16 Political Decisions that show National don’t care about the environment



  1. One that should have been added was National party lack of use of rail and building more roads instead!!!!!!

    Rain-water washes road pollution off our roads into our streams, rivers, lakes, and aquifers, and drinking water.

    National have dismissed removing half the road pollution from stock, fertilizer, fuel, & rubbish trucks off our roads & use rail as a mitigation against “road runoff pollution” from their effluent and other emissions (tyre dust) that 34 wheeler trucks deposit on our roads.


  2. Oh good grief. You could shove this and the details under the noses of an industrialised farmer, stock or horticulture, and they would immediately call for tax breaks and roads.


      Up in Gisborne the horticulture industry are screeming out for rail as truck travel ruin their fresh produce so if a sane Government like a NZ First/Green /Labour Government all bring our rail back we will then all be grateful, and the roads free of some trucks at least as you heard Kiwirail CEO crow about his rail opened today to Christchurch will take 2000 trucks off their roads every month we need that to.

      The provinces up on the east coast have been abused by the neglect of this corrupt Government.

      • The Maori Party is a barrier to NACT accepting responsibility for a rail system.

        Iwi Rail is a move to partial privatisation…. again. A recipe for more failure and break down of a national rail system.

        Short term closed minded thinking/distraction focused on sectional interest.

        The case for restoration of rail is clear and well argued with major questions as to why it has not happened and where the allocated money has gone to.

        Corruption comes in many forms but who is profiting from this gross neglect.

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