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    • Yes RB I see that the NZ Health authorities are cracking down on opioid use here now too.

      Is this why we have so many ‘wingnuts’ here now?

      Damn John Key and his administration with filthy loose policies on drugs.

  1. So what are NZers concerned about, whether the baby of Jacinda will be a boy or girl, and whether the new mum will cope?

    Or do some still find time to inform themselves about what else goes on in the world?

    ‘Turkey’s troops cross over into Syria’s Afrin’

    So the FSA, once supported by the US, at one stage allied with Nusra Front (deemed ‘terrorists’), then fighting in other arrangements, and now supported as willing mercenaries by Turkey, is fighting for the Turks to get hold of part of Syria.

    They got ISIS dealt to, but that was just the beginning, of more to come, the war in Syria is no longer just a ‘civil war’, it is now a war over influence, territory and control, fought by various interfering countries, one being Turkey.

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