electorates leaving any resurgent Māori Party under a new leader like Dr Lance O’Sullivan with only the right for political movement because Labour will totally dominate the Māori vote on the general roll and the Māori roll.

With Jacinda building a huge reservoir of Māori voter support and the Māori faction inside Labour now one of the most powerful factions inside Labour, this puts the Iwi Leaders Forum, the Maori King and the Public Service all in a troubling position.

Many Māori live in urban areas and are not tribe affiliated. Their needs for better social services, jobs  and the legacy issues created by colonialism trump Treaty deals which is offside to the goals of the Māori King or the Iwi Leaders Forum. With urban Māori having a far more powerful voice inside the new Government, those movements will need to see any extra resources making a dynamic impact on the poorest.

But there’s another segment who are about to face an existential threat – the Public Service.

Māori know first hand the structural racism of the social service providers who care more about the building of fiefdoms than the actual welfare of Māori. Already the Public Service is strangling Ministers with Ministerial suffocation but the new Māori faction aren’t going to accept that.

Māori social service providers offer a wealth of cultural initiatives that bring a holistic view to caring about people and the Public Service will either need to adapt to those new initiatives or they’ll face an ongoing battle with a Māori faction that knows damn well how the Public Service denigrate their people.

The crowds thronging Jacinda on every Marae suggest it’s a fight the Public Service are going to lose.



  1. For a long, long time the scumbags at the top of the pyramid have fostered division and conflict amongst the masses so they could raid the commons and slip away quietly with the booty. The last thing the scumbags at the top of the pyramid want is a well-informed, well-educated populace that is cohesive and is working for the common good: if Jacinda steps too far out of line she will be punished.

  2. I hope Maori let it be known that the trade deal she is about to sign will destroy them. There are not the proper protections in place to ensure the sovereignty of this country. Much more Maori and public consultation is needed.

    • I see no dildos were thrown this year, yet the TTP was still signed? Oh that’s right it was changed (but they won’t tell how it was changed)

      This point proves that the protestors of recent had nothing to do with TTP but were merely Anti-National Protests but they required a better platform than ‘we hate National’, so they choose the TTP.

      The Josie Bulter’s of the world have been shown up as hypocrites, who shouted out loud when National were signing the TTP but now Jacinda has signed now are suddenly silent.

  3. This Waitangi Day will be different. There will be respect and dignity this time.

    Jacinda is passionate about connecting with all NZers, bringing us together. The positive vibes are already in the air for a successful Waitangi Day this year. It will be a celebration of who we are, led by a fresh, non arrogant and non confrontational PM.

    I look forward to watching it on TV tomorrow, something I haven’t done for a very long time.

    • Here here mary-a.

      I to stand for this positive message from the new leadership, and one where the regions will now hold the balance of power that the public service took away from them through the fostering of MBIE control mechanisms steered by Steven Joyce as MBIE’s father.

      It was signaled today on radio live that Steven Joyce is entertaining a bid to take over as National Party Leader shortly.

      Jacinda is able to carry the fight forward using a united Maori voice for another win in 2020 as long as she gives the regions their long sought infrastructure (rail) back into service again, and building up their long needed export production industries there also.

      • Good on you , CLEANGREEN , –


        Dildo Joyce.

        Does he really think the world has forgotten the flying dildo?

        Does he really think he can turn up at multinational diplomats assembly’s and not have people snicker behind his back ??? Does he really think that we as New Zealanders want to represented by that giggling , overbearing oaf ???

        The 11 billion dollar hole liar.

        Yeah right.

        Throw us another Tui’s.

  4. A different take on it by the National party representatives Mike and Kate Haweksby…



    I call Mike out on this, he is in fact racist, has no interest in Maori, doesn’t even know the Maori vote and his wife Kate was so pro Bill English in the top article, one wonders why the N.Z. Herald has given these two hard right wing opinionists so much coverage. They live in a parallel universe whereby they live a completely different lifestyle to over 90 % as the rest of the population.

  5. Pity what she said in the kitchen facebook clip about the Treaty and the TPPA was patently not true, and whomever wrote it for her must have known that.

  6. In 2 years time when Labour have failed to deliver on their promises to Maori the mudslinging, dildo-throwing civil unrest will return.

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