When will Newshub & Radio NZ investigate Jian Yang with the same focus they investigated Metiria with?

By   /   September 16, 2017  /   13 Comments

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Are they honestly saying a solo mother committing welfare ‘fraud’ 25 years ago to feed her child is more important than a possible Chinese spy infiltrating the Government?

Remember how Newshub and Radio NZ were both crowing about who destroyed Metriria?

Remember how Newshub and Radio NZ investigated Metiria down to who she was living with 25 years ago?

Remember how Newshub and Radio NZ demanded accountability?

So when will they both investigate Jian Yang with the same amount of passion they went after Meitiria with?

Are they honestly saying a solo mother committing welfare ‘fraud’ 25 years ago to feed her child is more important than a possible Chinese spy infiltrating the Government?

Jian Yang is now ‘reviewing’ his original immigration documents and his argument seems to be that he lied about teaching at an Intelligence Academy because China wouldn’t have let him leave if he admitted to working inside the Chinese spy complex which seems like a bullshit excuse even

Metiria’s real crime was telling her story with her chin up. Apparently a solo mum highlighting the cruelty of the neoliberal welfare state is more of a threat to the hegemony of this country than a possible Chinese spy gaining access to the NZ Government.

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  1. WILD KATIPO says:

    AHAHAHAAA…. oh the irony .

    It beggars belief , it truly does .

    That we have a potential Chinese spy who , … could be ‘useful ‘ for certain business deals , ( some would be even more straight up and call it potential for ‘insider trading’ …) as an MP in our own govt , – yet woebetide any beneficiary getting above their station in life.

    This is the sort of high class hypocritical wankership that is the hallmark of this corrupt government.

    This is the stuff of the Dreyfus affair.

    With the real perpetrators hiding in the background, skulking and keeping low while their media attack dogs crucify the wrong person.

    For example ,…. just WHERE is Jason Ede?

    And just WHY did the police give National the option of what not to release in their official report over Bill English’s recollections over the Todd Barclay affair in light of the coming election ?….

    Ask yourself ,… would YOU or I get such favorable treatment in the eyes of the law as National seems to always get ??? …..

    Somehow I think not.

    • Geoff Lye says:

      Agreed .

      He should be deported.

    • NZBC says:

      “This is the stuff of the Dreyfus affair.”

      Yes, you must mean the setup and attempted lynching of Jian Yang?

      After all, long ago, some Thai king referred to the Chinese as the “Jews of the East”, and the prejudices and fears they arouse are eerily reminiscent of the type of thing Jews had to endure in 1930s Europe.

      The racially charged posts of the Daily Blog would do white nationalists and neo-Nazis proud. That is what the Daily Blog is descending into – a safe space for Pakehas to grind out their racial angst over the fact that a non-white group for the first time in 2 or 3 centuries is at last challenging the economic and cultural dominance of the West.

      • Barry says:

        Drefyus was French and found guilty by the French state for spying for the Germans.can’t see the similarity really.
        If we had party list members of parliament having a previous life training the KGB or ISIS then there would be an uproar of objections,which you could call racism.
        Jain Yang is one of Nationals most successful fund raises and we are all aware how the Chinese do business ,in my profession it is common place to be offered bribes and inducements by Chinese clients supposedly being part of Chinese culture.
        Something doesn’t seem kosher here.

  2. Marc says:

    Newshub have one journo or reporter by the name of Jenna Lynch, she seems to be after Metiria Turei, and has almost led something of an anti Metiria campaign, as I observe it.

    See her details here:

    2 days ago she presented this, just before Gower had to concede that the CB poll of TV1 had Labour ahead and Greens in safe territory:

    Today she was on the news again, chasing Metiria at Otara, where a meeting by the Greens had Metiria speak there, and many listen.

    For understandable reasons Metiria did not want to talk to Jenna the Lynch Woman, but Jenna hit back with this BS:

    Remember also this:

    We have such ‘material’ of reporters, obviously trained by hit man Gower, and no wonder then that some in the public get swayed against the Greens.

    Jenna Lynch, come out, please, how often have you voted National?

    • Marc says:

      Come on Jenna, come on, dear professional one sided journo, go and ask some questions about the Nat’s only Chinese MP.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yep Newshub will tel you lies to your face “we are fair & balanced”!!!!!!!

      Bullshit newshub! you are bloody liars, and you rig your Reid polls to.!!!!

  3. Marc says:

    Yes, he is himself ‘reviewing’ his application, how bizarre:

    English says he is responsible for the application and details included, that is Mr Yang.

    I note this:
    “Jian Yang told the Herald on Tuesday he didn’t name the Air Force Engineering University or Luoyang People’s Liberation Army University of Foreign Languages when making the applications that led to New Zealand citizenship, which he was granted in 2004.

    He instead gave the names of two Chinese universities for civilians that had “partnership” status with the military institutions where he taught intelligence agency cadets as an English lecturer.

    Asked if he made a false declaration on his citizenship application, Yang said giving the name of “partnership” universities instead of the institutes he actually worked and studied at was not a false declaration and was required if he was to leave China.”

    Hahaha, Mr English, how can you defend such BS, he gave false details. Hey, remember Dotcom, and the hassles he had to go through, with his residency application and what was later revealed? What is different now, Mr English, what is different now?

    And let us not forget that Saudi Sheep Deal saga, where the government claimed they had legal advice “Murray McGully by any chance” that the Saudi businessman may have taken legal actions, had the government not cooperated in some form.

    It is too convenient to forget all this, while we are only a week out from an election result, come on Bill, come on, admit you have been bullshitting us, same as your predecessor, the Shining Knight in Armour, Mr John Fricking Key.

    I suggest Internal Affairs should review Mr Yang’s application, not leave it up to himself!

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    Exactly Martyn,

    This man is seriously bad for our future as he is very connected to our whole Government files for christ sake and could be copying and shipping everything we have on our records atn the beehive and who would know?????

    He is likely connected to Wang Enterprises also who has a cloud of doggy spying in the USA and have been found rigging the US elections also too.

    If so are National using him for rigging our elections too???
    I woke up to realise now that this NZ MP Jian Yang may be family of Yang Enterprises in USA who are snarled up in a voting fraud hacking case and is he trying this here now?

    See these clips and the testomony abour ‘Yang Enterprises.
    Fishy stuff may be connected?
    Eugene Curtis – Yang Enterprises election fraud.



    NZ MP Jian Yang – is he related to this family Yang Enterprises computer intelligence company carrying out voting fraud in USA?


    (2017/05/15 17:15) The Newest Breaking News … for global hacking waveWashington PostPutin Blames … of the young developer Jian-Yang’s octopus …

    • NZBC says:

      Yang enterprises? ffs, Yang is the 6th most common Chinese surname.

      Clean greens comment is as stupid as saying anyone with the surname McDonald must have an association with McDonald’s hamburger restaurants.

      Actually have met a number of Chinese and South African migrants who have had ties with their respective militaries. This is a beat up.

      Agree that what happened to Metiria was an outrage.

  5. mary_a says:

    If Jian Yang’s citizenship application is suspected of being false, then he should be stood down as an MP, until the matter is cleared up once and for all through the proper investigation channels. Even more so if there’s the likelihood of him being a spy for the Chinese government.

    I’m sure if Joe or Jane Bloggs had not been truthful in applying for NZ citizenship, one of two things would have happened I suspect :

    1) deported with no right of re entry to NZ or
    2) locked up pending further investigation into their application

    I remember when I completed my application form for NZ citizenship many years ago, there was no doubt about what the penalties would be if any false or doubtful information was given!

    So why is Yang still there, being paid by the NZ taxpayer?

    Where is the lusting for blood, rabid pack of media hounds here? Those who hounded Metiria Turei to the extent she was made to resign, for a much lesser misdemeanour!

    Where are the investigative journalists?

  6. Geoff Lye says:

    The national party is built on corruption.