How the corporate elite will attack Jacinda, Winston & the Greens


I think the 50.36% majority of NZ who voted against the Government have been utterly appalled by the mainstream media bias in favour of National.

It’s a bias that you always knew existed, but it’s not until you see it blatantly slapped in your face day after day, week after week during an election campaign that you start appreciating the sheer one sidedness of our corporate media.

Put aside the enormous journalistic double standards highlighted between how Metiria was treated for admitting benefit fraud 25 years ago to feed her child and a Chinese spy deep inside the National Party and put aside the ridiculous right wing pundit after right wing pundit who was  wheeled out to promise the end of Western Civilisation if National lost because there is a far more dangerous threat lurking.

Jacinda, James Shaw and Winston Peters have threatened the neoliberal framework that many rich powerful men in NZ have built their Empires upon.

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When Helen Clark threatened the same establishment with her win in 1999, these lurking elites generated a run on the markets to threaten the then Labour Government into publicly back down on their closing the gaps program. This direct strong arming of the Labour Government was nicknamed ‘the winter of discontent‘, the message being sent was clear, ‘sure you won the election Helen, but we run NZ’.

Those same powers are now manoeuvring in preparation to attack the new Labour led Government. Unlike 1999, this time the elites have a genuine fear that the angry anti-free market rhetoric of Winston Peters combined with a Prime Minister who has a social conscience and a Green Party who want to punish polluters might all combine in a significant way to genuinely re-tilt the economy into the favour of the many and not the few.

For those who have benefited from neoliberalism, that is unacceptable.

Expect an entire array of dirty tricks and economic self sabotages to damage Labour erupting  before Christmas and expect the corporate mainstream media to blame Jacinda, Winston and James every step of the way.

Winning the election was the easy bit, implementing a democratic agenda to combat inequality and build social justice against corporate interests who only serve to erode those aspirations will be the real challenge.



  1. Are these powers with vested interests not succeeding already?–walking-away-from-tpp-not-necessary

    “She said both parties she was had formed a government with, saw the need to grow exports see extra value gained for exporters. Green Party concerns investor state dispute clauses would continue to be worked through. ”

    And no quotas or caps on dairy cows, I heard to day, so says James Shaw.

  2. Yes, the powerful won’t like it. Unlike in ’99, hopefully an oppositional power. Some source of fury beyond govt level. Otherwise they will have their way. They only accept democracy in so much as it is a stamp on their authority. Witness Amerika.

    • @ Patricia Bremner … Yes Prebble had the sharps out the day after a Labour led government. But then Prebble is a disgusting excuse for a human being! About the same time, Hosking was warbling on about the new government being a complete shambles. All this, less than twelve hours after Winston Peters had made his decision, for crying out loud!

      Just goes to show how pathetic and totally ignorant Natz media mouthpieces are, because every time these odious creatures open their weaselly mouths or place their grubby trotters on a keyboard, they make absolute fools of themselves and Natz.

  3. Well said Martyn, I totally agree with you and it really saddens me knowing that this is exactly what will happen.
    It is imperative to establish a strong public media entity to counteract the Murdoch driven commercial media.

  4. You are correct Martyn in all you say, The Language being used over the last week by the elites and the fear of things changing to serve the many not the few, is abhorrent to them.
    As evidenced by the language of Garner and Hoskings.

  5. The creation of/strengthening of new or existing free-to-air non-partisan media streams on TV, radio & internet will provide the necessary balance.

    Critical analysis of the utterances of the NZ Initiative, Taxpayers Union, Federated farmers, Fonterra, Hospitality Association, Road Transport Forum and, oh yeah, the Opposition, can then be conducted for the education and edification of all.

    The writers & purveyors of bullshit can then be shown up for what they really are…..paid shrills.

  6. Time for the government to take TVNZ in hand and stop the blatant and proved bias, to the National party. Replace Hoskins with Campbell – taxpayers money should be going on real reporting of current affairs in NZ NOT fluff and bias.

    Stop the Joyce gravy train to his supporters at TV3 with his 43 million interest free loans to overseas private equity. It’s fairly clear why TV3 loves National in that context and killed off Campbell Live.

    Gower actually got private letter’s from the Natz about personal interest in his career. And a reprimand if he expresses any positivity towards the opposition.

    Too late for me, I’m off MSM because they have gone too far with their fake news and flakey content. It was the Campbell Live killing that was the final straw.

    • The Hosk needs to go he talks absolute dribble and has been a National Party physcophant, banging the right wing neoliberal drum for years ?

    • full support for SAVENZ proposals.

      RNZ same cleanout and promotions needed there with these following ‘baised against labour coalition while the others followgood broadcasting principals.

      1/ Fire these presenters/panels’ such as Suzie Ferguson, Kathryn Ryan, Matthew Hooten, Katrina Batten, Jim Mora, Jesse Mulligan,
      2/ Promote Kim Hil to production Manager, or similar senior Management.
      3/ Promote John Campbell to Chairman or CEO of Radio NZ.

      • @CG …. Me thinks Kathryn Ryan might actually be on the turn – and I don’t think it’s for reasons of self-preservation either.
        Bear in mind she’s of an age that’s grown up knowing nothing else other than the neo-liberal orthodoxy during her adult life.
        I’m not sure whether it’s because her balanced portfolio and work-life balance isn’t panning out as planned, or whether she’s genuinely come to see (as Winniw says), capitalism isn’t working for all.
        Same with Mulligan (who constantly protests his being ‘old school’). Despite that tragic abomination known as “The Project” where they all have to prostitute themselves in order to pay the mortgage and feed their egos, he does have a few gems on RNZ afternoons (which btw. has succumbed to the cult of personality by it’s renanimg to “Jesse” – but that’s what you get when the gNatzis have been desperately trying to stack the deck).

        As for 3), If not Campbell, then a Colin Peacock who has non-partisan journalistic values. (Let’s not swing from one extreme to the other)
        As for 2), I’d be surprised if she wanted the job. She’s too tolerant of muppets but also I think she probably has better things to do

  7. The new Govt should start to get to grips with our state broadcasters.

    Removal of the right wing zealots would be a very good start.
    If they receive tax payer funding, surely this should not be to hard to achieve.

  8. Iiiii dunno… ?
    National will still be sleeping off the hangover after celebrating their loss to the etc’s.
    With what’s coming, national won’t believe their luck that they managed to pull off the swindle.
    I’ve always been a lonely man… I was born alone, God knows where my mother was at the time? Down the Mataura shunting yards arm wrestling with the wheel tappers would be my guess.
    I grew up alone on a farm ( But for sheep. Make of that what you will. ) and to this day, I find myself alone, but for a gorgeous female human, a fluffy orange dog and numerous friends, but of course they don’t count when I’m trying desperately to be tragic.
    I find myself alone here. In my poor old dotage, furrowed brow, wringing my hands in me fingerless mittens, the fog of my breath sweeping across the plate with the crumbs from my spicy muffins.

    The reason I’m alone is because I have an unfortunate habit of rubbing humanoids up the right way.

    “…these lurking elites generated a run on the markets to threaten the then Labour Government into publicly back down on their closing the gaps program….”

    Are you reading this @ Chloe Swarbrick? Remember I suggested to you, and The Greens by association, that in order to survive well any new government must convert the farmer to a more righteous path. And do you remember that I told you just how to do that? By offering security to agrarian types, by removing the nefarious influence of foreign banksters from our primary industry?
    By placing our primary industry within cotton wool and placing them on the mantlepiece above a cosy fire? Remember, in your great little gallery with the excellent coffee?
    The reason the ‘lurking elites’ were able to make that threat, and make good on it, is because they have the farmer all bought and paid for. Now, all they have to do is keep them isolated and feed them MSM scrout while stealing their money. And do you think you guys can talk about our primary industry in that vein? You vomit blood when a cow takes a piss but you go pale and trot out the indifference when we have this positively perfect opportunity to heal NZ, sort out poverty and fucking nail the wanky elite to their gold plated shitters as they evacuate their bowls from the fright of a new way of doing things that’d fuck their little game up.
    Get the farmer, get their money via their export of edible goods to a looming global food shortages crisis and all you have to do is give them, in return, security. Protection from Banksters and their crooked minions, our politicians. And that’d be simple enough. It’d be their money to begin with.

    Or is this a scenario…
    Outraged public.
    “ Dirty filthy lazy bludging farmer! ( Belch ! excuse me! Ate to much at breakfast. Now, where was I)
    Tax dodgers! Polluters ! Animals abusers ! etc…

  9. Well, the NZH didn’t waste any time with their pathetic “Did JA “curse” the AB’s?” bullshit, but the real meat in the sandwich, by my guess, will be the resurrection of John Key, now that he is ANZ chairman. I think we can expect to see him called on as a “commentator” in response to economic issues, and he will use his lingering popularity and gift of the gab to steer a National opposition, without any of the responsibility or repercussions.

    • You got it.

      It’s already happening with Key, and even when he was part of the govt he avoided all responsibility and duck shoved repercussion elsewhere.

      Key through his ‘popular’ cipher-speak will exhort to the Fed Farmers prayer meetings the necessity to uphold corporate interest in any way shape or form.

      Dirty Politics could very well go up a notch or two.

  10. Cast a jaundiced look at the events in the U.S. in the last year for a shape of things to come. And that was a struggle between two groups of rightwing Oligarch factions, not between right and left.Expect the media attacks on the Govt .coalition to increase in intensity.Look nervously at the N.Z. deep state.The CIA in the working to destroy the unwanted Trump Govt.What do you think our security services will be doing here in N.Z. ? It will have been a prerequisite that any recruits were neo-liberals/right wing. How loyal to the new Govt. will be the upper echelons of the N.Z. police ? The National Govt. has produced a wealthy upper echelons in our Public service.Where will their loyalty lie? Will they actively sabotage efforts to reduce ineguality ? Those in N.Z. who wish for rule by the one percenter Oligarchs , as has already happened in the U.S.will be organising as we speak to crush this left wing threat. The billionaire Peter Thiel did not become an instant N.Z. citizen because he liked the idea of being a citizen of a country that was going to implement a fairer distribution of wealth! And the U.S Empire takes an active dislike to countries that veer left and do not enthusiastically bend the knee! So, the battle has just begun!!

  11. State Broadcasting needs a big overhaul and the fascist neoliberals like Mike Hoskings need to be given the bums rush.

  12. State Broadcasting needs a big overhaul and the fascist neoliberals like Mike Hoskings need to be given the bum’s rush.

  13. Although Natz might not be government now, it’s inevitable the downright nasties of the incoming opposition, will have their plaything msm, performing to their lying, deceitful dirty tune as always! Joyce will have that one well under control.

    Government has changed, but not Natz. So dirty politics still on the agenda there.

  14. Well I suppose we would be naive to think that the Natzskis, who believe they are the natural government of this country, would take this loss lying down. In 1984 Muldoon reacted to their loss by doing what he could to undermine the new leadership. This time the Natszkis have built a much stronger relationship with the international corporate gangsters who will willingly aid any effort to destabilise and internationally isolate the new government. The real traitors, the progeny of Prebble and Douglas are on it right now.
    These failed neo-libs might think it is funny to make jokes and veiled threats about insurrections and coups, but if they go too far I for one will stand with Jacinda and Winston to defend our democratic choice and do what I have to do.

  15. The elitists are vile unhuman animals and are praying on the poor powerless among us all so they have secretly setup a war against the meek, as “it’s them or us” so they have declared waron us already so wake up all and fight them before they steal anything else theycan before the next GFC comes.

    Elitists = scavengers.

  16. It is FAR WORSE than this post may suggest.

    Expect more of this kind of stuff, and also, that business sectors and individual businesses will lament to the pleasure of the new opposition (Nats and ACT), that they are so ‘suffering’.

    The MSM will hence focus on reporting on such ‘suffering’ now, instead of homeless sleeping in cars and kids going to school without breakfast.

    In Auckland we get this kind of reports, and the Mayor Phil Goff gets pressure from within his own Council, to bloody well shut up, when people lament high salaries of Council staff (the elite that is):

  17. Our new Labour lead Government must bring back the past “Labour day” I remember the floats in Napier in the early 950s and all the games at the ‘annual show grounds’ where I waved a flag at “Walter Nash ashe was the leader of the labour party just before becomming PM of NZ.

    Early Labour Day parades drew huge crowds in places such as Palmerston North and Napier as well as in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Unionists and supporters marched behind colourful banners and ornate floats, and the parades were followed by popular picnics and sports events.

    The huge crowds this Labour day are likely to be flocking to the malls on the first sales since last week. We have transformed into a consumerist society.

    • Yes Dave, the corporate elite were totally responsible for the increase in youth suicide, homelessness and those living in cars. Hardly surprising the right self destructed!

  18. I am hoping for a decrease in the NZ dollar. I think some exporters would be loving that. There will be winners and losers.

    Please smash the NZ dollar, Winston and Jacinda. If you block foreigners buying anything except for tourist nik-naks, it’s all good.

  19. Until Labour/NZ First/Greens produces its own, regular, one page point of view in easy-read, delivered to letterboxes, PRINT, to counteract the lies that the anonymous national and corporate donors/greedy supporters feed to the so-called objective newspapers and political magazines such as NZ Herald and Listener, they will not achieve the ear of the easily manipulated masses.

    TV pulp has successfully destroyed the more discerning character of many New Zealanders being able to tell truth from fiction, so they need all the help they can get to spot the lies of national’s propaganda. I still remember the moment when factual articles and opinion columns melded into one and we began calling them faction.

    Please repeat after me; “not everyone looks at digital political blogs” giving the other point of view. Even National gets this, given the surge in newspapers sent to homes, especially farming.

    Individuals writing articles or letters to the editor of magazines and newspapers relies on the objectivity of the editor. That’s already a lose/lose situation, when dealing with media that has profit-motivated backers not wanting to scare their greedy masters.

  20. I see Winston is in charge and the Greens have had to swallow a dead rat over the Kermadec Sanctuary.

    Still keen on this coalition? Not even a week old and it’s already in trouble!

    • Bill English and John Key should have never left the decision to form government upto Winston then. What could they have done differently?

    • Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, hey hey hey, goodbye.

      Yes still very keen on this coalition Andrew, the last 9 years were just crap!

  21. Whilst I appreciate the battlers in CBB (or whatever they call themselves these days – I should know if I could be fucked looking through emails), I’m not sure that what they propose and hope for is ambitious enough.
    I hope that our new government will come to realise that all public money should be directed to public service broadcasting, and not propping up commercial enterprise – which if you adhere to the principles of capitalism, free markets et al, means that IF they can’t stand on their own two feet then tough fucking luck.
    The next thing to contemplate is that in NZ, we have a number of interests pretending an interest in Public Service Media, AND using public funds in support of their endeavours. RNZ, TVNZ, NZoA, TMP, (havn’t checked yet whether or not the bastards managed to privatise) and Kordia (which inherited public assets). ALL with highly-paid CEOs and boards and associate ticket-clippers.
    Then the next thing to consider is that we are supposedly a 1st World nation of 4, 4.5 million and who should rightly expect at least a functioning 4th Estate, an electronic broadcast venue for Arts, Sports and Culture, and an electronic broadcast venue for children.

    So whilst the likes of CBB have their hopes set on a TV1 resurrected from a non-commercial style TVNZ7, I see no reason why we cannot have An RNZ National, an RNZ Concert, an on-air/ether RNZ The Wireless, a TVNZ1 (modeled on a TVNZ7), a TVNZ2 (modelled on a Heartland, regional interest, sports/arts/culture) and a TVNZ3 (modelled on a Kidzone).
    – you could actually pay for much of this using a single umbrella public media organisation, and eliminating several CEOs/boards and associated unaccountable ticket-clippers).
    I’d bet there’d even be enough money to throw a dime or two to up-and-coming musos wanting to make a video, and even a few documentary makers – even if they had a commercial broadcast agreement (as long as NO fucking ads were shown during broadcast).

    It’s been a while, but I can’t remember anyone giving me a valid reason why public money should be frittered on things other than those beneficial to the public interest – unless of course we’re ‘comfortable’ with the principles of fascism/corporatism/neo-fucking-liberalsism (which of course isn’t very liberal at all)

  22. Winston needs to act his broadcasting promises now – get Campbell back on air ( NZers trust him) – and nip this predictable propaganda in the bud.

  23. If Winston can tame the media and neo liberal forces then he truly will be the man who accomplished the counter 1984 revolution we have all been waiting for.

    The force against this administration has not yet begun but the signs are clear.

    Corrin Dann to Jacinda Adern on Q+A this Sunday, do you expect a ” winter of discontent ” that business ran against Helen Clark in her first year in government !!!

    MMP now in doubt as National denied government because one out of two NZ ers voted for them.

    The first rifts appear in the government ( yet to be sworn in yet ) over the Kermadec Island sanctuary TV One News and Newshub TV3.

    The Kiwi dollar drops due to the formation of new government and Winston stating that capitalism has not delivered for all New Zealanders.

    We have has a democratic election and a democratic government formed but democracy is not in the hands of Kiwis but hteir monied masters.

  24. Most people barely listen to radio. It’s background noise, mostly.

    Occasional flashes of recognition occur when a name is recognised through the usual white noise effect. Yet itis rarely deep.

    Readership of papers is declining and comprehension skills aren’t quite what they were ‘once upon a time’.

    Radio listening is mostly a habit, a noise to prevent silence/aloneness – and unless people have a serious reason to change – to answer the old WII-FM question (what’s in it for me?) then all the long-pent fury about certain presenters is ‘ a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.’

    They’ll need the smartest marketing people money can buy, this new government. Papers and radio are different now – and fill a very different set of needs.

    Doubt and derision? Fox News and Breitbart and Hannity and Bannon. They have their convinced followers. That’s ‘convinced past reason and logic’. There is NOTHING anyone can do to make a dent in that kind of loyalty. Don’t even try.

    But the middle of the hump – the mainstream and the late adopters – they’re worth targeting – with the same persistence and ingenuity we’ve seen for decades from generations of propagandists.

    Hey! It mostly worked for seat belts. For a while. Enough to effect a major social and cultural change.

    Don’t bother sacking. Work to make them irrelevant – because most people have moved on, thanks to change and technology.

  25. It is in the interest of all, that Quality Public Service Broadcasting is well funded. Labour failed to secure it’s future last time and look where that lead! This is fundamental for a healthy democracy. Time to get to work Labour and Co.

  26. Let’s not get too carried away with crediting our new Govt with an anti-neoliberal agenda quite yet. Remember it was Labour and Rogernomics that first led us down that path in 1984.
    Helen and Micheal sat on their hands – deliberately – while allowing the housing bubble to enrich those who already had the most and keeping our economy ticking over with money borrowed against imaginary equity. They were consummate free marketeers.
    Winston happily supped with the devil by supporting the Nats, and the Greens eroded their own support base by becoming Labour Lite, failing to make an alternative case for genuine economic and social change.
    I’d love to believe that leopards do change their spots but I feel we are likely to see little more than tinkering around the edges of a systemic problem. I hope I am proved wrong!

  27. You lost me at your first lie.
    Metiria didn’t commit benefit fraud to feed her child, she did it to fund her studies to get her law degree.
    Quite a difference…

    • Ah, no. Metirial Girl Tureit I Stole Your Money committed fraud simply out of greed.

      She had the support of property developer baby daddy, her labour MP mummy AND her extended family as came out when they started popping up to reveal their disgust with her.

      She was never in any kind of need as testified by her ability to find the time to play around with equally wacky groups The McGillicidy Serious Party and The Wacky Baccy Party instead of working.

      She has no excuse and lied her way through the entire saga. She should be debarred and have her Parliamentary pension stopped.

  28. Stupid forever

    Watching the National Party spill its guts in all sorts of ways on its dear friends, the wealthy Chinese, the wealthy Indians and the local Wealthy while they dragged a staggering number of Kiwis into all kinds of distress over the past 9 years, has not been pleasant.

    Cruel ministers such as Coleman and Bennett. Liars such as Joyce and English. Are not my cup of tea.

    We should drop the label National when referring to them, and call them Irrational. Why ?

    Because when you bring in hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year over 9 years and yet build zero infrastructure, you are being stupid beyond measure. But that stupidity is the only legacy of Key and English.

    The Irrational Party.

  29. Interesting Martyn, you deleted my comment about your continued glorification of Noam Chomsky. You are showing your ignorance and bias.
    Get informed about what LEFT GATEKEEPER means. Geez do you not understand why those like Chomsky and Amy Goodman and others are being avoided no matter how good they sound. They have a hidden agenda and they are paid to keep some of the truths from coming out about some very important issues. Look into their corporate funding and why. Martyn do some digging and stop showing your ignorance by choosing to continue to quote and support a hypocrite and left gatekeeper like Chumsky.

    If you choose to not include this comment, then my point has been made very clear about your bias and ignorance and defense of the indefensible.
    Get informed Martyn, expand your horizons on this issue.

  30. Still ELATED. But time to organise the Opposition OPPOSITION. Get online and start online. The rich nat brats will. Keep SUPPORT FOR THE NEW GOVT PRIMO !!!!!’

  31. this article is the worst kind of defeatism.
    It is time for the NZLP to create its own media system and take the right wing msm head on.
    the answer lies in micropulse radio stations. they are cheap. work on line of sight and no royalties if there is no advertising.
    Time for the party mavens to take the bit between the teeth and build something for the future.

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