I’m not joking, NZ mainstream media accuse Jacinda of witchcraft

By   /   October 22, 2017  /   23 Comments

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Will she get blamed for curdled milk and crop failure as well?

Ummmmmmm, WTF?

…let me get this straight, the mainstream media are trying to accuse Jacinda of witchcraft?

I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Will she get blamed for curdled milk and crop failure as well?

Add this to the long, long, long list of incredibly biased mainstream media pundits who have savaged Labour and the Greens and it is glaringly apparent that we don’t just need a change of Government but we desperately need a new media to replace this crap.

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  1. countryboy says:

    Ha !
    Clearly, our MSM has been influenced by the U$A MSM.

    Here’s a link which shows that some U$A gentlemen believe that wiping ones bottom puts them at risk of turning into one ‘o them there Gays.
    Bahahah aha a!


  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    Yes , … I saw that as well in this mornings NZ Herald.

    How ridiculous.

    Was it a deliberate tongue in cheek attempt at humour? , – and if so ,…WHY ?!!?

    Was the real motive behind it to contrast the corrupt ex- Prime Minister John Key and his toadying with the All Blacks to show he was ‘ just one of the boys’ , – which really was only for cheap political gains and nothing more ?

    Trying to rally the rugby enthusiasts and inject a cynicism among them against the new govt by using some benign looking ‘ innocent humour ‘ aspect to the shore up political party of their choice? And that party of their choice being the defeated and outgoing National party ?

    I think so.

    So here we go with the start of the cheap shots.

    The Dirty Politics attempts.

    The Corporate Big Business subterfuge.

    The liars , the wreckers , the haters and the deceivers.

    The neo liberals and their backers.

    The opening shots of this war have started in earnest with yesterdays sour grapes opinion piece by Richard Prebble.

    They are not taking this defeat in gracious democratic fashion.

    Because they are not used to the concepts of democracy or fair play , – nor have they ever believed in them.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    So the media are now perpetuating a new policy of mixing sport with politics now when they previously railed heavily against this before by saying “they should not mix sport with politics”!!!!!!!!

    unbelievable, and just a media scandal.

  4. Sam Sam says:

    Whaaaa. How about the Wallabies played a good game. In Bledisloe and Championship rugby home teams should always win home games for reasons of national pride, and ZB has none at present.

  5. Sam Sam says:

    After reading that dribble ZB wrote I’m just taken aback. Should read:

    An immature prick who kept on hating Female PMs even after Harvey Wiestien told every prick to stop and screwing up so many times.

    ZB dosnt even have the balls to put a name to this opinion.

    If i was there would say this to ZB.


  6. Patrick says:

    Come on guys, smell the roses and lighten up!
    The comments were very obviously tongue in cheek and traced the origin back to the AB’s losing 5 in a row under Jenny Shipley’s watch.
    Nobody seriously blamed her just as nobody is seriously blaming Jacinda, who is not even the PM yet.
    We lost because the Aussies played better – end of story.
    Good game though.

    • Don’t tell us, tell the person who wrote that garbage…

      • Patrick says:

        people on this blog thought it was true, whoever wrote the piece knew it wasn’t!

        • Sam Sam says:

          Desperate headlines for desperate links between female PM’s and the All Blacks.

          The All Blacks where playing at Suncorp and it was the last Bledisloe. It was always going to be a slugfeast.

          • Patrick says:

            Hi Sam,
            I hope you enjoyed the game.
            Hey, the article was only a bit of fun which started when Jenny Shipley lost 5 in a row all those years ago.
            Pity about the rain – and the time.
            Second half went quickly as on to second bottle of wine!

            • Sam Sam says:

              I know what rugby is, and I know what politics is. But I have no idea what entertainment has to do with constitutional powers.

              Although Beal is still throwing hospital passes I think the Indiginous jersey gave the wallabies a bit of pep.

              Think the wallabies will do well on the end of year tour after the disaster they had at the beginning while rotating there roster. Just goes to show incumbents aren’t all that in the professional era. Suppose politics does have something in common.

  7. mary_a says:

    Headlines alluding to witchcraft only prove how pathetic and weak msm has become!

  8. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    For all his many, many faults we can at least acknowledge Trump for his highlighting of “fake news”. You’d do well to find a better example than this.

  9. The NZ Cricket team beats India in India, the Breakers beat two of the top Australian teams…if Jacinda Ardern is a witch…she is a bloody good one!

    The idiot who blamed her for the failure of the All Blacks is an idiot, just that, but hey what’s new…The Herald sinks even deeper into the mire of Fox News style clap-trap…anyone buying the Herald has a mental health problem of the highest order…

  10. brucethemoose says:

    Wouldn’t take too much notice since it is from the NZ Herald
    Wouldn’t use it for shit paper.
    Though I probably use it to start the fire with. That would be OK.

  11. brucethemoose says:

    Australia already has theirs – The Wicked Witch from Oz. Since Julie wants to mend relations now, she can hop on her broomstick and come on over. She may have no other option annyway, given her various flight scandals to the cost of the Australian tax payers.

  12. mosa says:

    I hope the government acts with urgency with regard to the fourth estate.

    Renewing democracy and the need to strengthen it will not happen until we have a new approach in broadcasting and the media in general.

    If they don’t act soon they will be consistently undermined and unable to function.

    That undermining has already begun and Jacinda will have to stand firm.

  13. esoteric pineapples says:

    Plenty of room for psycho-analysis here. Are the All Blacks the national phallic symbol and some sections of New Zealand society suffering from “castration anxiety” – the fear of emasculation in both the literal and metaphorical sense”

  14. esoteric pineapples says:

    My mind carried on thinking about this story and I realised in a way that it is a very apt metaphor. Especially considering the Black Caps beat India and the Breakers beat Melbourne when New Zealand’s mojo is supposed to be deflated because we have a female Prime Minister. Labour/NZ First/Greens represent the majority through diversity, representing success in a variety codes, none of them being seen as being superior to the other. National represents the dictatorship of the largest minority, as represented by the domination of the All Blacks over all other codes. For the former, all successes are equally celebrated, and seen as part of our national identity. For the later, the success or failure of the All Blacks is more important than any other code. A failure for the All Blacks is perceived by All Black/National supporters as a crisis for the country. For them the All Blacks embody the “mojo” of the country, when in fact it DOESN’T, at least as far as over 50 percent of New Zealanders and most of the rest of the world sees us. This is why John Key made the All Blacks both the national team and the National Party team (and Ritchie McCaw is now part of the Fonterra team). They want the All Blacks to represent the a dominant minority, rather than a diverse majority.

  15. BBC says:

    I work in media and constantly have to tell people that the news here is baised. For some reason most people see it as ‘fair’ and non biased. The Herald is trumpeting that prick Hoskings rants as Breaking news on their mobile site.it isn’t breaking news, it’s an opinion. How will this change ??