While you squeal with vanity on social media about your Secret Santa delivery – here is the rest of NZ


I detest Secret Santa, it’s a privilege wank for people I wouldn’t stop to piss on if they were on fire so while you squeal with vanity on social media about your Secret Santa delivery – here is the rest of NZ and the true legacy of National’s 9 years in power…

Thousands swamp Auckland City Mission for emergency food, gifts

Thousands have been lining up outside the Auckland City Mission as the lead-up to Christmas puts the pinch on people’s wallets.

Nearly 2700 people have queued up for emergency food parcels and gifts in the past two weeks, and 80 per cent of those are women, missioner Chris Farrelly says.

“Women carry the burden of poverty in New Zealand, disproportionately to anyone else. Many of the people who have come to the City Mission this Christmas are women bringing up their children and other people’s children on their own,” he said.

More than 1700 people apply for 100 jobs at Rotorua’s Kmart
More than 1700 people have applied for 100 jobs at Rotorua’s Kmart.

Kmart management has described the response to the vacancies as “incredible”.

The fight for the jobs could get even tougher with applications for the roles open until this Friday.

New benefit wait times out of step with government’s own standard
Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni​ wants to know how her agency plans to manage an “influx of people” struggling with rising living costs, particularly in housing.

It comes as new figures show some of the country’s most vulnerable people were being forced to wait far longer than the Ministry of Social Development’s (MSD) own service standard.

The department’s benchmark for those wanting to set up a new benefit meant they should be seen by Work and Income (Winz) by the end of two more working days.

New Zealand ill-prepared for rising cost of climate change
A report from the Ministry for the Environment has warned that New Zealand lacks a coordinated plan to deal with future climate change and sea level rise.

Belinda Storey, the Principal Investigator, Deep South National Science Challenge says Council’s have to deal with it.

She says it means either increasing rates to fund it or look to central government for support, but there has been no commitment from Government.

“Adapting to sea level rise is going to be expensive and at the moment, that responsibility is primarily falling on local government. They simply don’t have the resources to adapt to it fully.

…a change of Government is not enough and we have a long, long, long way to go. But please continue with the Secret Santa bragging.


  1. The place where I’m boarding has a regular cleaner come in every Monday, when I asked about her holiday plans she says “I’m too broke to go anywhere”

    That’s reality for >50% of Kiwis

    • The place where I am renting costs me over 60 percent of my income in rental costs (excluding water, electricity and other essentials). Recently the ‘property manager’ for the place came to do his ‘inspection’, and he asked me what I had planned for my holidays.

      I told him nothing. He was surprised, but I did not elaborate, he is working for the owner, whose rental investment I help finance.

      He and the ones he work for are likely able to enjoy a holiday, while in my view more than fifty percent of NZers cannot really afford much at all over the ‘festive season’.

      This country is a joke, a sick joke, and media and so are only focused on the ones doing well, as negative news are ‘no news’ (i.e. do not ‘sell’).

  2. Great picture of Homo i-phonicus. What goes up must come down, we are moving backwards in ‘reversed evolution’.

  3. Well Bomber ….. you’ll be pleased to know the “old school” Jesse Mulligan will be dealing with secret Santa this afternoon on ….. let’s hear it for J-J-J-J-e-essie. (That’s on RNZ afternoons – which seems to have been renamed – your guessed it – j ESSIE).
    That’s if his order for Macadamia nuts is in train.
    Cynical enough for ya?
    If not, I could probably throw in a bit of lycra to make it easier for him to ‘on his bike’ from RNZ to Flowers Street
    Gorgeous Darling!
    It’s all becoming a question of degree of wankery these days.
    I’ll happily opt for the least worst option, and j-j-j-Jessie is low to midrange on the scale

  4. See, not being on twitter i had no idea what you were talking about…now I do…Thanks for further deflating my feeble sense Christmas Joy.

    You have to wonder about NZ post, an organisation that has such a high rate of injuries it actually has Rehab written into the time sheets as a variant on the normal work description.
    I suspect Secret Santa was ticked off as a way to increase postage by the same nincompoop who thought the Paxsters would work in NZ.

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