The Liberal Agenda Review: Gideon Levy’s road to Damascus (via Palestine)


Gideon Levy is one of Israel’s most courageous journalists. As a columnist and member of the editorial board for Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, he has consistently brought the horror of the Palestinian occupation to an Israeli public in total denial of their apartheid violence.

He spoke today in the Mt Eden Memorial War Hall and managed to deeply depress and demand immediate action at the same time.

He charted his own indoctrination and then went to explore and explain that Israeli society is incapable of acknowledging the abomination that is the occupation and that Israeli’s are pathologically wilful in their denial.

His message – that Israeli society is incapable of dismantling the occupation and that the only way change will occur is by outside nations forcing that change upon Israel. He spoke positively of the BDS  (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) calling it the only game in town in shaming Israel into action.

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Levy called the Israeli propaganda sophisticated and the fact so few young faces were present in a  seas of grey boomers spoke volumes of how effective that propaganda campaign has become.

There was much to be saddened by in Levy’s bleak analysis of how incapable Israeli’s are of humane change, but it re-inforced efforts that NZ must lead if there is to be any chance of change.


      • Gideon Levy is a stirling example of someone courageous enough to speak truth to power; someone willing to bravely suffer the insults and abuse from his neo-fascist fellow countrymen.
        Tova on the other hand is someone unable to articulate clearly whatever he is on about.No wonder he feels empathy with Israel’s ethnic cleansing and criminal actions towards the Palestinian People!

  1. Gideon Levy is first and foremost a humanitarian. His values are universal humanitarian ones. We NZers were fortunate that such an outstanding courageous journalist, truth-teller, came to speak to us about the Israeli regime’s, ongoing decades-long oppression.
    New Zealanders should show international leadership by supporting the non-violent campaign of BDS, Boycott Divest Sanctions.

    I am a retired teacher who has been to Israel and the West Bank (not Gaza) several times, as an ‘alternative ‘ tourist and seen something of what’s going on.

    Who are you, Tova?

  2. Totally agree with the criticism, but it will make NO difference at all, as the MSM and vested interest parties do not listen to this, they perpetuate the known bias, that Palestinians are the ‘trouble makers’, and the Jews and Zionists within Israel, needing that ‘protective’ state, are our ‘friends’.

    As Winston in government, perhaps, what more can I say.

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