A breath of (almost fresh) air


The most interesting aspect of Winston Peter’s announcement of a coalition deal with Labour was his acknowledgement that capitalism had become the enemy of so many people. He said he wants a government of change which, among other things, will do something real about poverty.

That’s very good news for the new government because while Jacinda Ardern has talked the talk on poverty and inequality she didn’t bring any new policies into the election campaign which would have made a significant difference. In fact she backed down on even considering a capital gains tax for at least another three years. Her “captain’s call” was to cut the opportunity for a fairer tax system which would take the heavy tax burden from the poor and shift it to the feckless rich who don’t pay tax.

She compounded the idea she didn’t really stand for change by surrounding herself with the likes of Michael Cullen and Annette King during the campaign and in coalition negotiations.

These are the people who, despite nine years of strong economic growth and big budget surpluses, left 175,000 children in poverty when Labour lost the 2008 election.

In his (probably) last term as an MP. Winston Peters has returned to his economic roots. He came into parliament as a young MP when Muldoon was at the height of his powers. He was Muldoon’s protégé. Muldoon, despite the fact half the country hated him with a deep passion, fended off the new right within National and refused to implement economic policies he knew would increase poverty and inequality.

Labour unfortunately was captured by the new right in 1984 and the rest is a history which continues to repeat within the party and its policies.

It seems to me Winston Peters could well be the driver of policies to reduce poverty and inequality. Muldoon – despite his conservative, anti-women and anti-union attitudes – would have approved.

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  1. Allow me to bang my tattered drum.

    It worries me greatly that everybody still ignores where our money comes from. To enable such simple things as our ‘ standard of living’. A quaint, olde worlde concept for those living in the gutters through no fault of their own.

    I live in the middle of a 250 hectare ( 610 acre )fourth generation sheep farm. All green, rolling hills etc. Ahh… lovely. To those who can speed past in their cars ‘ doing business’ here and there, lovely indeed.
    The farmer told me that he and his family haven’t had a proper, planned holiday on fifteen years. He dreams of Portugal but can’t afford an employee and his family to take over and I watched all winter as he was out there, in the freezing gloom of winter’s morning’s literally keeping a weather eye on his animals… Animals that others make a fortune from. Once out the gate, others make massive money. Money that trickles back into our pockets via banksters and those filthy riche that dane to pay a stipend in tax.

    Who mentions farmers other than when hands need wringing about cow farts?
    You wouldn’t believe just how much of a distant planet NZ farming is on. They’re completely isolated and divorced from contact with the cities, both physically and psychologically.
    Muldoon was a practitioner of such head play. Is winston peters thus predisposed? Fuckin’ oath he is.

    Has Jacinda Adern mentioned bringing the farmer in from the cold? No. She has not. In fact, quite the opposite.
    The Green Party ? Ha !

    The dirty little G-Nats had normalised demonising farmers to para$ti$e them to such an extent that we city types picked up on it as a thing to do. A bit like racism. Racists start as a small group. One person is all that’s needed. Then, pretty soon, everybody is hating the minority and most of them can’t really explain why.

    ” Well, the person’s black. Filthy Blacks right? Right? ‘Cause they’re black/brown/tan/green/orange…”

    This is how far I trust winston peters [ … ] . That far. What? About 4 mm would it be?

    As for annette king and old Mr Fuck Face? Forgot his name. Omg. I mean…omg.

    Sorry to piss on the parade but the bastards don’t fool this old mad man.

  2. I’m not surprised Arden had to back down on implementing a CGT in the first term, the media were starting to turn on her. Remember how feral the mum got on Turei? Once the scent blood, the msm lose their mind and go feral on a person’s ass. Especially a left-wing figure.

    She did what she could.

    As for Peters, I was surprised at his comments about capitalism. Maybe it’s true what the say about getting more liberal as you get older.

    • I think its more to do with Peters antagonism towards neo liberalism in favour of old time Keynesianism and having an interventionist govt.

      Which is , in the final scene ,what we voted for.

      Hopefully that will become more and more a reality as time goes on.

  3. It is rather ironic that the old Tory will be the one pulling Labour to the left. I’m glad the Greens are in there to help, because it’s not going to be easy.
    I’m incredibly happy to see the last (for a while) of people like Joyce, Bennett, Collins, and Bridges, but lasting happiness will depend on the new government abandoning the legacy of 1984.

  4. Yes, I came home from working in Canada for six years in 1977 and my time under Robert Muldoon’s National Government was a very diffent beast from the last nine years of this current ‘National’ Government.

    This ‘National style is just a rort for global corporartes whereas Muloons was more atuned to looking after what he called “the ordinary Kiwi bloke” I recall him saying very often whenhe was warning banks and large foriegn industry to act responsiblly withinterset rates or workers rights.

    To me i think Robert Mulldoon was a ‘socialist conservative’, not as the current ‘national potitician’ is, as just big bussiness freindly.

    “It seems to me Winston Peters could well be the driver of policies to reduce poverty and inequality. Muldoon – despite his conservative, anti-women and anti-union attitudes – would have approved.”

    • Muldoon , and Bill Rowling , Norman Kirk etc were the last of the ‘ war generation’ . They knew all too well the destruction that occurred to them and their fiends or their parents and siblings. Thier parents had endured the 1929 Great Depression.

      They knew what suffering was all about.

      So they set about creating a society that wouldn’t necessarily suffer those same tragedy’s again … a welfare state . Full employment. And many , many other measures to ensure a peaceful , wonderful country. And it was , for the most part .

      They were the practical generation.

      And they were the people that brought this country Keynesian economics to enable all of that. And it didn’t matter that a politician was either National or Labour , left or right at that time because there was a general consensus to adhere to the principles of Keynesianism.

      Thus we had relative equality / equity for decades in New Zealand.

      That all changed with the advent of the free market monetarist ideology of neo liberalism, … it was this that changed this country for the worse.

      A failed , far right wing quasi Nazi political / economic theory that is deliberately designed to create a wealthy elite and a politically powerless underclass to enable and perpetuate it.

      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

      There are many , many people in NZ today ,- particularly younger people … who are blissfully unawares of just what has taken place this election and the sheer magnitude of it. It is a historic election.

      A genuinely historic event.

      For those of us who suffered when Rogernomics was first implemented, … my generation , … and the generations above me ,… who saw and took part in all the massive street demonstrations, the closures , the mass redundancy’s, the selling off of decades of tax paid for state assets , the loss of national sovereignty ,…we know how its been , and we KNOW the difference ,….

      And we feel like we have been involved in a viscous 33 year war to get our country back.

      For the sake of ourselves , our children , our grandchildren.

      It almost , … causes tears to well up when I think of this ,… in fact … tears do well up. And are now as I type.

      I am so grateful to Winston Peters, … to Labour , to the Greens , to NZ First. And to all who voted for them. So very grateful.

  5. My concerns also, John Minto. Jacinda and Labour have yet to deliver true change, but Winston’s words may also just be words, that may never be truly honoured.

    • Before people jump to too many assumptions they have to form the govt first to enact and deliver change. Give them a chance before putting the boot in.

      • I do give them a chance, but we had election campaign info and recent comments, and they leave to be desired, so what will we wait for? More disappointments? We have a right to raise questions.

          • I agree Louis.
            The MSM propaganda war from the Right on the nascent govt has started already……and they haven’t even been sworn in yet!
            No need for the Left to follow suit from the other flank.

            Everyone chill and enjoy LABOUR weekend if possible (sadly fewer and fewer after decades of worker abuse, but that’s for another day/thread).

            • Couldn’t agree with you more Qucksilver. Fed up past my eyebrows on the negative often right wing scaremongering narrative thats currently sweeping the country and judging by the comments on news/blog sites, the public at large are pretty fed up too.

  6. For me its a breath of air and its a hell of alot more welcome than continuing to suffocate on National’s fetid toxic gas

  7. Yeah, it strikes me as Muldoon’s ultimate revenge on Douglas, Prebble etc – that his “young apprentice” would go on to avenge him. Very “Star Wars”.

    Especially canny that he used a live ‘direct to the nation telecast just like the old master.

    I caught an interview with Richard Prebble this afternoon, and he was livid.. spitting out his opinion that this is a dictatorship, and it”s an illegitimate Government. If he’s that angry, you know we’re making progress.

  8. Muldoon destroyed the boat and caravan building industries in NZ with his punitive 20% “luxury” tax. Ordinary workers some with families (children) lost out. These were not “luxury” items they were a way of life in NZ. Just like the Bach or crib.

    Careful what you wish for with regard economic policies that may or may not increase poverty and inequality.

  9. …” Winston Peters has returned to his economic roots. He came into parliament as a young MP when Muldoon was at the height of his powers. He was Muldoon’s protégé. Muldoon, despite the fact half the country hated him with a deep passion, fended off the new right within National and refused to implement economic policies he knew would increase poverty and inequality ” …

    Nicely said John Minto.

    You know , the old curmudgeon Muldoon had many faults ,… but compared to the democratic abuses over the last 33 years and the insane drive to rape the already poor , to sell out to foreign interests , … old man Muldoon was but a mere tabby cat by comparison.

    In fact , I recall reading an article that showed that the Muldoon govt ,… was actually more Left than the Greens were a few years back ,- and get this , – closer to MANA !!!

    THAT’S how far to the right this country has gone in 3 decades.

    At a time when Rogernomics was considered radical … NOW … Keynesian economics is considered ‘ radical’ and neo liberalism is considered orthodox !!!

    That is how far the worm has turned. I tell you what , – if there was a Robert Muldoon in politics today I would happily vote for him !!! But yet in actual fact , … there kind of is ,… and he just enabled the Labour govt to form a coalition , – that includes the Greens , no less !!!

    And that individuals name is Winston Raymond Peters.

    This election , … however , I party voted Green . It was going to be Labour when the chips were looking down but then along came Adern. Then it was all hands on deck to support the Greens to ensure they got in.

    I am so glad I did. I have never felt so empowered by using my vote this election ever before. I am so grateful to Winston Peters and his decision.

    There were two individuals I always liked during those turbulent times of the late 1980’s and right up to now . One was Jim Anderton who has since left politics ,… the other was Winston Peters. Both of them endorsed a pre 1984 New Zealand.

    It has been decades of feeling despondent and discouraged of ever seeing a semblance of a return to the real New Zealand I grew up in.

    And I say the ‘ real ‘ New Zealand because for 3 decades it has seemed like a facade, a hollowed out remnant. An ugly caricature of its former glory.

    And no matter if change does not happen straight away, or slower than some people would like, it does not matter if they make some mistakes along the way as all govts do,… this is the first time in 33 years I feel totally behind a NZ govt. This is the first time for so long I feel hope , a genuine sense of patriotism and positivity . And 33 years is a long , long time to be feeling down.

    Its a cross between feeling quietly confident , and contented ,… and ecstatic that this has finally come about.

    This is our time . New Zealand’s time.

    We have our country back.

    And its a great feeling.

    Thank you so much for believing in old time New Zealand values and sticking to your guns year after year , decade after decade , Mr Peters.

    You have fought long and hard and you deserve the public’s recognition for that.

    THIS ,… is the TRUE BRIGHTER FUTURE !!!!

  10. I understand your concern about poverty, inequality and various social problems but to really change such things would require a significant restructuring of the social economic structure. While conceivable this would be difficult to effect for any government requiring democratic support and operating in a global currency environment. Into the breach fall the full steam ahead with what we’ve got cowboys. But the policies this government suggest are all good things, but they will be seriously constrained by how quickly they can deliver them, most notably by high household debt levels which will take some time to unwind.

    • There are many ways to reverse the New Zealand Initiatives ( former Business Roundtable ) oblique and unwarranted influence they have had on New Zealand’s social and political / economic settings.

      They are not omnipresent nor are they even an elected , mandated political party. They had / have no right whatsoever at all to interfere in our democratic political processes . They are simply a Union of affiliated common interest capitalists who used vast finances and donations and bogus economic / policy reports to buy off those political leaders at the time to spread their propaganda.

      And nothing more.

      And just because they can finance vast media campaigns to influence the public through news media and selected ‘ speakers ‘ and ‘ commentators’ it is high time this group is exposed for who they are.

      Its time the people of NZ took their country back from these manipulative economic thugs.

      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

  11. I have nothing of value to add to the above comments…. but I do have something to offer to show that saving (?), better written as not spending, money this country doesn’t have on pursuing climate change, better written as, the war against the climate. These are just examples of what I mean:
    Ahh… a breath of fresh air. If only! Sadly, not with Jacinda pursuing “climate change”.

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