Why we urgently need to investigate Chinese influence over National


One of the most important news stories this year that was eclipsed by the election was the deeply concerning report by University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady into the connections between the National Party and China.

The shocking reality that the National Party is little more than a front for Chinese business interests demands far more attention than it gained…

    • New research paper lays bare China’s influence campaign in New Zealand
    • Concerns raised over political donations and directorships offered to former ministers and relatives
    • Chinese-owned New Zealand dairy farms said to possibly being used to test advanced missile technology

National Party MPs are personally invested in Chinese Business Interests and shock horror the policy National puts out just happens to benefit those Chinese Business Interests, as for China using farms to help test missile guidance systems for the Chinese military, can anyone possibly find an example more spectacularly splendid than that?

Why the flying Christ are we allowing the Chinese Government to help perfect their missile targeting skills on New Zealand sovereign territory???

How isn’t that lead news every night for a week?

On top of this, we already have a body of evidence that highlights the influence Chinese Business has on the National Party…

…add to this the new Chinese-NZ ‘Blue Dragons’ who are now one of the largest factions within National and you are forced to ask that when this Government pass policy, are they doing it for Wellington or Beijing?

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With Statistics NZ predicting Asian NZers will over take the Māori population in 20 years, the cultural, economic and political impact of Chinese business interests demands serious debate beyond screams of xenophobia or racism.

Elite cosmopolitan virtue signalling and cheap twitter outrage doesn’t justify allowing NZ to become the Tibet of the South Pacific.

National’s subservience to Chinese business interests should deeply concern Labour, the Greens and NZ First and expect that to be a factor if NZ First goes with Labour.


    • Winston has been proved right about the ‘chinese invasion’ which is now being perpertrated by National against us all in a form of ‘racial genocide’, probably because the National Government has been compromised by the Chinese agent now inside our Government so is controlled by Chinese Global elite and their large corporations to import cheap slave labour into their asset holdings in NZ mainly from their country China.

      • +100 CLEANGREEN…this is the reason why Winston Peters/New Zealand First will be going with Labour and the Greens and NOT with National

        …we are not a Nactional Party sell out suburb of China ruled from Beijing…we are a sovereign nation with Maori and Pakeha as the foundation peoples under the Treaty of Waitangi…New Zealand housing, land , water and assets are for New Zealanders!

        …just as China is for the Chinese and they hold on to their own housing and assets …and do NOT let foreign ownership!

        ….lets hope Jacinda and Labour are willing to do a very good deal with Winston Peters

        ….a joint leadership could be an absolutely formidable team

      • Too bad that nobody listened back then in 1990’s when the writing was on the wall.
        Oh it was the new Political Weapon of the Left :
        the word “xenophobia” that scared everybody into silence.

        Beware of Labels ..!
        (they serve only to short circuit your brain)
        Not that many people are able to think in any depth anymore..

        You can acquire your opinions ready made – by… The Media.
        (Does your thinking for you. )

        “Why we urgently need to investigate…..”

        Sorry but you woke up too late. TOO LATE.
        (no use closing the stable doors after the horses have bolted)

    • Does he have the balls to do something about it though, or will he put aside his concerns in exchange for a few trinkets from the National Party?

  1. It is very obvious that the Nats hierarchy are selling NZ sovereignty to China for their own personal financial gain / bolster their own voter base come any election with no regard for the consequences for future generations of real NZ’ers (i.e. the ones who actually live here permanently and NZ represents more than an opportunity to make money on the property market or a place to send this kids to school for free).

  2. Isn’t it funny how our great MSM has totally missed the biggest irony of this subject of Chinese ownership of our economy.
    The great National Party, those stalwarts against communism, those people who warned you against “the reds under the bed”, who had Cossacks dancing across the TV in 1975: yes, those people!
    This same National Party now has an MP who was a member of the Chinese Communist Party!
    The National Party are cozying up to the very communists they used to tell us were the biggest danger to our country and our freedom.
    And yet the media haven’t even twigged.
    What a useless pack of copyholders we have staffing the media institutions of New Zealand. They couldn’t recognise a real story if it hit them in the head.
    Vote National for a communist takeover!
    That should have been National’s election slogan, because that is the truth. I wonder if that rustic airhead holding the sign about Jacinda being simply a “pretty communist” is aware of this?
    Someone ought to tell him.

  3. Great post, Martyn, and scary. Should Labour, Greens, and Winnie get it together, who’s to say that the “Chinese Establishment” so to speak, won’t attempt some quiet undermining?
    But I have to ask, what are they doing here in the first place? Is it an attempt to expand their empire, or something more covert, like building up a counter against the USA’s very strong influence on NZ? Beijing and Washington aren’t exactly BFF’s.
    I remember someone once telling a group of us – a long time ago – that there was(is) an economic war going on, the premise being that your flood your enemy with cheap products that they can’t match, causing the collapse of their industry, then you just walk in and take whatever’s left. Chances are too, that they’d be up to their ears in debt to you.
    The only influence I want in our government is a Kiwi one. I’m starting to think that might be too much of an ask.

    • This is all too true-but the default and extremely convenient retort of “That’s racist” will see your arguement off every single time…I’m astonished that the Maori didn’t realise the existential danger they were facing decades ago when this creeping invasion began-they were the only ones who could have stopped it-and they will be the demographic deeply affected by the consequences-do you think the chinese community cares about the Treaty?…National,amongst other nefarious intentions,have and will create a voting bloc entirely devoted to the conservative,self-serving right.

      • Indigenous people fared terribly under Anglo Saxon invasion.

        The Chinese will likely be far better than the english —at least they pay more than fair market value for whatever they purchase – houses included.

        • A very “Labour did it too” kind of response @NZBC.
          It’s used as the justification for expansionism because, well….other arseholes in history also did so.
          It also allows a few consciences to be eased.
          Because the Brits, the French, the Spanish, the Portugese and others behaved like total cnuts (not forgetting that leader of the ‘free world’), the Yoo Ess of Eh? in the past is no excuse for us to perpetuate expansionism/imperialism …. call it what you like.
          And I’m not sure your second claim of a fair price necessarily holds true either.
          I suspect you’re the same NZBC that ran/runs an irrelevant blog I came across many moons ago – you know the one that appropriated the public’s intellectual property – the old NZBC logo, and who claims to be the voice of all based on experience. You do know (if you are) that Marama Martin would’ve whipped your lilly white arse don’t you?

          • Yeah , – the guys an inverse racist who has a thing about all ‘ colored people’ rising up and sticking it to the Caucasians.

            Outed him/ her a few weeks back for it.

            I suspect he/she has vested interests in National party connections with mainland Chinese business interests thus uses the race card to try and take the bleeding heart tack in justifying letting a foreign nation take us over using ‘ soft power ‘ techniques.

            The persons an easily seen through hypocritical far right wing neo liberal scumbag.

            I wonder if the hypocrite would object to the Germans or Spanish or French doing the same if it brought in the same amount of pecuniary advantage for him / her?

            Don’t take NZBC seriously , – instead out the devious prick for who he/she obviously are.

    • Yes. You’re correct. It is too late. This hasn’t suddenly happened. It’s been planned, and happening, with no-ones awareness, for a very long time.
      I was more ‘picking it’d be the U.S.A. who’d get N.Z.’ But lately ? it was becoming more obvious what’s been ‘their agenda… Key & his cronies !’

  4. NZers need to wake the f.. up Martyn and we ain’t the only country that should be worried. Our Pacific neighbours leaders have borrowed heavily from China and this will eventually come at a costs.
    I’m talking about Samoa and Tonga just recently the Samoa Prime Minister had to intervene and say no to the Chinese opening stores as the Samoan people said this is our livelihood. So the Chinese were disallowed but it is only a matter of time when all this money cannot be paid back when the Chinese will demand more. I see more civil unrest coming to these Islands. So much for us looking after them.

  5. This has been glaring evident for at least 5 or 6 years now.
    But remember it wasn’t Chinese speculators gorging on New Zealand housing stock and being sold it via Chinese real estate agents.
    Oh no…..it was just people with Chinese sounding names
    Add to that The National Party wilfully not keeping a register of housing sales to overseas buyers and you can see how donkey deep , actually draught horse deep, National are in with China.
    Frightened little rabbits being pushed around all over the place.
    They are either unbelievably naive , or, just don’t give a stuff about how New Zealand is going to end up so long as they can stay in power today.
    N.Z is at a major cross road and Oct. 12th will determine whether we become China’s most Southern Province or wrestle back our identity and preserve the Maori culture….

      • Bloody awful Wild Katipo,

        Like I warned back three years ago I saw Chinese expansion back in 1970 in Kenya when I was in a taxi from the airport to Nairobi the city was ringed by Chinese stalls and shops selling cheap Chinese stuff and the taxi driver told me the Chinese were flooding in a nd taking over Kenya and as an African he said there will be riots and unrest later, and when I settled in Canada again I read that the Kenyan Government was expatriating all the Chinese as civil unrest was occurring, so we now know what is about to happen here as Winston did warn us several years ago what was going on and did we all listen then?

        • You are absoloute right about what has been happening in Kenya. China is keen to acquire control of fertile land all over Africa to secure food sources for ther 1billion plus population. The Te Mau hills in central Kenya (not far from Mt Kenya) are able to produce two wheat crops a year. China recently completed a new railway system from the coast to Nairobi and before that they built an eight lane motorway between Nairobi and Thika. One of the alarming aspects of Chinese activity in East Africa (including Tanzania) is the explosion of ivory poaching in recent years, now controlled by the Chinese and conducted with cold, industrial efficiency. One thing the Kenya government has been smarter than us about is that they have not allowed Chinese interests to buy land, only to rent it.

  6. What are the two things that influence high Chinese immigration for National. Money and votes. Thus National’s argument to not increase the population with refugees. Therefore Nationals argument is in fact, inhumane. Clearly National are happy with this?

  7. Some of us could see the writing on the wall back in 1990’s. What did we get called ?? “xenophobic” New politically weaponised word created out of nowhere with which to gaslight people.
    Martin I’ve even seen you use this word in days gone by. Even though you’re an excellent writer, you’re not fully informed in that you can’t see the big picture (of which NZ is only a small component) and still gullible to political correctness and manipulation by the media. Hopefully you’ve learned something and will never use the word “xenophobic” again.
    At some point you & others will need to wake up to the truth about “multiculturalism”, &”diversity”-what they REALLY mean.

    • Quite right. Maintain unwavering faith that the truth will prevail and the majority of people will see these colonists for what they are: a gigantic, rapacious behemoth that make Trump look positively benign (and that’s REALLY SAYING something.)

      • Funny that this sort of hate speech, and that is exactly what it is, is allowed on a purportedly ‘left’ blog.

        Descripting an ethnic group as being part of a ‘gigantic, rapacious behemoth’ is redoloent of german propaganda of the 1930s concerning another successful minority group.

        • I agree, this is hate speech. It’s funny how the leftist racists quickly come out of the woodwork once someone starts ramping the hysteria up.

  8. This is extremely concerning – but at the same time I’m not sure that Labour or even NZ First MPs would be any more resistant (ok maybe a little bit) to the blandishments of the PRC.

    The PRC will simply try and cultivate whoever is in power, National or Labour. I suppose that is natural for any large and rising power new on the block.

    People are innately selfish —sure there are Chinese property speculators, but then there are the greedy Kiwi land owners who don’t give a shit about their countrymen with 46% voting National – I bet that has a lot to do with property values.

    One positive aspect is of course a more non European population – ‘de-whitening’. Culturally Chinese and Maori actually mix relatively well, and have a lot of cultural similarities. There is also a genetic link – although that is far stronger with South East Asians rather than North East Asians.

    Regardless of the downside of migration, I take umbrage at Pakeha trying to instruct Maori what other groups they should hate on. Maori and Chinese (and most other Asians) have one important thing in common with Maori -and that is having being invaded and victimised by Westerners, particularly the English for centuries.

      • For heavens sake! Peter Hitchens? The Daily Mail? Good one!

        All the research shows that China is overwhelmingly welcomed and liked in Africa. Survey after survey has demonstrated this – refer the authoritative Pew Research pools

        The Chinese are unlike the Americans and Brits who outright invade other countries and kill their leaders.



        Chinese build infrastructure and are driving the development of African

        Westerners went in for resources like rubber and committed horrendous acts of genocide, for which they have still not apologised:

        Congo ‘Free’ state

        Germans in Namibia

        • Believe Iv made it even clearer over the years what I personally think of the daily fail.

          After they reported a downed US UH-60 4 fucken different ways until realising it never fucken happened.

        • @ NZBC

          As the Peter Hitchens article showed, although being exploited, a number of diggers where prepared to fight (in this case attack the reporter) to protect their Chinese slave masters.

          So claiming the Chinese are overwhelmingly welcomed in Africa doesn’t mean Africans aren’t being exploited by them.

          Due to the alternative (starvation) a number accept and welcome their exploitation, thus a chance of survival and a glimmer of hope opposed to suffering a slow death.

          You say the Chinese are unlike the Americans and Brits who outright invade other countries and kill their leaders.

          Well, you’re correct in one sense. China is unlike American and Britain, they are a one party state with poor rule of law and little to no human rights. As a result, many of their own nationals are treated like crap.

          And this poor treatment of their own citizenry results in the international disdain they are widely confronted with.

          As for not evading other nations, rubbish. They invaded Tibet and forced their leader into exile.

          And just because the West has been more prolific, it doesn’t mean China is a benevolent saint out to save the world.

          Investment in infrastructure improves the efficiency of resource extraction.

          • “They invaded Tibet and forced their leader into exile.”

            Tibet is recognized as a sovereign territory of China by every single country in the world, the US, Australia, UK, and NZ included. Therefore it cannot have been an invasion.

            The US and UK invaded Iraq and caused up to 1 million civilian deaths in a country of around 35 million. Sort of like the equivalent of 130, 000 dead New Zealanders or 9.2 million dead Americans.

            Jacob Zuma hails China’s Assistance to Africa, and says ‘Europe sucked wealth from Africa, in debt to continent’

            Coloured people the world except the Japanese, welcome China’s rise on the world stage. It is only a few Westerners who are bitter and resentful.

            If a Labour government bans foreign investment, China will respect New Zealand’s choice.

            Belgians, Englishmen, French, and Germans did not respect such a choice by Asians and Africans – but instead invaded and forced grossly unequal trading relations that still keep coloured people down to this day.

            • Tibet is recognized as a sovereign territory of China by every single country in the world, the US, Australia, UK, and NZ included. Therefore it cannot have been an invasion.

              The price of doing business with China.

              By now you should be aware that capitalism would sell it’s soul (if it had one) to Satan, in return for a profit.

              There are many ethnic groups throughout history (to this current day) that have struggled for independence, and their calls for justice have been ignored by vested interests. So just because “Tibet is recognized as a sovereign territory of China by every single country in the world” is not any moral guide to be proud of.

              • “The price of doing business with China.”

                Wrong. Nothing to do with business.

                This recognition of Chinese sovereignty over Tibet well predates the success of the communist revolution in 1949. At a time when China was dirt poor, and was ruled by the Nationalists.

                Even during the nadir of US/China relations in the 1950s and 1960s the West never ever saw Tibet as anything as a part of China.

                The Taiwanese government claims not only Tibet as part of China, but also all of Mongolia (the PRC only claims and holds onto inner Mongolia).

                • Even during the nadir of US/China relations in the 1950s and 1960s the West never ever saw Tibet as anything as a part of China.

                  What the West “sees” is often not the case, and at variance with what locals want. Just because Imperialist powers carved up the world a certain way doesn’t even come close to legitimising annexation. The imperialist carve up of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc, is littered with arbitrarily drawn borders.

                  Relying on imperial western powers to legitimise Chinese annexation of Tibet is hardly something to rely on.

                  • Historically there have been very few land routes between China and India. Tibet basically was its own independent region for most of recorded history until the 20th Century.

                    The prospect of an invasion through the Himalayas didn’t even exist. There was no suitable base of operations near India. Bear in mind that using the Silk Route to invade involves going around a desert.

                • You’re an apologist for the Beijing regime, NZBC. Ok, we get that.

                  But you’ll excuse us if we aren’t so enamoured with China as to replace US hegemonic influence with the Chinese variety.

                  China’s forced invasion and occupation of Tibet and suppression of dissidents indicates they are not much better than the united States with it’s CIA-supported puppet military regimes in Latin America.

                  I’ll pass on that.

    • I agree with you Kapiti Mark. I also take umbrage. I am extremely disappointed in The Daily Blog for these divisive Pakeha tactics.

  9. Like an old associate of mine told me years ago, while he is courting a Chinese immigrant girl friend, we better learn Mandarin, and make our ‘right choices’, for years to come, as one day New Zealand will be part of the Chinese sphere of interests (if it is not so already).

    I found it odd, but looking at the present and likely future, it has a ring of truth to it.

  10. It’s pretty simple to understand:

    Phil Twyford’s racist attack on Asians drove them into National’s back pocket.

    It paints a bleak picture for the left. With continued immigration from Asia, the centre right vote will be steadily reinforced.

    So most Asians vote National
    You can bet most South Africans will vote National too
    Ditto most recent European arrivals
    I suppose you might have half the votes from Indian immigrants

    • Agree, Twyford would have driven many Chinese away from Labour.
      Bet your bottom dollar that South African whites would vote for the National party –after all the South African namesake was the party that implemented apartheid, and from talking to a few South African whites if they had their way apartheid would be back before you know it. Margaret Mutu was right several years ago when she said Maori should cultivate good ties with Chinese and other non-white guests while outright rejecting white South Africans who bring their white supremacist notions to these shores. Browns Bay on the North Shore is literally a little South Africa (white one that is) – a ghetto for white flight emigres.

      Definitely there is no doubt that we will be part of the Chinese sphere of interests – we have been part of the Anglo/American one for a long time. I think that is going to happen no matter what policies we put in place – as the world becomes more sino-centric and less euro-centric. It will be interesting with a non Western power calling the shots —the first time in modern history

    • Labour has a once a generation opportunity and National know it. And they’ll do anything to stop it. Even totally fuck with kiwi culture.

    • “So most Asians vote National
      You can bet most South Africans will vote National too
      Ditto most recent European arrivals”

      Sadly I agree Andrew, but not because of Phil Twyford( that was media driven) but because Nationals policy that allows all of those migrants an easy entrance into our country. So it would be an easy vote for National and very clearly why Auckland is still very blue, given the nonsense goings on, in Auckland.

      • As an immigrant myself (decades ago) I can tell you it’s not that easy.

        Overall immigrants outperform resident New Zealanders by a mile. The commit less crime, they work harder and build businesses.

        • Not my experience, but they do work for much less money, and don’t complain, when they are treated like dirt at work. Displacing better qualified and more competent New Zealanders.

        • “Overall immigrants outperform resident New Zealanders by a mile. The commit less crime, they work harder and build businesses.”

          So your data is measured in miles? Sorry your evidence is going to have to be a lot clearer than that.

    • Ah well, the problem with the current model of kleptocracy is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s houses to make tax free money off. When that day comes, they’ll be remarkably keen on social democracy all of a sudden.

    • You have a point there, Andrew, and Labour can rely on an earlier influx of immigrants, largely from the Pacific Islands, and some from India also, who got welcomed here when Labour was in charge. Even if some came under Muldoon or others, they appreciated Labour MPs advocating for them, to be allowed to get PR in many cases.

      Bot National and Labour have a track record of facilitating significant levels of immigration, which paid off in votes for them a bit later.

      • Seems like National in the early years started the rot by allowing plenty of POM’s in, so really depends on how far back you go, after all, were all immigrants.

  11. NZ culture is unique. The combination of European settlers and the Maori Tangata Whenua have left us with something we should all treasure. The culture has been enriched by the Pacific people who have come here by the Chinese who came to mine gold and by all those other immigrants that have added their own diverse cultures to NZ. We have never been subject to such a huge influx that our own specialness has been lost. I really don’t see that happening with more Asian immigration. At the same time I don’t think “being rich” is a good parameter to select who can come here. This only takes potential homes away from those already here and gives overseas people an easy escape from societies they have taken from but maybe not given much back to.
    I general though China has been expanding into the world using trade and its wealth to create “win win” circumstances rather than the European and American colonialists who have often had an ” I win you lose model”.
    China is at the head of the One Belt One Road project that has the potential to positively transform Eurasia. Up until now, despite being invited to participate, America has responded by obstructing this project with its actions in Ukraine, Myanmar, Pakistan Afghanistan and so on.
    As this is the probable global economic driver for the first half of this century, America and Europe are bankrupt, NZ would do well to welcome positive relationships with China while at the same time being prudent about our sovereignty.

    • I largely agree with this comment. However I also agree with Labour’s policy of cutting back on dodgey private training establishments that let in low skill Asians who compete with our own Kiwi workers. Labour, has at least not racialised the issue and for that they are to be commended.

      National has flooded the country with rich migrants who are natural centre-right voters, without giving a stuff about the impact on our infrastructure and housing. Its the sheer volume as well – more so than where these migrants arrived from. The housing speculation is simply National keeping their voting base happy without giving a stuff about the impact on first time home buyers and the economically vulnerable.

      However the above is more about a matter of implementation and a cynical National government that sees people, both locals and migrants, simply as economic units. In fact I see many upsides in terms of diversity, and the rise of coloured migrant numbers will help soften the edges of Pakeha culture (and I freely admit that Pakehas have of course brought many good things to Aotearoa).

      China is not the big ogre that many make her out to be. I believe that she will be a far more constructive presence on the world (and of course Pacific) stage than the US ever has been – witness the divergent attitudes on climate change. They have more of a win-win mentality than the zero sum attitude of the West – perhaps a function of a more collectivist mindset.

      They also tend not to force their ‘imperialism’ on others (probably a misuse of the term) –if we put up the shutters, I think they will just go somewhere else

      • This is a good comment, Kapiti Mark

        Because China suffered horrendously under Western and Japanese imperialism (the right of Europeans to outright kill Chinese in China and get away with it was not ended until 1946), I find it difficult to believe that the Chinese would wish to visit those same sort of suffering on other people

        As for Tibetans and Uighurs they are positively thriving in numbers and cultural expression compared to the Australian aborigines and Native Americans. In fact the Chinese government has always actively encouraged minority groups to increase in numbers —the one child policy was only applied to the majority Han population —the Tibetans and Uighurs etc have always been exempt from the one child policy.

        Indigenous peoples tend to fare far better under Chinese, and even Russian governance, than has been the fate of indigenous people that have come under Anglo Saxon dominion.

            • It’s all in the way Chinese cook the food. While Europeans where still roasting poultry meat portions largely up to 1800’s. At the same time Chinese families were feasting on low end deliciousness like you wouldn’t believe. A reason why there is practically a Chinese take out shop on every corner is because the produce is cheap to source.

              Reasons why we don’t see Sunday roast shops on every corner is because the landed gentry used the hammer to smash the sickle driving peasants off productive land replacing them with fences and commercial agriculture.

              Big difference that.

  12. Is there a Chinese under your bed, I wonder?

    While there is reason for concerns, I think that report referred to is a bit one sided, and seems to serve the competing interests of the Taiwanese government (ROC).


    Surely, with all the Five Eyes activities we have here, the SIS, GCSB and government will know what extent of activity there may be, otherwise they would be deemed useless.

    It is a bit difficult to reconcile criticising those agencies, and what they do, and on the other hand draw the monster threat of Mainland China on a large canvas in front of us.

    Of course we are of interest to China, and of course they will try to soften our alliances with the US and especially Australia. Of greatest concern is the investment and the high level of immigration of Mainland Chinese, as they come from a country that can hardly be held up as an example for a democratic country that upholds human rights and what we call the Rule of Law.

    There lies the main worry in my view.

  13. Let’s not forget what China has contributed to our environment. China has created a throw away society world wide, which in turn is polluting our world. NZ is guilty of allowing our industries to shrink to next to nothing. Manufacturing… thrived in NZ creating jobs for less educated people. So 30 years later here we are. Complete infiltration and that’s where it started. Like a creeping poison ivory. We’re stuffed unless we can become a more independent country. Kiwis are amazing people. I’m prepared to do wat it takes.

    • Let us be fair, the throwaway society is as much, if not more, a product of US American style consumerism, that spread fast over the world, also took hold over much of Europe and Japan and South Korea and Taiwan after the Second World War.

      It was and is western corporations in mass consumer goods, who set the pace, some of whom set up shop in China, to produce there. So China has only copied what the west had already done before, and we now have most of the world hooked to mass produced goods that last only so long, that get turfed out once out of date or out of use, and the huge amount of packaging goes down the drain also, much into our oceans.

      It is madness that the Chinese cannot be blamed for alone.

    • huh? I thought it was the West that gobbled up most of the world’s resources (still), with the average Westerner having a vastly greater environmnetal footprint than the aveage Chinese????

      Of am I living on a different plant?

    • “thrived in NZ creating jobs for less educated people”

      This is going to be a moot point soon.

      Automation is going to obliterate a huge number of low skilled jobs over the next couple of decades.

      The Asians have gotten big into the knowledge and technological wave. We should be training up more engineers and computer scientists – but NZ has one of the lowest rates in the OECD when it comes to students choosing to study engineering

    • China became the sweatshop for the WORLD, we are all complicit. They actually bore a lot of the brunt socially and environmentally for our Western unhappiness and insecurity manifest in our rampant consumerism.

  14. I’ve had my future-life work taken from me, I watched my dad and my mum suffer the loss of their lifes work then die in poverty, I’ve seen fourth generation farmers literally forced off their farm/homes by cops acting for banksters under court orders.
    None of that. Not one element of that was done by any other race, creed, or religion other than white male christian New Zealanders.
    The meanest, most calculating and monstrous acts committed against us was, and is, done by our own people. White, anglo saxon, well educated, soulless, sociopathic, narcissists.
    And who are now rich and content on our money while we sleep in gutters, in cars and under bridges.
    The Chinese/National alliance? A Chinese influence might soften up the Nat-Zionist scum.

  15. Investigating our parliamentarians toadying to foreign powers against the best interests of New Zealanders, should not just be limited to China.

    How about the loathsome crawling to the US?

    The spy bases on our soil?

    The sharing of illegally acquired spying carried out on New Zealand citizens with the NSA?

    The sending of Kiwi cannon fodder to US wars?

    Surely all this dwarfs the Chinese imperial project by some magnitude?

    • Agree with this. American is the most loathesome, violent imperial power over the past century, and China is angelic in comparison.

      When developing countries nationalise their industries and resources, American(and the UK) outright invade these countries, causing massive civilian suffering.

      If NZ refuses to engage economically with China, the Chinese will simply go elsewhere – they will not send gunboats into Wellington harbour to force trade –unlike how the West and Japan treated her not too long ago.

      Let’s face it. After several centuries we have a powerful non-white people starting to have some world influence. China is the only non white country that is a permanent member of the security council (Russia is largely white but not entirely western).

      It is healthy that coloured people the world over have a non-White champion – and this is reflected in how popular China is in Africa.

      Soon developing countries are now bypassing the US and going straight to China to help them modernize.

      Excellent Russian documentary on One belt one road:

      The wailing and gnashing of teeth of some anglos – who cares?

  16. In America the Asian demographic vote Democrat not Republican.
    I posit for the same reason they have recently shifted to National.

    Thanks Martyn, keep it up. Double down.

      • Interesting article linked below.

        In 1992, 55% of Asian American voters supported the Republicans and just 30% supproted the Democrats

        In 2012, 73% supported the Democrats (Obama) and Republican support had sank to 27%


        Another interesting article:

        This is not surprising. Asian cultures tend to be more egalitarian and collectivist in nature than Western cultures, and their economies are quite interventionist in nature. An exalted individualism was an important cultural factor in driving neo-liberalism in the Anglo American countries over the past 30 years – and that type of extreme individualism is missing from Asian, and indeed most cultures around the world.

        China is an exception to the rule, as it has undergone a rapid capitalist transformation in very recent history with all the associated social and cultural upheavals that the West took centuries to traverse, being squeezed into a couple of decades.

        In time they will become natural left voters, provided the likes of Twyford don’t stuff things up again. It was encouraging to hear Jacinda come out and flat out say that what Twyford did was ‘wrong’ and it would not have happened on her watch.

        • Twyford did nothing wrong. He was the victim of a media beat-up for a necessary but poorly executed attempt to show what was occurring in the Auckland housing market in the face of deep National Party intransigence.

          • This isn’t on the job fucking training. There are no re-do’s. We where promised that Jacinda is ready to go. Well now the team must show that they have the vocabulary to consistently win the debate in a fundamentaly different way than National ie no bullshit dithering and filibuster. The masses are easily bored to death. And economics bores them. So you may have misinterpreted Phill’s roasts of Benefits housing policy. Because it’s for a different audience from us.

          • Yes Simonm, Twyford was trying to offer evidence of the out of control foreign influence in our housing market. Oh how very poorly did the MSM take the right wing bait.

  17. The silence from msm is deafening. if this had of been Labour, the howls and screams from the National party, their supporters and sycophantic msm would be blood thirsty. Another excellent article Martyn, from what I can see thus far you are the only journo speaking out about this. Good work, msm shouldn’t be allowed to bury this for National.

  18. I think it is scary that anti-Asian rhetoric has been stirred up, purely for opportunist political gain, completely without any historical context and purely race based.

    No in depth understanding or discussion of the nature of imperialism itself, Asian, or Anglo.

    No historical context,

    No mention of British or French imperialism in the Pacific

    No mention of the current almost total US domination of the region

    No mention of the National government’s attempts to water down our nuclear free status under US pressure.

    No mention of US warships back in our harbours, neither confirming or denying they are carrying nuclear arms.

    In the final analysis:

    When the US cracks the whip the National government will drop their new found infatuation with Chinese capitalism in a heartbeat, even if it costs them money, and the Chinese will be number 1 arch imperial enemy again.

    When the US asks, for New Zealand young men and women to feed their war machine, no questions will be asked.

    I can’t see the Chinese ever gaining anywhere that level of dominance in this region.

    What about the close links between our security services and the US, especially between the DGSE and the NSA?

    I can’t see the Chinese ever gaining that level of penetration of our security services.

    Arch imperialist Kaiser Wilhelm, coined the racist term “Yellow Peril” to demonise the Japanese. His message was that imperialism by Asian or non-Europeans was bad, but European, (in his case German), imperialism was good, even admirable.

    Two World Wars might argue otherwise.

  19. If Labour/Greens/NZF ever scrap the FTA, and cancel our trade and other relationships with China, we can be sure the Chinese will not invade us or blow us up to have their way.

    Our focus should be on the imperial power that does exactly that with no compunction in causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

    Naturally, like any great power, China is trying to extend its influence across the globe – but that could be a good thing if it helps balance out the biggest bully on the planet.

  20. Highly recommend John Pilger’s excellent documentary “The Coming war on China”. The full video is linked:


    What the Americans did to the Bikini islanders is utterly despicable.

    Some of the posters to this blog would benefit from the historical context provided in the film.

  21. Labour must also be investigated. Raymond Huo was named in the Canterbury Uni report. A Royal Commission should be held to investigate the influence of China on our democracy and allegations of bribery.

  22. Don’t see how the Chinese influence on National is any worse than the US influence.

    I would rather our Government was controlled by neither.

    Moari can tell you why we do not want to be “colonised’ again.

    • I was just going to say that. NZ’s cloak and dagger relationships with the NSA and the GCHQ, NZ’s complicity in illegal foreign invasions and illegal drone killings along with the Dot Com/ Americans debacle …. the list goes on, is the norm. In comparison the relatively new and admittedly dubious ( so it seems ) connections with China the current government may or may not have pales into insignificance. The current governments dirty political tactics to appease the US and further it’s foreign interests including open door spying by the US on anyone in NZ for any reason surely also demonstrate how embedded the NSA and US corporate entities are in our country. This is what NZ’ers should be worrying about!

    • But the government itself was created and imposed as one of many Pakeha instruments of colonisation. Maori are still colonised, you make it sound as if that issue has been resolved.

  23. Two actions that New Zealanders can take right now to diminish the Chinese influence and impact on NZ:

    * Refuse to sell their property above council valuation OR donate the difference to charities that assist the homeless

    * Get out on the streets and very visibly and vocally call for an end to Chinese trade and other ties. Put huge pressure on the government to reverse the FTA. Make sure this anti-Chinese feeling is reported in the Chinese media. Simply scare away Chinese investment – make it too risky, or apparently too risky for them

    These actions, particularly the second one will have a very good chance of succeeding. It is highly likely the Chinese will find NZ too much trouble for its small size and take their money elsewhere.

    Then we will be able to clean up all our social ills.

    • I actually agree on this. This would in turn regenerate business and industry in N.Z. No more cheap faulty steel and throwaway clothing, all can be N.Z. made, generating thousands of jobs.

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